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clomid and nursing?

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Hi all this is a question for a computer-less friend. She is 38 and has one child, 18 months, still nursing strong. She really wants another before it is too late. She needed Clomid to conceive her first child, took two cycles of Clomid. She does not want to wean, but she is anticipating having to take the five days of clomid during each ttc cycle. Does anyone have any experience on this. Her doctor, of course, said, "why are you STILL nursing?" Is it safe to nurse and do Clomid? Will she need to avoid nursing for five days? Can an 18 month old accept this, and return to nursing? Thanks.
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Have your friend call a lactation consultant or check the book Medications and Mother's Milk by Dr. Hale. He has a page or two on every medication available and talks about whether or not it's safe to take while nursing.

Not nursing an 18 month old for five days can be very hard on them. Of course, it depends on the child, but if he's still "nursing strong" it could be awful. And if she does decide to wean him, she will probably want to do it gradually so he doesn't freak out. I guess the thing to do would be to find out about that medication.
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Well, apparently, RE's (reproductive endocrinologists) will not knowingly give fertility drugs to a nursing mother. They say there is not enough knowledge as to how it affects nurslings.
Dr Hale says that very little is excreted into breastmilk, but it could decrease milk supply, which probably isn't a big iussue with a well established milk supply.

I have a friend who nursed while going thru IVF and her dr supported her, however, another woman still bf'ing her 3 yo is doing a surrogacy but didn't tell the RE because they wouldn't have worked with her then

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