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Had baby 4 weeks early!

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Well the hypertension was something bad as I quickly got very sick. By Saturday the 21st I was having horrible headaches and lost vision in one eye and blood pressure was skyrocketing. I was hospitalized on Saturday and baby Eliana Eva Jane was born on January 22 by c-section. No, I didn't get my VBA2C but I am okay with it. There was nothing else that could be done, I was only 36 weeks so we couldn't wait and I couldn't be induced because of 2 previous c-sections. This birth was actually quite peaceful and a really healing experience for me. She weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. at 36 weeks so that explains why I was measuring so big! her blood sugar was really low so they think I had undiagnosed GD (I didn't take the test). She is doing well except she is soooo sleepy that getting her to wake to eat is really hard. I have to use a supplementer because of low supply due to breast reduction and even with that we are having a very hard time getting her to gain. She will go 4 hours between feedings around the clock if we let her and even then its hard to keep her awake. We are trying to feed her every 3 hours during the day, she just will not wake to eat more than that. We are also doing something else I thought I would never do which is co-sleeping. I am not against co-sleeping it just wasn't something I did but Miss Eliana has made it quite clear that she is NOT sleeping anywhere else. Its actually going okay, she only wakes twice a night but I am still a little worried that she will end up in our bed for years. I am having a bit of PPD as well and that scares me but I am already on meds and trying to keep positive. 3 kids is really hard and I am dreading DH going back to work on February 6. Anyways I have to run! Good luck to everyone still waiting it out.
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Congrats!!!!!What a beautiful name. I'm so glad your labor was healing for you. I'm sorry about the PPD I hope it resolves quickly. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy your baby.
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Congratulations! Glad you are both doing okay! Her name is beautiful!
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I am glad you (& babe) are doing well! & I am so happy that you found peace in a birth experience that was not your ideal! That is so important! As for bf, every 3 hours during the day & every 4 @ night is just FINE with an 8 pounder!!! Good for you that you get the rest sounds like you might need it to heal your body. Congratulations, Mommy!
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: Congratulations!!

Ian was 8 lbs at 37 weeks (I did not have GD, just a big boy) and he was SO sleepy the first week and a half that he was not waking to eat often enough. He'd easily go 4-5 hours day and night between nursing. I think he started to get a little dehydrated a few days ago - he got extra sleepy (where I couldn't keep him awake enough to nurse more than a couple of minutes at a time) and his temperature went up a bit - not enough to warrant a visit to the doc (talked to her on the phone, though) but enough to scare me! I worked to keep him awake and nursing often that night and the next day, and his temp went back to normal and he's been more alert and nursing every 2-3 hours since then.

Also, I wanted to say that we do co-sleep and have with all three of our kids. Jenna moved to her own bed with relative ease at 18 months when I was pg the second time - at 5 1/2, she will occasionally come sleep in our bed (during a bad storm or when she's not feeling well, for instance), but she definitely doesn't have issues about sleeping in her own room. Noah slept with us until he was 2 1/2 - then we got him his own twin bed thinking I'd gradually work on moving him to his own room, and the very night the bed was delivered he wanted to sleep in it. He's been sleeping there ever since! Yet he can still easily sleep with me if we need to (on a trip where sleeping space is limited, when he's sick, etc). So don't worry that she'll never want to move on to her own space - just enjoy cuddling with your baby now while she's little.

Three kids is a challenge, isn't it? It's going more smoothly for me than I thought it would, though. I hope your meds are helping you the way you need them to - get as much rest as you can and accept every offer of help that you get!
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Congrats!! Babies who are a bit early can be real sleepy, so just keep waking her to eat.
So glad you are both okay!
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: Eliana!!!
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Congratulations!!! My DD was a sleepy baby the first few days, too, and trying to wake her all the time to feed was a nightmare. Then when she "woke up" she went from quiet to mad as h$ll, LOL. She had some extra energy built up I guess.

Sorry to hear about the PPD but remember the first couple of weeks are often hard for EVERYbody. Hormones go wonky and life is soooo busy. It may start to get better on its own very soon. If not then there are tons of resources, but hopefully after life settles a bit you'll find some equilibrium.

Love your sweet girl's name, BTW!!

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Congrats! I am glad that you and baby are doing well, and that the birth could be a healing expereince. Wow! Over 8 pounds at 36 weeks, that is incredible! I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with ppd, try and take care of yourself, honor what you are feeling and don't be reluctant to seek out help! We are here for you!

Oh, and I love the name!
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Congratulations mama! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Happy Birthday Eliana!!!!! Congratulations to mama!! I am glad that you can finally relax, it seemed like you had the hardest time. enjoy your little one!!
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Congrats! I'm glad it was peaceful.

Since you've dealt with supply issues before you probably know all of this, but I'd rent a hospital grade pump and start pumping after feedings to increase supply, especially because she is sleepy and not super effective at nursing. I'm sure you know all that though b/c you've been dealing with it--(((hugs))) I've done the low supply business before, it really sucks.

Do you have anyone who can come help out when DH goes back to work? I told my mom to wait to come up until DH goes back to work b/c I know I'm going to have a hard transition. I have a history of PPD too. I'm sorry it's rearing its ugly head already but glad you have started meds & are aware of it. I hope it gets better soon!!
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Wow! Congratulations!
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