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The Scoop on OPK's?

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I knew this would happen... I said I would be so relaxed about TTC, but now I am thinking it might be good to try an OPK to get an idea of when (if?) I am ovulating. Can anyone give me the low down on these? Are there some brands that are better than others? Do they really work? Is it a good idea to use them each month? If you have used them, do you find that you ovulate at the same time every month? Sorry to be such a pain.


(Since I do have a ton of questions, I am going to check out the TCOYF book from the library. Unfortunately I didn't think of it today when I was there with ds... rats!)
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I've been thinking about trying something like that as well - I'm only CD1 Cycle 2.....
But I'd like to know how to use them, when to use them etc.etc..

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Well....lets see if the girl who can't seem to get pg can help someone else get pg!!!

I use the Clear Plan Easy OPKs. Recommended to me by and embryonologist (the dr who actually does the IVF) He said that they are the most sensitive....the also are one of the only ones that have 7 tests in them....helpful if you have irregular cycles.

Anyway - I start mine one cd 14 cause I have psycho cycles.

There is a chart in the box that give you an idea of when to start.
Best bet - if you have a good idea of how long your cycles and how long you LP is start the OPK's however many days you LP is +1 prior to when af should show. I.e. if you lp is 12 days...start the OPKs 13 days before af should show.
The mor irregular your cycles the harder it is to figure out when to start.
I am currently on cd 32 and have been using OPKs since cd 14....ugh - a lot of $$$$.

It really helps to temp while using opks. That way you know when your LH surge is - which is what the OPKs measure - and then you have a good idea of when you are no longer fertile - when your temp goes up. gives you more time to shoot, so to speak.

Sometimes you will get an LH surge and no temp rise...which means you probably didn't o. You get the idea.

Anyway...let me know if there are more questions! Happy to help!!
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Adina, thanks for your reply, and even though I didn't start the thread, lets see if I get it.

My cycle is around 24 - 26 days and I have NO idea when I O, I'm assuming its around 14 days before AF - so I should use the OPK around day 10?

Here's hoping for some baby dust for all...........

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Yeah - start there. That should be good. If you find you missed it - you may have to start earlier next time. But watch your other signs...especially cm. If you have ewcm - then use an opk - if it is positive - then you know where you are.

Good luck!
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I'm getting too good at using these!

Unlike a HPT you don't want to use FMU because it concentrates the LH... what you look for in an OPK is the intensity of the line, not just a positive or negative like in a HPT

I get mine from www.saveontests.com and they have the little strips that you dip in the urine... they are VERY cheap. I have found their OPK's and HPT's very reliable. I do not O regularly and really appreciate having 50 OPK's in my cupboard!!

Anyway, I test mid-day or right after I get home from work (most convenient) then when I very first start getting a line I take it twice a day. You can see that the line gets darker each time, then starts to fade over a couple of days... corresponds to the surge... anyway, you O about 36 -48 hrs after the start of the surge and 12-24 hours after the peak.... please double check this, I'm just going from memory and my experiences.

The instructions on the box say it's positive only if the test line is darker than the control line - I say baloney because since you don't take these every hour you might not test at the peak... that's why I suggest looking at the trend of the OPK getting darker then lighter again.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Good luck and babydust +~+~+~+~+~+~+
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Thanks ladies for you feedback.

I am right now at day 10 of a 30 day cycle, so I think I am too late to start this month.... but, looks like I will have a fun project on my hands next month.

I read the posts back a couple of pages and one post said it is good to bd several times a day during O... I think 6 times a day was suggested... dh and I are not 18 anymore, KWIM? Do you all do this? I was thinking of maybe *once* a day everyday from day 10-20??? Is that enough? Any thoughts?

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Originally posted by monpetitfils

I think 6 times a day was suggested... dh and I are not 18 anymore, KWIM? Do you all do this? I was thinking of maybe *once* a day everyday from day 10-20??? Is that enough? Any thoughts?

HEAVENS - thats WAY to much BD - was that a MAN who said that?
I've heard once every two days, and thats how we did it last month, I plan to do it every two days for like a week this month
(DH = )

I don't think I have EVER done it 6 times in one day - not even when I was 18!! DANG

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Another option is Ovulens. Instead of LH, it tests for the surge in estrogen that occurs around O. If temp charting is working for you, then Ovulens may not provide much more info, and estrogen surge is a less certain indicator that you actually did release an egg than LH surge. However, if you're just looking for a way to tell when is the most fertile time of your cycle (and with a couple days' warning!) Ovulens is a handy tool. The other advantages are that it's cheaper than a urine-testing OPK and totally reusable--no refills to buy, no trash. I like it.
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