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mammography and nursing

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I just turned 36 and am still nursing my almost 2 year old, our last child. I know a baseline mammogram is recommended at age 35 but my doctor told me not to bother until Im done nursing for at least six months. Has anyone had a mammogram while still nursing? Anyone have info or ideas on this? I am a fanatic about cancer screenings because I do not know any of my genetic history. Open to all input. Thank you.
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I was nursing at 35 and went for my first mamo 4 months after I stopped nursing and I was 36.

I didn't go for the one at 40 since I was again nursing. When I was 41 I went for one and my nursing dd was 3 years old. I told them she was still nurisng 2 X per day.

I then again went in November when I was 43 and still nursing a few times per week, and didn't even tell them I was still nursing and it came back fine.

If you do go, just inform them that you are still nursing. They prefer you to not be nursing but it can be done
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I am also 36 and nursing a 17 month old. When I asked my gyn about mammo our discussion led me to believe it is almost pointless. My genetics are dreadful (mom, her mom and possibly dads mom all died of breast cancer) so she certainly understood and shared my concern. She offered to write an order for a test if I wanted it but the feeling I got was that it would mostly be a waste of time and effort so I took a pass.

I am basically focusing on two things. 1)I am doing the most proactive thing I can do to prevent breast cancer by extended nursing. 2)While it is not totally unheard of, breast cancer in actively nursing women is pretty rare so I will just put my concerns aside until Bonnie chooses to wean.
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If you really want a mamogram, I would suggest going to another doctor for a second opinion. It is definitely not pointless. I've pretty much been nursing since I was 35 and have had 3 full checks and went back one other time for a recheck on the left breast. So that's 4 times, 3 times while nursing.

The breasts are denser due to the milk ducts, but a good doctor will be able to look at your mamogram and decifer it. Being 36 its not as important as when you turn 40, so waiting will probably not hurt.

I plan on nursing at least another year which will make me 44 and for me I'd rather have the peace of mind
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mammogram option

Getting a thermogram is another alternative to mammagraphy. I don't think there is a problem with nursing when you have this done. Also, there is no radiation!
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