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Can we do a baby name thread (again?) - Page 6

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Well - we already have our names picked out for this one...

Morrigan Brigid

Maxwell Iaian Christopher

I think it's a girl though...
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how do you pronounce Iaian ?

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how do you pronounce Iaian ?
It's the Old spelling of Ian - pronounced EE-an

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Thanks for all the great ideas, what a fun thread!
I had a couple to share
someone wanted mountain names and I didn't see a Lassen, which I think is nice.
My cousin was named Ianthe (I-awn-tha) and I have never heard it again.
Our daughter's name came to us in a dream and we are very possessive of it. I get so upset when someone else has the same name. I HATED being one of three or four Debbie's everywhere! My first two had a different father and we couldn't agree. Kayla at the time I thought I had made up from a girl I babysat named Michaela!! HA>>>it ended up being the most popular name that year, I guess there was a soap opera character named that.
Then my son Jacob we thought was nice and old and we never heard it.....It also was the most popular the year he was born and is still like number 2 or 3.
I am really paranoid now!!!
I will be glad to share names I love but dh wont agree to, hopefully someone else will fit and love!!
These are boy names cuz that's what we are lookin for:
Akili means peace in african
Kai (pronounced keye) Hawaiin for ocean
all those nature ones, river and cedar and sage and yarrow
bytheway, I LOVE the name someone made up Dellyna...gorgeous and so meaninful. sigh I wish I could combine like that and come up with something nice.
Thanks all for being "bigger" than I am and sharing!
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Originally posted by Cuddlebaby
whoa! Can't believe I've seen this name her a few times! I LOVE Silas. My husband doesn't want anything 'unusual'. I can't wait to show him here what has been said.

woohoo! thanks ladies!

Rebecca an entire week overdue hopefully with Silas Allen (or an unnamed girl!)
I went to high school with a Silas. It's a nice name!! Hope your labor is in progress and progressing smoothly!
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would love your input and vote here to help name our baby if it is a boy
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can i play?

i'm 16 weeks and new here. lol

ok. my girls are:

Chelsey Jade (i thought chelsey/chelsea was unique 13 years ago. lol) - Jade, was for my grandfather Jack

Zoey Arone - Arone was my dh's mothers first name

(yeah, i have this thing bout using Y at the end of a name. lol)

if this child is a boy, we're considering

Zachary Tomas (dhs' name is Thomas), Brandon Thomas
and Zachary Alexander

He hates, but i love - Zachary Elijah

for girls names this is what we've got so far. Dh hates EVERYTHING i come up with
My mothers name was Eve, so i'd like to name in her honor if a girl

he's considering, lol
Tessa Eve
Eva Simone

he vetoed Dharma Eve (sigh, i really like that even with the show Dharma and Greg)
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I have this thing with popular/trendy names, I don't like them very much. There may be nothing wrong with them at all, probably even pretty names, normal names that people can prn. and spell easily. However, I don't care for them.

On the flip side, our friends have a Rachel Kelly and a soon to be Sarah Kelly

I wonder if they know how popular Sarah really is? I mean Rachel had it rise to fame in the 80s and while still common, it is not everywhere now. It seems like Sarah is everywhere all the time. It is a pretty name (reason why it is so popular) and 'matches' well with Rachel.
Its just that it is SO popular and it can almost be guaranteed that there will always be 1 or 2 or more Sarahs in her grade much less her school.

Okay, i'm off my soapbox now. I just wanted to tell someone that as my honey could care less and I can't tell our friends, that would just be mean.

Thank for 'listening'.
I love reading about everyone else's choices and seeing your lists! some very cool names out there.
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