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This is the fun part. I have quite a long list, but am favoring Nikolai (Niko for short) for a boy, Sophie for a girl.
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Dh and I also favour the "nature" type names.... right out the top of our list is:

Echo Kait or Echo Kaelin for a girl


Winter Arthur for a boy

I don't like arthur that much, but it was Dh's grandfather's name, and he REALLY wants to use it, so I'm giving in.
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baby names

hey everyone,

iam new to the board, just signed in on the expecting date thread.
i was surprised that my husband and i picked names so soon, but it came up one night and seemd to be perfect, we agreed on a boy name and girl name within a few hours....once we found this one for a girl, we loved it!

mahdi kyla
(first name meaning expected one, middle name meaning lovely)


riley jack or liam (for middle)

right now it's just baby
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love Riley Jack
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Our three were not named until they were 3 or 4 days old - I have to see what they look like first! - they are Caleb ( now there are a bajillion Calebs around here), Lydia and Zane.

Speaking of popularity, our town is bursting with Mikaylas, Kayleighs, Connors, Jordans, Josh, Sarah, Emily.

Our last name is Irish, 2 syllables and awkward, and we are of British Isles heritage. I like old-fashioned names. Names I like include:

girls - Maeve
Elna ( mom says I can't use this cause its the name of her mean aunt. lol)

boys -
Clarence ( ok, this is kinda weird, but it's family name)
Gordon ( nn Gordy - another hockey player name!)

There are others but I'm drawing a blank right now.

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MM, what do you think of Francelle?

I like Frances too.
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Names we used:

Madeline (though we were doinbg something original : )Ophelia (at least noone will have her middle name )
Lilyka mae
Ava (again thought we were being so freaking original) Aexandria

Names we didn't use but that *I* really liked"


Isiah (sp?)
Beck Loyal (would have been dc#3 if she was a he)
Denali Alexander (dc#2 if she had been a he)
Indigo (apperently this is really faminine but i liked it)

Names my dh realy really liked that I vetoed:
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Willow Tree ~ My 11 year old niece is named Violet Haven. I have always thought that combo. is lovely. I think Violet is a great name no matter what you put with it!
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What do you think of these boys names?

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Well, I haven't heard anyone throw out my kiddos' names, so I'll mention them. DS's name is Indiana James....we call him Indy for short. This was DH's choice and the ONLY name he wanted for our son (I wanted to name him Liam). And our brand new baby girl's name is Esme Anna-Rose. Esme is pronounced Ez-mee and Anna-Rose is my MIL name, Roseanna, transposed.

If we ever have another boy.......I want to use Liam. Our last name is similar to the actor...Liam Neeson(m?) and I think that flows really well. Middle name......I have also always liked the name "Ansel." Yup......from the photographer.

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Kathy Jo,
I really like Edward, Garrison, Jackson and Carlton.

Painter is unusual, but maybe a little cutsie. I always try to picture the child at age 80 with the name to see if it will fit for their whole lives. Not that I'm an expert! Maybe he will come out looking just like a "Painter!"
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Well i am still stumped for boys names, and my DP keeps picking names that mean sad, or alone, or something along the lines of being depressed. And I do not want my kid to grow with a sad name. So we'll keep searching.

But if we have a girl in 8 weeks her name will be

Monique Enya


Monique Ionkina

We'll see. the meanings are:

Enya: Little Fire
Ionkina: God will Develop (not sure how to pronounce this one but I love how it is spelt.
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Oh I forgot, I met a little girl theother day named Ezmera. I loooove it!!
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for YEARS we had our names...Dali for a girl, Clive for a boy...then we finally got preg. and it all went to sh@#$.....i dont know what happened.

around here names are 'typical' and 'sydney' or 'reilly' for a girl are concidered 'unique'...maia and maya are popular as well.

dh always liked benny hill, so benny was a good boy canidate...but with the popularity of ben in the last few years, forget it.

i still like and may use for future kiddos:

Ace Corben (benny) Hemi Camille Violet Maxine

tough one.

:sinister :sinister :sinister :sinister
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Yeah, We love Silas Too!

Also, Jillian is a beautiful girls name you don't see much.
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Originally posted by mamasc
Yeah, We love Silas Too!

Also, Jillian is a beautiful girls name you don't see much.
whoa! Can't believe I've seen this name her a few times! I LOVE Silas. My husband doesn't want anything 'unusual'. I can't wait to show him here what has been said.

woohoo! thanks ladies!

Rebecca an entire week overdue hopefully with Silas Allen (or an unnamed girl!)
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Silas, is my bestfriends boy's name, but she spelt it with a C.

This is the only place I know where others have even heard of that name?
But i like it too
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Kathy Jo,

I like most of your names, but my sister named her daughter Dakota (I think it does work well for either sex), and the first words out of my mouth were "North or South?"

I do try to run names through the wringer on how children (and adults, I still get the same torture of my name at times) will invent ways to make fun of a name. For example, I told my DH I liked Roland for a boy's name. He vetoed it as a first name, because he knew a kid named Roland who depsite weighing 50 lbs. soaking wet in middles school was nicknamed Roly-Poly. So it's been relegated to possible middle names status.

DH and I had a three hour conversation last night about names. Most of the names he likes are of Christian orgin, and he doesn't get why I want to avoid them (i.e., they're common, mainstream, "dignified" names).

We've come to the conclusion that I'll give in about the first boy being named for him, and after that I get to pick the names!

For a girl, we've narrowed it down:

Luthien Cordelia
Elanor Cordelia

We were considering Elanor Rae until I realized that it would make her initials ERA, so I went for another middle name. I had four possible middle names picked out, those were the ones that flowed best. The other possibilities were:

Luthien Rae
Luthien Denise
Luthien Mya
Elanor Rae (initial problem)
Elanor Denise
Elanor Mya

Basically trying to pick which one would flow better, and DH vetoed Denise because he doesn't get along very well with that sister (all four are for my sisters, as I described before).
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Kathy-jo....I think my favorite among your names would be "Jackson Fisher" It just seems to flow well.

Lilyka.....Ezmera is a very pretty name, indeed!

Names are so fun, aren't they??

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What's wrong with ERA? Is it becase of the ammendment? It's been dead so long, no one will remember it by the time your child grows up Are you thinking someone will think you're a feminist? Or is it something else I can't figure out?

Just curious.

My dh and i broach the subject of names every now and then: "What do you think about a name?" "I don't know, you?" "I got nothing." "Well, we'll have to come up with something at some point." "Yep." "Yep." Guess we're just gonna wait and see The thing that bugs me is, once I start thinking of something, I start thinking of what other people will think of my kids name. Not like kids teasing at school, but like my family, and his family and my friends... It really shouldn't matter in the decision making process, for the most part - argh.


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