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Some pics of my new pockets!

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I just wanted to post pics of my newest Darling Diaper pockets I have sewn up this week. 1 is side snapping and the other 3 are front snapping. This is the first time I have used snaps (Snap Source) and I love them! Cotton woven outers and cotton interlock inners

4 diapers

My favorite!
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Those are great!! i wish mine would come out that good
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Wow those are super cute! You did a great job.
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Wow! Those are really good!
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Those look great! So what did you use for the inside? You were the one that loves interlock, right? I need to try it out soon.
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1st time using snaps, huh? Id LOVE to go to snaps, but I can't afford a snap setter & I've heard the hammering kind is not easy. What did you do & was it easy? They all look great!
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Boscopup, I used my new cotton interlock for the inners. It comes in such great colors and it is the easiest fabric I have ever sewn with.

SabDoulaMommy, I can't justify getting the snap press either since I am not going to be making that many diapers, so I bought the snap setter from www.snapsource.com and metal snaps. I have heard they can be difficult, but I found them so easy to use, plus I can finish snap pockets faster than aplix pockets. The snaps are so much more expensive than the plastic ones that go with the snap setter, but the tool is only $9 versus the $110-120 for the snap setter and dies. And these metal ones are supposed to hold up really well, even in diapers. I really like them and don't regret not buying a snap press! I figure I will save $70 for the number of diapers I will use snaps on using the metal ones, and that is money I can spend on my fabric addiction!
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Adorable amber. Here is my latest pocket. Its outer layer cotton woven, hidden layer of PUL, (probably wont work) and inner microfleece. I made it so the microfleece rolled out just a bit so hopefully it'll work the way it should. Made it for a friend of mine.
Cotton Woven Pocket
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That's it. I want snaps.
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Wow! Those look really great!
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Thanks guys! I really do love the snaps too. I only have 4, yet I am using those each time first before I reach for the aplix. But my husband hates the snaps and only uses the aplix. That is one reason I did not get the snap press since he thinks I am crazy when aplix works so great for him! But that guitar print is just soooo cute. Actually, the red pocket is also a guitar print. I got a set of musical print quilting fabric from Joann's that was originally $20, but I had a 50% coupon. They are 18 x 22 which is just big enough to make a medium pocket. I think there was enough fabric to make 8 or 9 pockets.

And beepsmnms, your diaper is just adorable!!! Tell me if it leaks. I have not tried any cotton over PUL. Right now I am just into fitted pockets, so I need to have covers.
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Great job!!!
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Those look awesome!

I agree with your husband on the aplix vs snaps thing but I have to say that snaps look really great when you're done the diaper and I don't like when the aplix starts picking up lint even when you have fold back tabs... If only I liked USING snaps

I really like the prints you chose. I'm all into bright colours. I really like the guitar themed ones.
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They are so lovely,they look neat too,I mean neat and tidy,is that an English thing?
I am thinking when U.S dwellers say "neat" it means something else!!
Good job anyhow!!!!
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Those diapers are all so cute! I love seeing what patterns others choose for diapers.
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Great job Amber and Beeps!

Amber, oh my dear Amber, how I wished you lived next to me I used snap source snaps tonight on a fitted and oh god, it was hard! Too many layers, I guess. But on pockets I imagine they can work great! I was so excited to try the snaps too, and now I'm bummed.

Looks like I'm either buying a snap press, which I really can't justify, unless I can start my own biz, but at the rate I'm going, I dont' think so, or I'm going back to aplix. Wow, what a run-on!

I used to love aplix till I started sewing with it!
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Abbyloos Mom, thanks! But I imagine you are totally right, those Snap Source snaps are absolutely great for 2 layers in pockets, but they must be a nightmare on fitted where you have so many more layers of cloth. I must make that a disclaimer on my pictures! Metal snaps great for pockets, bad bad bad for fitted!!!

Jayneysews, neat totally works! When we say neat it means tidy as you mean, or it can mean nice. But I think it is an older word that my generation would use. The young kids would say neat and mean tidy I imagine!

Thanks everyone for your most excellent compliments. I have learned so much from this board and everyone has been such a great help. Jes'sBeth, you have always been a huge help and I notice that you take time to respond to everyone, no matter how crazy the question might be. I really appreciate that.
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Oh yes, they were absolutly horrid and I was just so bummed. It's not that they're not long enough -- it's the snap setter that couldn't handle all the layers. Hmm, maybe I could try it with hidden snaps next time, now there's an idea!
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Well,in regard to snaps,(we call them poppers here!) I took delivery of mine two weeks ago from China,it is a KAM one,with tonnes of snaps and I am just in love with it!
I have used it on my dipe experiments and loads already for Pj's for my boys and my daughter(nearly11yrs) keeps coming up to my sewing place and asking for snaps to be put on one thing or another!
Velcro is expensive here too,and aplix and touchtape hard to get hold of,so it feels like with at least 2and a half years of this next babe in cloth,plus all the handy snap leg openings on the dungarees I will make for him/her,i did justify it!

Who knows,a couple of friends have already asked me to make thier babies some cloth nappies already so it may pay for itself yet!!!!
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My dh would love the guitar print! too cute
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