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I want to get rid of my cats

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It's sad because they were here before the babes, but I really want to find new homes for my two cats. My mama bear emerges bigtime whenever I find them laying on the kids' stuff -- bedding, clothes, etc. And their hair is EVERYWHERE! So strange how it never ever bothered me before I had kids. DH and I both have allergies, but we've been able to deal with the cat dander pretty well. Now though, Evan is congested all the time and I'm afraid he may be allergic as well.

Here's the worst part. My cats are kinda old, and my "firstborn" only likes me and Evan. She's an evil wench to every other person on the planet. She's made several visitors bleed (their own fault... I warned them). How on earth will I find a home for her?? My only idea so far is to post a sign at the vet with her photo and a "Save this cat!" title. I figure if I'm completely honest about her icky personality, some cat-lover will take pity on her. She'd surly be put to sleep if I left her at the animal shelter.

This has been on my mind for a long time (even before Drew was born). My MIL, out of the blue, commented the other day that she's concerned about the cats' effect on the babes.
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i have the same problem. i have a Simese that i adopted from a friend who had horrible allergies and the cat is just anti-social. she is the one i find in Ethan's crib and she has caused a lot of other problems (scratches ds2 and me for really no reason). she wont play with the other cats, wont eat when they eat, and at one point refused to use their litterboxes.
i feel horrible getting rid of her b/c of my friend and i havent found it in me to take her to the shelter (they wont euthenize for any reason).
good luck with what you decide...and i agree about cats lying on kids stuff...it really ikes me out too!
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my cats lay all over my stuff, the baby's stuff, everywhere and everything, it's part and parcel of having kitties I think!
I just think they're a responsibility that you sign up for when you get them. if your dc really do have actual pet allergies then that's one thing, but if it's just being sick of cat hair, I really think you should keep them. animals have little souls too. even if you do find another home, that is a home that could have taken a cat from a shelter who was about to be killed.
you said they're kinda old, so it seems you won't have to put up with them too much longer. I'm not a huge fan of my older cat but he's my responsibility, and I think too many people give up and get rid of them. maybe instead you could try to find a way to live with them for a few more yrs?
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: I have to agree with what Lily said. I am popping in from the feb board. I just really love my kitties and dog, my ds who is 2 has learned to be quite the animal lover because of them. Yes there is hair everywhere, and I too have a mean old cat that only likes dh and myself. They tend to sleep in the crib, that is sidecarred and pretty much everywhere else. I hope you find away to do what is best for your family though. It isn't good for the animals if they are in ahome where they arent wanted. Good luck.
woops I just realized I made it sound like you didn't love your cats when obviously you care otherwise you wouldn't be posting about it. I didn't mean to be read or offensive. I do truly hope you find a solution that is best for your family.
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i feel you...we have 2 dogs and one of them is less than friendly with DS...so they're never in a room alone together...ever...and we've been going back and forth wondering if we should let him go...but he's our baby...we did give him up to another woman about 6 months ago but didn't make it 24 hours before we asked to take him back. it ripped our hearts apart. i know how hard this decision is. i hope you find peace with whichever way you go...
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i know this is hard i've had so many animals over the years and have gotten so close to getting rid of some of them....but i made the commitment to be their person so i needed to follow through. now- i had a bunny at one point and a bird at another and in those cases i decided it was in their best interest and mine to have other families, and i found them homes. my cats i always knew would HATE life away from us...even though they seemed miserable with us. so only you can make the right decision.
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i feel the same way StarCat does which is why we still have our Siamese cat. but sometimes, i really think she would be better off in a different home. she would be great for someone who is alone, or an elderly couple. she is just not good w/ kids and at this point stays downstairs all teh time, all alone away from all of us and the rest of the cats. it just doesnt seem right but i dont trust her to be around the baby at all. i dont even trust her around the 7 yo.
i didnt know she was not good with kids, or other cats, when we got her.
the bottom line for me (which isnt yet...since she is still here) is that you have to do what is best for your family, and esp. your children.
i dont like it when ppl just discard animals b/c they become inconvenient, but that doesnt sound like what you are doing. it sounds like you really care.
good luck with your decision,
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