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What is your favorite Baby Store?

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I have decided to start buying everything online. I am online ALL the time and ds hates the car so much. But it seems like there are endless stores for clothes and cloth diapers and general baby stuff.

We don't really need any toy stores since the Grandparents have just about filled up our whole house with them. Any suggestions? In particular, I am looking right now for a place to buy organic 12 month old clothing and shoes and am not sure where to go. Something with a good return policy? Thanks mamas!
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I'm curious too. It seems the 'net has more of a selection of organic baby items than stores at the mall or even natural food type stores.
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Yeah, it seems like you have to buy this stuff online anyway.
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I really like hanna anderson. I found some really nice stuff on sale there and they have toys too I think. I would find the website for you but my babe is not being soothed by dh - gotta go!
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not all of these are organic, but some sites I like for clothes & other baby stuff:


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If you are into coops, I think a couple are happening for organic baby clothes
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We also shop online at www.woodenyouknowtoys.com
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Originally Posted by Anne
We also shop online at www.woodenyouknowtoys.com
I was at this store a few weeks ago. The owners are VERY nice and helpful. They will find things for you if they don't have them and make suggestions, etc. I recommend them too
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Another great one!

A friend of mine just opened this new store that is trying to break some gender stereotypes and dress kids like kids instead of like adults. It's www.polkadotpatch.com and it's a great idea I think. I hope she succeeds!
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I concur that Hanna stuff is great - but wait for sales! They always have tons of great stuff if you get online early after getting a sale announcement via email. Or we live near an outlet, so I frequent it, but of course that's not online.

For cloth dipes etc. I really like Babyworks. They are here in Portland and I went to the store in person the other day for the first time (they are mostly catalog/online but have open-to-public store hours). The woman who runs it is SOOOO nice and helpful. Their return policy is basically, you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, you can return it any time. They want you to love what you buy.

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i buy all of my baby items online. I shop at the regular babyuniverse, etc. sites but for organic i like:


hope that helps in your search. All 3 are great companies.
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