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Pins and needles??

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Hi, please tell me I'm not the only one with TERRIBLE pins and needles in my hands??? A midwife told me this was normal and yet another symptom related to the surplus of blood circulating in our veins. Every night, I can't find a comfy position that doesn't put both arms and hands asleep to the point of being painful sometimes! And one hand doesn't even get back to normal in the day, its been partially "asleep" for about 3 weeks :
Voila! That's my GRIPE of the day!!!!
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I had this same thing really bad with my 2nd DD. Driving the car became very difficult as my hands would fall asleep withing min. and then get the painful pins and needles feeling you are describing. I wore my moms carpel tunnel hand braces at night and that helped some but basically I just had to wait to have the baby for it to resolve.
So yes, it's very common and normal, but no theres not a whole lot you can do. So sorry mamma.
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Oh YES!!! For almost 6 weeks now I have NOOO feeling ever in my right fingers, plus I can't use my hand properly because I can't close it without major pain. 2 weeks ago it started in my left. My mw said it is normal also, I tried hydrotherapy, 3 min water as hot as you can stand, 1 min, as cold as posiible, repeat 3 times, immerse your hand. It didn't do anything to me, but maybe it helps you
It is the most annoying thing, typing sucks, that is why I leaving now. Good luck, and it will be over soon. (I hope this goes away very soon after birth because I have no idea how to hold my babe safely).
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yep here is another crowd I will join in on. I wake up with pins and needles in both hands, if I type to long or hold them in certain positions they go all tingly too. Annoying!
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How nice to know that I'm not a mutant of nature
So, we wait!!!
Thanks ladies!!
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Yes, I've had this for a couple fo months. It's worse at night when my whole arms are affected.
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