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rose hips

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in my homecountry sweden we often eat fruitsoup. my favorite is rose hip soup. of course we only get the instant kind. these things are really high in vitamin c so i really want to know how to get a hold of them so i can make some good rose hip soup. any suggestions? could you use the dried ones?
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I can get rose hips in the bulk tea section of our local co-op. Would you post a recipe for rose hip soup? I had lots of rose hips on our rose bushes last year and didn't use any of them.

There is a recipe for rose hip and rhubarb jam at
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thanks for the link, i'll try that recipe sometime. I don't have a recipe for rose hip soup yet since i've only had the instant kind, but i'm going to do a search online and see if i can find one. so would you use DRIED rose hips for a soup though? wondering if the only way to get the fresh would be to harvest them myself... don't have any rose bushes as i live in an apartment.
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