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School administration

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I was wondering how many of you like your school's principal and admin. overall. I've always liked the boys teachers but the principal and the office staff I find to be stand-offish. The principal seems to me to suck up to certain parents (those with more $ and clout) in the town and it is beginning to piss me off. We're in town with a very good school system (and a higher then average home price except ours). I volunteer a lot and I notice that there seems to be a discrepency in the way we're all treated.
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I agree.

my kids teachers are fine, but man i cant stand the b*tch that answers the phone. i know they suck up to certain parents, for alot of the reasons you stated.

i once took a call at work from my daughters math teacher. we had an ongoing problem with her work in that class, and i always encouraged dialouge between us. well, i took the call, not realizing how close Flight for Life was to the hospital i worked. i asked him if i could call him back explaining the helicopter situation. he said bullshit, and hung up! he didnt believe me! i called dh, who promptly left work and raced to the school. he stood next to the teacher as he humbly called me back and apologized. he said he just couldnt believe that a helicopter with a critically ill patient could be for me!.
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he said he just couldnt believe that a helicopter with a critically ill patient could be for me!.
That is totally harsh! What a turd.

I just get so po'd when I see how 2-faced this whole system is.
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Sometimes it seems to me like the cliques of our own school days just get continued in the parent cliques around public school. I believe the principal at my son's school is quite decent and respectful of everyone, but there is still definitely a sense of parents who are "in" and those who are "out" around the school. I don't think this is a conscious process for people.
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Yes, it's true, what you are all saying. I teach at an elementary school where some are "in" and some are "out." Not just the parents, the teachers, too. But it goes both ways- some parents and teachers kiss ass to get in good with the principal. I don't condone it, but I've come to accept that adults are pretty much the same as they were when they were kids. They all just grow up and use their clique-ishness in a different arena. They used to be the snobby kids at school, now they're the snobby parents at school. In every business/organization, you find the same thing happening. Many people just never grow up.

Lauren- I just read what you wrote- I guess I agree!!
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I don't know what to make of our principal. It's only her second year at the school. She's always very pleasant to me, we even had her over for dinner last year to welcome her to the school.

But, a lot of the parents can't stand her and I keep hearing stories, from reliable sources, of awful things she has done. Judging from what I've heard, she has some major racist and classist issues.

For example: my city has 6 elementary schools. The three schools north of the tracks are "good". The three south of the tracks are "bad." We moved to a wrong side of the tracks neighborhood, but were allowed to keep our kids at the good school. The city has an unofficial policy allowing parents to do this. I encouraged my neighbor to ask permission for her kids to attend our school and she was granted permission even though she didn't meet the criteria to be accepted. We are both white and educated.

A friend of ours, who is African-American, had a dd at that school, but moved out of the district last summer assuming she'd be allowed to keep her dd at the school. At the start of the school year, the principal tried to kick her dd out of the school! Our friend told my dh that the principal was very rude and unkind whenever they spoke on the phone about this. So, when this friend finally met the principal, she came directly from work and was dressed professionally. She told dh that the principal seemed shocked and refused to make eye-contact. In the end, this friend had to go over the principal's head and talk to the superintendent and was granted permission to keep her dd at the school.

Another parent, who happens to be hispanic, had the same thing happen to her. She told me the principal spoke to her as if she assumed she was drug-addicted and ignorant. In that case, the principal successfully kicked the girl out of school. This girl was a classmate of my ds's for 3 years. She was in no way a discipline problem or anything. I feel sure she was kicked out of school and forced into her neighborhood school simply because of the principal's prejudices.
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My daughter's school is big and I find that the administration team (meaning the principal and vp) are pretty good about keeping up with what is going on, but they are awfully pressed for time and when I have had a problem with what is happening in my daughter's classroom, they initially denied it. When I produced evidence of the problem, the principal tried to bully me into changing my mind, and then when I persisted, he acknowledged the problem and took some steps to fix it. Other parents have told me that this approach is quite common. I think that if there is a problem at the school, it is necessary to be persistent about solving the problem because otherwise they will let it pass by.

The secretaries are the nuttiest pair of people I've ever met, but I don't think I'd be much better if I had their jobs.
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I have worked under a few principals and have found great gaps in their levels of proffesionalism. Unfortunately there are a ton of politics that play into how a school district is run.

3Boys4us-I would love to hear what district you are talking about. My dd is approaching school age and we don't know if we should stay in our town or not.
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Hi averysmom - I pm'd you
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Ds's principle has been nothing but nice, however, she never answers my notes even though I give her the option of calling me or writing me back. All my notes have been regarding ds STILL not having the textbooks for his class. I don't know if she doesn't want to talk to me because she can't get him the books or what, but I wish she would call me either way and tell me. Very frustrating...
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