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Toddlers in bath together

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My friend has a little boy and he and my little girl take baths together all the time - they're just over two.
The last time they bathed together they were facing each other and her little boy leaned toward my daughter and tried to latch on! He kept trying for a few seconds, with that tongue hanging out really ready to latch on mouth until he finally gave up. It was pretty funny - I almost peed laughing. His mom told me later that he's tried to nurse off of himself too! Isn't it great - he views all nipples as potential sources of "muckies" ...
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:LOL My toddler who seems to weaning will sometimes try to "latch on" to my arm or even my neck when I am nursing the baby! I crack up every time!
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Funny story. my daughter was playiing with my friends children. we are white and the two children one boy and one girl are black. they got so dirty playing that we stuck them all in the bath together. my daughter in the middle and we call it the OREO. it was so cute i wish i had had my camara.

i am so glad that the thread wasn't what i thought it was going to be about. i thought when i saw "toddlers in bath together that someone was going to say that they were too old to take baths together or some nonesence like that. i have friends with one year olds that think their children are getting too old to take baths with daddy or mommy. Or opposite sex parent. I think thats so sad. family showers are our favorite thing!! and i dont ever want my daughter to feel embarressed i think a lot of those feelings start young with how parents treate nakedness. dont you think?
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