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i'm sad...i miss this

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i miss this forum with you guys so much!! i miss posting topics for us in a forum instead of on one thread you know?its easy to get lost n just 1 thread where as on here we could always see the topics. sob. im so silly and emotional right now. i wish i had found this site when i 1st found out i was preggo so i could have been through this with you guys from the very begining instead of 1/2 way through my pregnancy. anyways, im just stuck in sob story mode lately i think... i hope we all continue to stay in touch as our babies grow. i talk to you guys more than anyone else( and you see how i dont even get much time ot talk to you guys!!) b/c i feel safer and closer with you even though weve never met IRL.blah anyways i wihs we could meet up...
anyone live in PA,NY or NJ? we travel to those states quite often!!!
i love you all,seriously!
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I feel the same way I wish I could have found mothering alot sooner and went through my whole pregnancy with everyone. I wish I lived on the east coast.... But if your ever in Nevada California or Arizona gimme a shout I'll come runnin . I gotta go borrow my FIL's camera hopefully be back later with pics.
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I miss posting here in the Sept ddc as well...and don't see any reason why we can't. I check in almost every day to see if someone has posted and will continue to do so until we're archived!

I'm in CT, but we visit dh's family in PA twice a year ... and NY isn't far, depending on where in NY.

I love you all too!
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awww :

I miss this place too! This forum was my saving grace during pregnancy!! I was actually lurking in "I'm Pregnant" today, and missing my pregnancy. I do feel close to you ladies also. It's so nice to have a bunch of like minded mamas to talk to in this world of mainstream madness. :
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see why you guys rock so much!?! i have ahuge smile on myface right now.thanks so much mammas!!
i have decided that we all have to TTC our nextchild at the same too so we can still be together. and b/c i have decided this its official. ha,ha. i'm nuts i know it.
Lisa, i,too lurk the pregnancy boards every now and then, i miss being pregnant so much, it was truly the best time in my life!!!
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I miss being pregnant, too. It's strange because I was almost certain that we were done when I was pg with Coren and now I'm feeling so much like we're not done and we're supposed to have a 5th child. I always envisioned myself having 5 kids when I was growing up and it just feels right. Dh definitely doesn't want another, but his opinion may change over the next couple years ... especially since he was done with 2, then 3...
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I miss this too... We could really use our very own forum! I wihs I had come along a lot sooner too, I think it would have made a positive difference!
We'll keep it alive right up until they archive us
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I miss this too.
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