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That's it, a new school for DD!

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As many of you have read, I have been having various difficulties regarding the Catholic school DD is attending. She has had struggles, most which we believe are confidence issues, esp. sice I came to learn the kids who finish work first get to play and/or watch a movie but the "slower" kids must stay behind! DD's teacher stopped being polite to me the minute she began struggling. She has not worked with me at all on any issues. She has been outright nasty to me at times, like when I signed DD out early but was parked in so decided to view the class. Iviewed other parents being treated nicely and taking their kids out to leave but when I took DD the teacher yelled she better sit now and cannot leabve until called upon. (I did confront teacher immediately!). Then the lunch and bus fiascos. DD's sudden tantrums and telling me "I'll be quiet for you if you just let me..." comments and "I was a good girl and was quiet so I get a treat!" comments. She was learning some bad crap there. Anyway, today my Mom (who is footing the bill) went in for Grandparents days and was more than dissapointed. She too felt the treacher was friendly to many other parents/Grandparents but ignored her until DD gave hera crd for my Dad who couldn't make it. The teacher walked up and said to DD "Take that back, it is for your OTHER Grandparents". WTF? My Mom responded "We are her ONLY Grandparents!" other snide , unnecessary remarks were made. Keep in mind, being Catholic schools week, we were supposed to send a PIC of the family and why we sent her to Catholic School, I refused b/c Iwas not about to lie and say we liked it there!

So along with a million other red flags, I have been calling the local public school to leanr their curriculum and see if she would be on cue. the woman in charge was out ill for a week, Then DD comes home today, with a note stating they are considering holding her back! WHAT? They are already doing this by not teaching and nurturing her correctly, Catholic schools are known for labeling you dumb from day one, and I believe this has been done to her. Our public schools are good but the big change will be only 2 1/2 hours of school a day for the rest of the year compared to full day now! WOH! But I am home so it's ok (I work nights!) U hope to start her by mmidweek! The Ps sounds wonderful and much more caring. DD seems excited too. As soon as it's set I am settinga meeting with teh Principal to cover ALL the reasons That made me decide to pull DD out now....

PS-all day this has been ringing in my head. My Aunt-who was not aware of DD's struggles-saw DD's teacher (3 of her kids went/go to the Catholic school). My Aunbt saiid DD's Teacher reffered to DD as "another Willy". Willy is my cuz who was in K there when the yrealized he had SEVERE learning disabilites etc. I love Willy and he is great in every way, but the teacher did not mean this in that way, she meant DD wasn't getting it. this was out of place. (My Aunt isn't all there so this comment wouldn't phase her...)
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Sounds like a great decision! I'm glad your mom is supporting you too, having seen it herself. Maybe she can help you guys in other ways with that tuition money....
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Reading this has made me decide that my oldest will not be attending Catholic school next year. She has some undiagnosed learning issues and ADHD. I will not put her through what you have described.
I also have to say you're a better woman than I cuz I would've have been very nasty to that idiot teacher.
I am glad that your DD is looking forward to changing schools. I wish her the best for the rest of the year!!
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I signed her up today. She starts Wednesday. She went with me to her now "old" school where her class was outside. She told her little friends and was shocked they all hugged her and said they'd miss gher (except the nasty one from the bus). It made me weepy but she was fine. The chool isn't questioning me at all, which saddens me. The ydid ask if she'd come tomorrow but i said the truth, she refused too!

The new school looks nice, but I mentioned (stupidly) that she is not getting new vaxes when the secretary thought she nbeeded boosters. I am labeled already...ugh. The ywere saying (her and nurse) you CAN'T stop, it's a gainst the law! "No it's not." You must go through the county! "No I don't, it's no big issue , I have the form at home, but it doesn't matter, according to your info. she is "up to date". They kept on so I lied "I am well versed on the issue, after wuite a reaction I did years of homework on the subject and decided no more". Ugh. and she is vaxed, just wait til DS is ready for school. I am so hormonal (wacky period this month). I usually smile and nod-my big hormonal mouth!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm glad you have a solution! I hope this will be great for your dd. I can only imagine the shorter day will help you to reconnect and undo some damage. Let us know you it goes!
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Wow, you did great. Way to go, on both the old (so-called) school and the vax issue.
Dad to Autumn (9) and Gina (27...yikes!)
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I read both of your thread and it is very very sad. What if youmother instead of footing the bill for Catholic school, instead helped you with groceries and extended care?
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All power to you both. I wish you the best.
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