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Need help? - finding resources

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I see so many posts of families having a hard time making ends meet. Resources of help can be so hard to find (as abundant as they may be). I have two ideas for where to turn to look for help (please add more!):

1. Check out the Pregnanacy Resource Center listings on line. I was looking at my local site b/c I need to take some donations in. They have a VERY long and wonderful list of all sorts of resources. Food banks, clothing banks, parenting classes, medical help, places that can help paying utility bills, churches, counseling, abuse help, and lots more.

2. Check with local consignment shops. They will have places that they donate items to. One of the ones near my home donates to a place that gives clothing, baby items, and home items to families of their medical organization (chemical and mental issues), all foster families, abuse victims, and pregnant teens/young mothers. They will also help walk-in families who are in obvious need.
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We found a wonderful resource in our area for food -- it isn't exactly a food bank... it is run by a local church and it costs $8 a year to join... andyou have to meet income requirements (which we do!) ...but I think they go by the honor system on that --

Anyway, it was referred to me by a neighbor and I was kind of snobby (inside) thinking all I was going to find was dented cans of spagetti-o's and stuff -- we were AMAZED when we joined though at ALL the organic stuff they have!!!

They don't have many fresh produce and things but we get tons of our dry stuff there ... for instance today I found 12 ounce packages of whole wheat and flax seed organic pasta for 50 cents each... they are like $4 in the health food store!

I also found organic, non gmo Tofu for 50 cents in their refridgerated section today... that stuff is nearly 3.50 at the health food store...and it wasn't expired or anything.... stuff like that....

It is worth looking into as I am sure many larger cities have similar places....
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United Way in each state has a 'First Call For Help' line that works to hook you up with whatever local community resources there are in your state that will help in your situation.
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