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Add a girl to the My Three Boys Clan!!

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Well, after posting that I was in labor yesterday, she took a VERY long time in coming out!!

Margaret Elizabeth was born at 7:23 pm and weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces, 21 inches long. She was my earliest baby and my second smallest - thank God!!

Her labor physically wasn't very hard. I had fairly easy labor from 2 am until noon when Charlotte (midwife) came over. I was only at 4, but I have a history of fast labors after 4 cm, so that's what I expected. But, after the two apprentices, my mom, and the sitter for the kids came, there were just too many people here and I felt like I had to perform. So, I left them all and went into another part of the house to be with my dh and see if that wouldn't help. It did a bit.

She checked me again at 5 and I was only at 7 cm. I was really disappointed, but Charlotte said that I was dialating unevenly, so the head was coming in at an angle. So, I spent the next two hours during transition doing exercises to get her to come down better. OUCH!! It worked a bit, but at 6:30 pm I was dialated to 7 on one side and 10 on the other. So, she had me lie down on one side with a pillow between my legs. After two contractions the water broke and I went to complete. I ran to the bathroom and then ended up landing on my bed on all fours and pushed her out in one push!!! (Well, I had a couple of contractions where I just refused to push because it might hurt!! I was really scared at this point!) Her entire body came out all at once - no head and then waiting for the next contraction!!! It was great! But, her hand was beside her head and I tore.

Anyway, I ended up hemmoraging a bit after the birth (due to a low-lying, anterior placenta). But, Charlotte handled it VERY well (I didn't, unfortunately - I was scared!!).

I need to write up a better birth story, but this is all I have time for at the moment!
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Congratulations on your baby girl ! I have been checking all day to see if your baby is here. Have a blissful babymoon!
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congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby girl!!
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Congratulations !!
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: Margaret!!!

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations!!!!! Welcome, lovely one, and take care, sweet mama!

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Congratulations on your baby girl! Sounds like once you got going laying down with that pillow it went pretty fast. I am glad that the hemmoraging was not serious and that you are ok.

Reading your story makes me so excited for my homebirth!

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations Jennifer! I'm so happy for you I'm crying! And now we don't need to worry about being in labor at the same time! Enjoy your babymoon and your sweet baby girl
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Congrats!! How lucky that you and the babe are ok. Great name. I've been waiting all day to see if you had her. I'm glad your labor wasn't too long and hard.
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Little girls are a lot of fun.
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Oh I am so excited for you. Big Big Congrats!
I have been checking MDC over and over since your In Labor Post.
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Welcome to the world little girl and congratulations to you, mama!!! So exciting. i wish you a happy babymoon!!!!
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how wonderful! welcome sweet baby girl!!
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Congratulations!!!! Girl energy after all those boys. Rest your body & let us know how it is with 4 (I'm anxiously waiting to find out myself!)
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Congratulations!!!!! What a wonderful family!!
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Yeah!!! I can't wait to hear the extended version! I'm having a home birth, too. Your story is making me excited for my little one to get here.
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Whee! Congrats on you little girl and your homebirth, even if it was a bit scary at times. That nuchal hand business makes for some tricky labors, I've heard. But you did it!!!
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