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I never in a million years thought that picking a name would be SO hard!!! When we got married, I took dh's last name, dropped my middle name and made my maiden name into my middle name. (was SEB, now SBT) We agreed at the time that since I dropped my middle name (Elaine) that if we had a daughter, we'd name her that. So that was easy and settled awhile ago and I still feel like that would be a good choice. We also decided that we'd use my maiden name for all of our kids' middle names. Once again, making things easy. BUT we just can't agree on a boy's name!! We agreed on Gabriel and Luke, but then realized that dh's brother's cat's name is Gabe (they live nearby and we take care of the cats a lot) and then my aunt and uncle got a dog and named him Luke. grrrr.... I just don't want our families to be thinking about their pets when they think about our kid! Also, I'm of English/Germanic/Scandinavian decent and DH is Filipino...so he's more interested in hispanic sounding names and I'm more drawn towards northern European names. He likes names that can have lots of nicknames and I'm not. (not as big of an issue, but still a slight one). I told him I'd go for a more hispanic sounding name if it didn't have any R's in it because I can't roll my R's and don't want to sound silly saying my own child's name!

Oh and we don't have many choices for family names. Our dad's are both Richard/Ricardo and both Jr's...so we've all decided there are enough Ricks and we don't want to add any more! I have two brothers and he has 3...feel like we'd be playing favorites if we chose one of their names. My great-grandfather was Henry and dh likes that, but I'm not convinced.

I guess I'm looking for name suggestions more than I'm offering the ones I like!! Any ideas based on what I've said?

How do you decide?! I really want a name that feels JUST RIGHT, but I'm not finding it.... I also feel like I have some crazy association with any name that DH suggests, even if it's from elementary school! How do you get over that?!

Thanks, we're really frustrated with names right now...I hope this wasn't too off topic!
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Sharon I love the name Henry but it is becoming very popular and I don't really like popular names.

My sister in law is Mexican and my brother is scandanavian and she will not do any hispanic sounding names. She is very against it so she is the opposite of your husband.

Too bad about Luke and Gabe cuz they are both great names except Luke is quite popular again.

What was yours and his mothers maiden names. What towns did they and you grew up in? What are more family names, uncles etc...
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My S/O is Filipino and I am of Scandinavian/northern european decent too! very cool.
I also have strange associations with names he suggests.
(we're not pg now, but talk about it). The good thing is that we have very similar tastes in names. We both like unique names, but normal spellings. One thing i've noticed is that it doesn't seem like there is a lot of hispanic names in his family. they have more biblical names and very unique names.

Some male names from his side of the family:
Teofilo (dad, although people call him June) (i like Teo as a nn)
Lordrhyne (cousin)
Seran (cousin)
Zillander (seran's real name, seran is a nickname)

I love all the nn that Pinoy families come up with for eachother, sometimes not even seeming to match/come from the original name:
the list can go on as I'm sure you know.

I want to wish you good luck with coming up with a solution.
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pardon my ignorance, but i thot Filipino was more pac-islander than hispanic? they trill their r's in tagalag (sp?), too?

interesting challenges to naming. i'm just fascinated reading this thread.

and i still can't come up with any names. except, i've been thinking about

ophelia - i just like it.
and I had a friend in school who's sisters name was Elena, long e's. I always liked her name.

back to the shadows....
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Clarity - SCHIST... heh heh heh... my geo teacher had a bumper sticker that said "Schist happens".

Wwhippetcrazy - your names made me think immediately of hockey - Yanic Perrault, and of course Wayne Gretsky. Course, my ds is Owen, like Owen Nolan.... and I thought about Cordelia too, from das Hip, but I am too much of a Buffy fan to do that.

I like the name Kate. For a while I thought India Pacific for a girl, dh said everyone would know I was a geography major. I still want Anya Jezebel, what ds would have been if he was a girl!

on song names - Emmaline I think is a Ben Folds Five song!

I love the name Aiden, dh doesn't though. I know a Rowan and a Roman!
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Hispanic names.


There are lots of lovely hispanic names. I think they're so melodic.

Ana Maria
Carena (only sort of hispanic)

Juan Carlos
David (a very neutral name)
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you are correct in that Filipinos are more Pac. Islander then hispanic. there is some R trilling, but not as much as Spanish. there is a lot of NG and UNG sounds.
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There is a strong Spanish and Mexican history in the Philippines. One side of Dh's family has strong Chinese roots and the other is probably originally Spanish. Dh looks more hispanic than asian. His last name is also a common Mexican last name, which just reinforces those likely roots. Neither his mom or dad speak Tagolag...they come from different parts of the islands. Very complicated family background. (I find it fascinating, but it IS complicated!)

Katt, cool coincidence how similar our backgrounds are! I don't find this combination very often! A co-worker has friends who are white/Filipino and they ended up with a red head child!!! Isn't that strange?! I'm SO curious to see what our kids look like! I too love all the funny nn's dh's family has!! I have NO idea where some of them come from!

Well, we'll just have to see what we can agree on, I guess. Dh's other idea is some name from mythology. We have friends who just named their son Orion (love it!) and that's what sparked that idea.

This is a fun conversation ladies! Other than pets, I've never had to name anything before and it feels like such an honor that I want to be sure to get the right one!
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since the baby is due in August how about Augusto or Augusta?

Anyway I did not say this but my sister in law that I said was mexican is 1/2 chinese. Her mexican name is Mildred and her chinese name is Akemi. I love the name Mildred. She hates it so she goes by Akemi. Anyway she grew up in Monterrey Mexico. Actually Santiago. I like that name too.
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One of my mom's friend is named Orrin
I've always liked that name, similar to Orion (which I like as well) but not seen as much.

Good luck!
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your names made me think immediately of hockey - Yanic Perrault, and of course Wayne Gretsky. Course, my ds is Owen, like Owen Nolan.... and I thought about Cordelia too, from das Hip, but I am too much of a Buffy fan to do that.
Hee Hee....you found our secret for boys names 8-)....
Hamish wasn't a hockey name...but every name we've talked about this time is hockey....and yes we picked Yanic cause we are HUGE Canadiens fans.

Anytime I say what about ____ for a middle name...dh finds a hockey player to associate it with

Katt....my girlfriend named her little on Orinn....very different...

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hee hee! I tried to convince dh of the name Guy (as in LaFleur) but he wouldn't go for it....
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stepping in a little late...

Jen, your post echoes what's happening at my house. In order to get Soleil, I told dh he could name the next baby....but he's threatning to name the babe a common name, which, would NOT do considering Soleil's beautiful name.
So, I've had to 'step in' , and these are the two I *think* we are decided on: Mahina for a girl (hawaiian for Moon) and Makalo for a boy...I love "mak' for a nickname...I don't know what we would call Mahina for short, though Soleil doesn't really have a nickname...Sully sometimes, but not very often.

So, Mahina and Makalo. Love them.

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Owensmom....we thought about Guy...but knew no one would pronounce it correctly and he would get Guy...but I do like the name!

mamasoleil...I love your choices....very cool names!

I was asking dh what names he was thinking of and he was like "I'm not really worried about it right now...."...well geez man I am!!! ....thankfully he is into different names as well, so hopefully he comes up with a good one. I just wish I knew what he was thinking about...Men!

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I'm only 6 weeks LMP, but it seems like we've been thinking of baby names forever...started talking about them right after we found out. Can't think of one that just grabs me, but like:

Maia--maybe Maia Elisabeth or
Maia Simone,
Evelyn (Eva for short--dh's #1 choice)
Olivia--I love Liv, but it sounds funny with our last name

Can't really think of anything.
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I'm freaking out because my frontrunner girl name was mentioned waaaay too many times! I have loved this name and planned to use it since I was a young girl and suddenly in the the past two years it is becoming mainstream! My baby is due like any day now and you guys have me all aflutter that I will be the first (around here) to name my child this and then 87 bazillion people will follow suit! Arrrggghhhhh! Oh... The name is: Maia (maya, maija ect)
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We have two names for each:

Girl- Mason or Avery
Boy- Mason or Quinn

We're not sure about going with the gender neutral name, but I really like Mason for a girl. (I think this is a girl I am expecting in March.) I have also heard our son's name used for girls since his birth, although it feels clearly male to me!

(ds born 9/00, expecting #2 3/03)
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Thought I would chime in with some names that are popular here in Quebec.

Dali for a girl. (My friend's daughter's name is Dali-Anne).
Océane (also for a girl, this one is French in origin)
Ophélie (gaining in popularity)
Azélice (a take on Alice, which is popular both in French and in English)

For a boy, Alaric, Lucio, Domenic (not so much that these are popular, more that these are names of three little boys on my street). If dd had been a boy, I would have named her/him Sacha.

My current faves are Wesley, Levi, Iris and Willa (I have to admit that I took Iris from PM and Willa from Serena -- bad Dodo!).
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Chiromom, don't take this the wrong way, but Maia reminds me of JRR Tolkein's work. Maiar (the plural) are angelic figures, who are often helpful (Like Gandalf) but some became evil (Like Sauron and the balrog).

I'm working on my husband about the junior. II is reserved for the second boy in the line with a name, if the predecessor wasn't his father. For example, my grandfather's name was Peter Jonathan, and had I been a boy, that would have been my name, which would have made me Peter Jonathan Del Pozo II.

But I wasn't a boy, so I have a husband who wants a junior to deal with, and I'm trying to convince him to go with James Darrell instead. Darrell was the name of my grandfather (actually my mother's stepfather, but he married my grandmother before I was born), who died last month, and also the name of my husband's best friend growing up. I could live with James Douglas II (after my husband's father, but I don't think he'll go for that.)

The talk of hispanic names reminded me of some boys' names I like:

Joaquin (supposed to be an accent on the i)

These were both names of great grandfathers of mine on my dad's side. I wouldn't actually use Joaquin because it's a Christian name, though. Note that neither one has an R in it.

If I had free reign to name a boy, other names near the top of my list would be:

Roland (my m. grandfather's name)
Thorby (from a Heinlein novel)
Elrond (my dh actually likes this one, too)
about three dozen more Elvish names from Tolkien
Vanyel (from a Mercedes Lackey novel)
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Nature Names

My husband and I love nature names DD# 1 is Lilyana(lilyAWNA) Rain and with # 2 on the way we are looking to lots of new nature names:

so far our #1 name for boy is River, but we also like Cedar, Alder and Judah.

For a girl we like Violet but its hard to come up with a middle name that sounds good with violet...

Chiromom- I was a preschool teacher for years and Maya is VERY common but how about a variation, I really like AMAYA....
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