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I'm ready to be done for sure. 38 weeks tomorrow. My mom (who predicted DS's birth to the day) says Feb 1st so we'll see! I did have a long bout of ctx on Saturday night that were very low and crampy and painful. They were about 8-10min apart and lasted 4-5 hours. I did all kinds of things to see if they'd stop and they didn't. I finally decided I should just try to sleep b/c if this was the real thing I'd need to get some rest! After about an hour of them waking me up I finally fell totally asleep and woke up 4 hours later, no ctx. Hmmm, guess it wasn't labor yet. But it makes me think it might be close! People are telling me I look like the baby has dropped too, yay!

I'm just big and grumpy and achy and I feel like I have to poop all the time (I know, TMI). Everything else is normal although I am measuring a bit on the smallish side so I'm worried that this baby will be little like DS (6#10 at 39 weeks). My MW isn't worried though b/c she says the baby feels a good size. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to push out a 9-10lber but a good sized 7.5-8lb baby would be nice!
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38w2d today. I had really bad pain and regular contractions last night for quite awhile. The pain kept getting worse and worse and I nearly woke DH up. Next thing I knew I was waking up this morning and nada.

Our painting contractors are FINALLY finishing the work today. I didn't want to go into labor before that job was done. I have an overwhelming compulsion to clean and organize every single nook and cranny of the house and I can't do that when all of our walls are wet and my toddler wants to "help" lol.
I've been stuck in the family room all day (can't leave contractors alone in house). DD has been watching the Wiggles on DVD all day.

I haven't packed a bag yet either. I'm hesitant to pack anything because it's all stuff we use regularly. I *did* write a list though.

Baby is moving around lots. I still need to see how the carseats fit in the back seat together but otherwise we have everything we need.
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I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and I am ready for the baby to be here. I'm trying to focus on enjoying all the movement and stuff since this will be our last baby, but it's getting hard. I'm much bigger than I was with dd and when this babe stretches now it really hurts. Anytime he moves I feel like I need to poop and it's just not a pleasant sensation. He's finally head down and has dropped, but is still such a wiggle worm. I'm having little contractions and more watery discharge, but nothing serious yet. I did agree to a check today and I'm 2 cm and 50% effaced, which actually cheered my up quite a lot. I was at 2 cm for a couple of weeks with dd though, so I know it doesn't actually mean much, but I think it's helping me get my head in the right place for labor.

I'm tired and cranky and obsessed with trying to keep the house clean. DH is working long hours trying to get stuff done before the baby, so dd and I are on our own most of the time. I think we are both excited that she has Mother's Day Out tomorrow. She has a friend that she loves there and I have an appt to get my hair cut!! Yeah for me time!!
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38weeks here and ready to be done. I'm really hating numbers too. What's the point of being told how effaced, dilated or what stations the baby's at when it just makes me want to have him here more and then get told that untill I'm in labor none of these numbers mean anything.

Also the pregnancy has been totally diffrent than my first with more everything from Morniing sickness to BH's. Thought I was going this Sunday with contractions 10min apart but they never increased or got anyworse and then just faded after several hours. Talk about a tease.
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Well, the stretch marks finally caught up with me. I had NONE after my DD was born, but in the last week, I've noticed a few on the lower part of my belly below my navel - I think the baby did it when she moved down into my pelvis - and some on either side of my hips, at least they're hidden by my underwear. Again, I think my pelvis has been spreading out a lot in the last week or two and probably stretched the skin a little too far. The weirdest, though, is on the inside of my KNEES! I think I've added a bit of water weight, and with the extra padding I've put on this time, somehow I managed to stretch that skin, too. ARGH!
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