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NT mamas-questions about meat

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First, forgive me if this has been addressed recently, I can't seem to do searches right now.
I have not read the NT cookbook yet but am very intriqued. I plan to buy the book. In the meantime I have some meat questions. I currently eat very little meat (some fish and chicken) for various reasons. One is that I have always had digestion issues w/ very much chicken and with eating beef at all. So, my questions are:

1. How much meat do you eat and can you tell me what role it generally plays in your diet?

2. Are you concerned w/ safety and health issues related to meat? (hormones, antibiotics, Mad Cow--whatever else might be a concern). I definitely have concerns and would want all of my meat to come from organic and reliable local sources. However, I wonder if I could afford it. (Please note that I am not trying to criticize or say that it is bad to eat meat due to these issues, just saying it is a concern and I wonder how others approach it)

Thanks mamas! If I am asking something that has been addressed recently feel free to direct me otherwise
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One of the things emphasized is broths. So you could buy organic pastured soup bones for much less than meat and make broth.It should also be easy to digest broth. I only buy organic pastured meats because I do worry about mad cow. My favorite meal right now is a veggie barley soup with beef broth as a base. I find the key to a yummy broth is to roast the bones for about an hour before I boil them.
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I admit I usually eat meat every day. Grew up that way and love meat. I am trying more veggie dishes, as my childhood was limited to corn, green beans, and peas and those usually out of a can. I try to make broth at least every other week, if not every week. I buy whole chickens from an organic local farm and although pricey, I find I can stretch it out for 2-3 meals and broth (which buying organic broth alone gets quite expensive and is not as healthy). Last year I bought a 1/4 cow (grassfed) from a my organic farm where I also get my milk. Which by the way is the best meat I've ever had. I definetely have qualms about eating any meat out of the stores and only do that if at someone elses house or my budget is blown for the month. The beef lasted my sister 6 months with a family of 5. I still have tons, but its only me and dd and occasionally my younger sister. Upfront the cost is more, but we ended up saving around $400 over buying the crap at the store and considering the peice of mind it gave me all year it was so worth it.

Budget wise I think getting a freezer and buying in bulk makes it affordable. I know some people get buffalo, which you might digest better.
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Animals are what they eat. If a cow is being fed a corn hash feed then it's not going to be as nutritious as a cow grazed on grass and fed a vegetable based diet. As goes all other kinds of animals.

No anitibiotics means that we are not ingesting antibiotics when we eat the meat. No hormones means the meat is healthier and natural, not hormone stimulated.

I grew up eating meat 2-3 times a day. Today I feed my family meat 6 nights a week and find alternatives for breakfast and lunch that do not include meat. DH is a big meat fan, but he's good with a meatless dish once a week for dinner as long as it has stock in it. So a hearty bean and barley stew made with stock is a good choice.

Just because NT stresses the importance of fats and meats, does not mean you have to consume it all day long, every day. I did an NT version of Eat to Live and I'll tell you it really helped with my perspective on quantities of animal products. I think they are important, but not consumed all day long for every meal and every snack. Even a diet consisting of meat only a couple of times a week is a good NT diet.
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We eat meat three or four times a week, the remainder are veggie and/or vegan meals with bone broth added to them. We cook all grains and legumes in bone broth. If we don't have grains that day then we have a soup that is prepared with bone broth. I also drink 1/2 litre of bone broth in the AM for breakfast. We also have cultured butter daily. As well as homemade fermented dairy such as kefir and yogurt.

All our meat is pastured, organic, ethically butchered. We only eat chicken, bison and some fish. We don't eat pork. We may try lamb but have not felt good about it yet and I am not sure if we will. We have goat milk and cow milk, both local small run dairies.

As an environmentalist I am aware of the impact a meat based diet has on the environment thus I am cautious to make decision that leave the smallest footprint possible.
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