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Theory doesn't work for me. My ds was born at 43 weeks; labor was 21 hours long and much more painful than my labor with dd (who was born at 40 weeks).
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Wow! What an interesting theory. My mother went 15 days late with all four of us. I, being the first, took about 10 hours. My brothers and sisters all came in two hours or less from start to finish.

I also went 15 days late with my daughter, but it took 29 hours total.
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Before dd was born, I was hoping this theory would prove true for me. My mom went super late with both me and my sister (43+ weeks) and had QUICK labors. Mine however did not turn out that way - dd (#1) was 12 days past edd, 56 hours of labor and ds was 17 days past and 13 hours BUT both of them were positioned quite poorly...so who knows. I still think it's a great theory.
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my son was born on time and "easy." thank you bradley method. even when i got close to my due date there was a tremendous amount of pressure to discuss an induction date etc. lots of people were calling my house trying to find out how dialated i was. like i knew ha!

anyway, do you think it is bad to fib your due date by a few days. i think a few days would take some pressure off. i think 2 weeks would be too much in case the baby came early. hopefully i want have any problems and i can ditch the u/s this time.

edited to add: he was a fussy baby, not colicky but very particluar and prone to meltdowns
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Both kids were over 41 weeks. First was 24 hours of labor, I guess about 8 hours of active labor to full dilation. Second was a short daytime labor, easy labor in the morning, had him mid-afternoon.
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i gave birth (unmedicated) 41 wk 4 days post due... 24 hours of labor +2 additional hours of pushing... it was long but manageable.
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42 weeks

Mine was born at 42 weeks and the labor was very fast. Labored a few hours at home, and reached the hospital when I was 8 cm (at my checkup the day before I had been 2---I had no clue I was already 8, imagine my surprise and joy!), and the baby was born an hour & a half later. the midwife rushed from another woman in labor at another hospital, and when she arrived she told me I was 10 cm---the baby was born 20 minutes later.

At the time I was so impatient for the baby to come! Every passing day seemed like an eternity. But I would trade waiting 42+ weeks for a quick labor any time. I was blessed to have had such a wonderful birth experience.

Interestingly, my mom had 6 kids, and we were all born between 41-43 weeks, and all of her labors were fast. I think her longest was 4-5 hours. Her shortest came as soon as she reached the hospital, with my dad yelling for a doctor to come, his wife was pushing! Maybe your theory is right.
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41 weeks and 1 day
labour from first ctx to babe in arms was 40 *minutes*
painful?? Ummmmm....not sure, happened too fast

(fwiw, it was 9 ctx total)
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36 hours of labor
including 4+ hours of pushing
lots of braxton-hicks throughout my pregnancy from about 21 weeks on, but no prodromal or practice labor in the late weeks until i started feeling crampy, having loose stools and losing my mucous plug the afternoon before my labor began.

now i suspect that he was positioned slightly off, but there were no physical indications of malpositioning immediately after birth and there was no moment of "shifting" that i've heard some women experience with malpositioned babies.

so it doesn't fit your theory, but as someone else mentioned, just because some experiences don't fit your theory doesn't disprove the theory.

someday when i'm rich beyond my wildest dreams, my research foundation that i want to create will do just this kind of research...

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I went to 41 weeks, 4 days. My labor was a total of 28.5 hours. Transition was incredibly painful and crazy and difficult. Probably 13-14 hours of my labor was active labor.
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I'd had prodromal labor/non-stop braxton hicks for three or four days, my water broke on it's own and contractions started in ernest...32 hours after my water broke (and after 19 hours active labor) I had an unplanned c/s. I hadn't moved past 7cm and there was a concern of infection (due to the extended time with ruptured membranes). Turns out dd was well and truly stuck.

I wish your theory had worked for me though, it would have been nice. Maybe the next time round?
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Baby #1 was 10 days over. 4 1/2 hours of labor start to finish.

Baby #3 was 17 days over. 11 hours of pain and 6 hours of HORRIBLE pain....but she was posterior brow.
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Originally Posted by Amylcd
15 days over due - 12 hours of hard, horrible back labor.. ended up with an emergency csection.
Mine is very similiar to this...I was at 41 1/2 weeks, had around 12 hours of hard back labor, then had an eclamptic seizure and ended up with an emergency surgical birth.
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#1 11 days overdue, hospital induction, 56 hours of labor, persistently posterior, born with vacuum assistance after 3 hours of pushing. Baby was 8 lbs. 12 oz.
#2 10 days overdue, hospital induction, 13 hours of labor, 20 minutes of pushing. Piece of cake compared to #1. Baby was 9 lbs 1 oz.
#3 15 days overdue, went into labor naturally, 5 hours and 24 minutes of labor, baby was born at home underwater after pushing for 15 minutes. Baby was 10 lbs. 2 oz. I felt like a million bucks afterwards and can't wait to have another homebirth.
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Originally Posted by neveryoumindthere
41 weeks and 1 day
labour from first ctx to babe in arms was 40 *minutes*
painful?? Ummmmm....not sure, happened too fast

(fwiw, it was 9 ctx total)
wow! was the baby born at home?
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LOL. yeah. it was an (unplanned) unassisted birth
i wasnt sure if i was in labour..midwives arrived abt 15-20 minutes later (i posted in "birth stories")
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Sorry but your theory doesn't work for me, either.

#1. 6 hrs. . 39w5d . 6 lbs 14 oz
#2. 5 hrs. . 36w6d . 6 lbs 14 oz
#3. 3.5 hrs. 40w1d. 7 lbs 4 oz
#4. 1.5 hrs. 41w1d. 9 lbs even

My longest gestation was my shortest labour, but I don't believe that is related. You can see the pattern, each pregnancy resulted in a slightly shorter labour.

#3 was my easiest labour and I believe it was because from 4 months, my pregnancy was riddled with Braxton Hicks contractions. My uterus was warmed up and ready to go, and probably well effaced before labour even began.

#4 was my hardest labour. It's the only labour where I felt out of control. I had zero BH ctx during this pregnancy. I don't know if it's related, but I had an anterior placenta for this pregnancy. My uterus and body was *not* ready, even though I had thought it was in advance.

I have an anterior placenta again this pregnancy. But, I intend to have lots of BH ctx this pregnancy if I have to stimulate them myself. My uterus will be in shape and ready to go again this time, just like it was for #3.

So, my theory is - the more prodromal labour, the more prepared and ready your uterus and body is. If your labour is not stimulated, labour won't start until baby is ready.

wwinorth, I'm hoping that since we haven't heard back from you in four days, that you have been busy birthing. Hope things are going well. Let us know!

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41 weeks and 4 days, 5 hours labor, home waterbirth. Painful but normal painful. LOL

Nothing like my induced posterior 20 hour labor with my son (39 weeks 6 days).

my mom went 2-3 weeks overdue with all of us and had 4-5 hour labors too.
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the more prodromal labour, the more prepared and ready your uterus and body is.
the prodromal part was true for me too. I had contrax every night for 6 weeks in advance. LOL
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That theory doesn't work on me... 41 weeks 1 day if you go by the early ultrasound, 41 weeks 5 days by my charting. The labor was 56 hours long, three hours of pushing. It was painful, but managable. Extremely TIRING, though, for going so long.
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