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How's everyone hanging in there???

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How's everybody doin'?? Just thought I'd pop in and ask...

I'll be full term tomorrow, so that's cool. Only 3 weeks until my DD! Exciting, but exhausting at the same time. I'm SO ready for this. I'm emotionally drained. There was a lot of crying today. I don't need anyone else to tell me not to hope this baby comes early and to enjoy this time now. I've heard it enough, yet it seems like that's all people have to say to me. As if I didn't know that already.

I'm not making much progress, but at least I'm where I'm at anyway. Slowly nearing 2 cm. Had more cramps today. I think I'm having light contractions (not just BH) at times but just don't really chalk them up to that as I'm "expecting" so much more pain, KWIM?? Plus, most of the women in my family didn't have painful contrax's until well into labor, so I could just be following the trend. We'll see.

Anyway, that's all that's happening with me. Nothing exciting at all. Like I said, I'm just emotionally drained. I guess I felt like I missed a special day (I miss my great-grandma so much) and then at the same time I'm so ready for this baby...have been for forever, it seems. So it all just caught up with me today. I really put a strain on poor DH, too, by bawling my eyes out today. Thankfully he understands since he's VERY ready, too!!!

I suppose it'd help if I stashed away some of the baby stuff that's sitting out in plain view 24/7. Maybe that's what I'll go do tonight. Anyway, let me know how you ladies are doing!! Hope everyone is well!
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Your feelings are valid. Sometimes it's hard for others around to have the right words to say to support you. Judging by your signature it sounds like this baby was long awaited for. It will be soon and you have every right to be excited and anxious and just ready overall. Yes, try to enjoy the last few moments. Believe it or not you will miss it when it's over, but that doesn't meen you can't be excited and ready for this little one to arrive. Hang in there mamma it's gonna be soon!

I am about 2.5 weeks away from the due date. Insomnia is kicking in and that sucks cause I still have to go to work and that is a physical job at the portrait studio. I am feeling much more emotional these days and crying at the drop of a hat. A part of me is ready to have the new baby in my arms but the other part of me looks at my two small girls and thinks, what were we thinking, and how could I possibly do this again. The house just can't get clean enough for me to be happy with it, and I can't do any more than I am already. So I am one tired, irritated, frustrated but anxious mom. Thank goodness God will decide when the baby comes, I am so all over the place I would surly mess it up if I were calling the shots.
Midwife apt. on Wed. I still havn't decided if I will let her do an internal at the 38 week check. I am scared that it will be no change and I will get discouraged or a good change and it will just make me more anxious. I should know what to do. I've had two others and not long ago. Ugggghh :
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Well my due date in the 8th and I haven't had any cervical changes. It is soft and about 1/2 cm. This after three weeks of contractions off and on and a irritable uterus. My back aches, I'm swollen everywhere, my bp is a little high. I'm irritable, the last thing I want to due is nurse ds, My copntractions have all but stopped in the last few days. So I don't think my lil girl has any inclination of coming out. Uh..... I can't wait to see her and hold her and be done with the achey end of this pregnancy.
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Also at 37 weeks here.

The last two days have actually been pretty good pg wise. We visited FIL for the weekend. The man drives me nuts! He is so completly oblivious to anything about kids it is mind blowing! For example he went tearing out of the driveway with dd having just sat in her seat seconds before, no where near having her belt on. He did not play with dd once while we were there and even opted not to after she asked "Grandpa can you play with me please?" He totally ingores her when she tries so hard to talk with him. It makes me so angry and sad all at the same time. That being said I think the whole trip was a real distraction from the pregnancy and that was a much needed thing.

Other than the last two days though...emotional, ready to be done, struggling with work, uncomfortable and tired. I think that sums it up!
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Oh, I was just coming here looking for a good place to whine!

My reflux had subsided somewhat for the last week, but it's back with a vengeance tonight. I wish I could just barf up dinner and feel better, but it doesn't work that way. We went out to a steakhouse for a belated birthday dinner for me, and I stopped eating when my plate was still half full and I started feeling stuffed. I didn't even order the dessert I had promised myself!

Plus, the baby is really stretched out at the moment and is putting lots of pressure on my ribs.

My pelvis feels like it's going to crack in two with all the stretching. It really hurts!

I'm not sleeping well and I'm cranky and can't think straight and have no motivation to do anything productive.

I really want to move forward with the birth experience and most importantly meet this baby!

I'm at 39 weeks and praying I don't go over! Heck, I'm praying I'll go into labor tonight!
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For once, I'm not complaining. I'm 38 weeks now, and I just started sleeping better again, not the middle of the night, up for hours anymore. Up to pee and back to sleep, it's a miracle. BP has gone down some, a good thing. I've been having some pretty intense b-h contrax, which I kind of enjoy. I never had any until the last couple days w/dd, who was 41.5 weeks. So I'm hoping some of the work is being done now. Or maybe I'll go a little sooner. I just got home from a baby shower that some friends threw for me, which was super sweet, and I got really nice baby gifts and a night out w/ the girls, no kids. (Hasn't happened in years.) So I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm a little impatient, but now I'm starting to feel like it can't be too long, and I've got enough to do to occupy the time. I'm just excited to be having another baby.

BTW, mom2angelbabies, my last pregnancy was a lot harder, I know where you're coming from. By the end I just had to stop talking to people because I was so tired of the things they would say. Anyhow, you're going to love being a mother. Giving birth was such a relief the last time for me. Wishing you well.
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I'm ready to be done! I'm in week 39, due 2/10. Last week's MW appt I had an internal and was at 2 cm. This morning I lost my mucous plug - that was a weird sensation - like a ping pong ball coming out. I have been kind of crampy most of the day.

I'm with you all about not being comfortable anywhere, tired, spacey. I have stuff I still need to get done and I just don't see it all happening. Poor DH is tired out too, he has been picking up the slack around here for me as well as working more to prepare for some time off after the birth. (i am so lucky to have him! )

My MIL is coming in a week, Sunday. The plan was to have her here in time to stay with DS during the birth, but now I'm wondering if we'll make it til then. No way she can come earlier since her plane tickets are bought and not changeable, time off work scheduled, etc. I was soooo worried before about her being here too soon and having to deal with her longer than I wanted to, but now I guess I'm getting payback for that...

And what is with my family calling every blessed day asking if we're in labor yet and if we've picked a name yet? I keep telling them they'll be the first to know when we go into labor, and that we're not discussing the names with anyone this time. But every day, the phone rings, I know it's them. Really getting tired of it. Half the time I don't answer anymore, but then that totally sends them into a tizzy thinking we're at the hospital already. ARGH.

Well, hang in there everyone, it won't be long now for any of us!
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I'm at 37 weeks +2 days and I sympathize. I feel really ready too, and I've been getting frustrated at times, lots of mood swings.

Had some thin pink discharge Friday afternoon through midday Saturday, then Saturday night I was up for several hours with painful cramps & contractions. It never got very regular though. Now I am just back to having really strong BH contractions, every 5 to 15 minutes. Lots of watery discharge now. At my last doctor's appt (Jan 23) I was 50% effaced, no dilation, with baby at around -1 station (baby originally dropped at around 33 weeks). My next appointment is tomorrow, hoping to see some progress.

I'm also feeling confused now about where to go when labor comes. I was planning on going to a birth center, which is right across the street from the main hospital & connected by underground tunnel, but now I have had several people say bad things about their experiences at the birth care center. I don't know what to do now, having all these doubts... :
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I will be 37 weeks tomorrow. I'm getting really really uncomfortable, I'm not sleeping, I am starting to feel my mood swinging (I've done well up to this point, no mood swings!), and I am so ready to have this baby. Three more weeks, three more weeks.

I think I need to try and do some non-baby-related things to get my mind off this, for the past few weeks I've just been stuck at home doing things like knitting, sewing, scrapbooking for baby. I've barely been out, except for dinner with DP on the weekend. So although I have a bunch of things left to do to prepare, I really feel like I need a break. Any ideas? Problem is I don't have much money, and I don't have a vehicle to use during the day! If i wasn't hurting so much, I would almost (almost!) wish I were still working. lol

Can't believe it's almost February.

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Just 36 weeks here. Focusing on getting done work and hoping I make it to having my son's bday party on the 18th.
This week we were suddenly cleared to go back to a home birth (we'd been told no go about ten weeks ago due to a placenta issue and I'd totally let it go... now we're in a bit of a flurry of preparation for it. )

Still relatively comfy, I think not being nearly as heavy this pg (I've gained 45lbs so far but was waaaaay heavier with my other two, thirty pounds heavier) that that is helping some.....

not much else to report.
Just hanging in really.
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Originally Posted by AndiG
This week we were suddenly cleared to go back to a home birth (we'd been told no go about ten weeks ago due to a placenta issue and I'd totally let it go... now we're in a bit of a flurry of preparation for it. )

Congratulations! That's really fantastic news.

I'm coming up on 39 weeks and still feeling like I could be pregnant forever...in a good way. I am in no rush to deliver this little girl. Maybe next week? We'll see.
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I am 37 weeks today. I can barely fit into my boots as my feet are that swollen even in the morning. Last week I found out that I have a posterior baby and for the past few days all I am doing is the excersises hoping that this baby will turn.

I can't really concentrate on work (especially since all I am thinking about is the position of my baby ) and instead of doing work, I am searching the internet for more info. In addition, I have a cold now.

My last day at work is Feb 10th and I can't wait for this day.

I still don't have anything ready for this baby. Hopefully will be able to prepare/wash everything next weekend.
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I'm also at 37w now. I don't really have much to complain about. Just the normal stuff-pelvis stretching, sleeplessness, feeling huge, ect. I am not in a hurry for baby to arrive. I am starting to get the comments from people like "In two weeks, you'll have a baby". That could be so, but we are going the natural route, which most people aren't used to. They assume that for some reason or another we will induce early, or on my dd-not so!

I think my body discomfort is the least of my problems at this point. I am just really annoyed by other people and their comments. I have one family member, my mom, who lives near us. My dh's family ALL live near us. I really like his family, but they are getting on my nerves! I have just kinda been trying to hide out if ykwim!

It is so cool to see all the new mamas in here~it makes me even more excited to meet our little girl! For those of us still waiting~it won't be long now!
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38 weeks today and i'm EXHAUSTED! And I have to leave the house to do errands which is quite daunting.....
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Just about 37 weeks here (tomorrow)...and I am so crabby and uncomfortable. And lazy. STILL haven't packed that hospital bag yet. How bad is that??

Last night at dinner I yelled at dh for chewing too loudly. It was loud, doggone it! Poor ds is moody too, and I have no doubt that it's my own cranky self rubbing off on him.

Working is near impossible. Wouldn't really be that bad really - my job is fairly easy, except my boss is a raving lunatic, and seeing her every day is very difficult. This is the woman (who has two kids, btw) who told me when I announced my second pregnancy to her, "Well, this is a PROBLEM, isn't it?" Ah, what we do for money.

I had a dream that I went into labor and I couldn't handle the pain. This is basically what happened w/ds - the pain was much, much, much more than I felt I could handle. Although I think I'm brave, obviously I'm terrified of the same thing happening again.
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That about sums it up.
My bp is staying around 150/96 at home(highest its ever been at home). Dr wants to induce, I wanted to wait a bit, but its not looking too good right now.

I had an awful night last night. Up all night with my tummy hurting, felt like I was going to barf, wish i did... Then diarhhea, my stomach is still off and I cant eat.

PLEASE tell me this is a sign I'll be going into labor soon and I am not just sick.
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As far as my body goes, I'm doing really well. I'm even still wearing my rings at 37 weeks! I can still take walks, and I'm even planning to go to karate class tonight. My back is sore and I've got a pulled or over stretched muscle in my inner thigh, but I'm not letting those things bother me.
My emotional state fluctuates quite a bit. I was in an amazing mood on Sat. Dh and I were having a wonderful day, they I suddenly got really sad for no reason. I just wanted to be snuggled. Dh tried to snuggle me, but, you know, this belly gets in the way. That almost made me even sadder, but dh made a joke out of it, and I felt better. He's so good!
I've got almost everything ready for my homebirth and am feeling really positive about that.
I had a dream last night that my water broke at work. God, I hope that doesn't happen. I'm a substitue teacher and would hate to have to teach THAT lessen to a class full of kids.
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I'm 37 wks now. After finally getting in to see a chiropractor, I am feeling pretty good, and actually don't want to go into labor just yet. I get the birthing pool next week, and I'd really like to wait until that is all squared away. I checked the calendar and the next full moon is the 12th, so I've been telling the baby what a nice day that would be to born.

My MIL has started the obsessive calling to update me about where she is going and what she is doing, so if I go into labor/have the baby we can reach her. She did this with dd too, and it drives me crazy for some reason. : You know, when we have the baby, we will call her house, and if she is not there, we'll call her cell. We will not be calling the supermarket to have her paged(she does have a cell), or calling Mary's sister's house where she is attending a dinner party, etc. And I'm only at 37 wks, and I went to 42 wks w/dd, so the next month could be long.......

It is good to hear how everyone else is doing! AndiG, congrats on getting cleared for a homebirth again! That must feel good!

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Originally Posted by missbliss
AndiG, congrats on getting cleared for a homebirth again! That must feel good!

Thanks Abby and Musemor for the good wishes. I am rather excited about it. (found out literally minutes after a post to Alicia on this board counselling her on letting go of the home birth idea I was a bit )

Its funny, we were planning on building a bathroom in our bedroom (3rd floor attic) in preparation for the birth. Then we found out we couldn't have the home birth. By then dh was mentally prepared for the job and we'd budgeted for it so he went ahead, figuring oh well, a bathroom would be quite handy, homebirth or not and its finished. (the last things were installed yesterday) so it s really great to know its there AND we get our home birth (I want to give birth in that room, its beautiful and bright and airy and now we have our bathroom to boot. its only a two pc but who cares?
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Originally Posted by NikiJeanne
Last night at dinner I yelled at dh for chewing too loudly.
heeheehee. I can totally relate to this. Always with the chewing and breathing! I've managed to keep my comments to myself though.

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