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Anybody else got anything going on? My boobs are killing me!
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Starving, sleepy and weepy.... that's all so far. Awaiting Morning sickness to hit me with it's iron fist. I'm probably one of the few people in the world that welcome it... just so I know everything's going alright. Still very nervous...
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Heartburn. Lots and lots of heartburn.

Other than that, I'm not feeling very knocked up at all.
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boobs hurt-mainly nipples, so sore!
I have felt a little queasy. tired, moody, weepy
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Off and on queasy (mostly off so far, thankfully) and rather moody, but not much else so far. But I'm only 4 weeks today... so I'm sure more will show up.
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Oh dear, I do believe the first of morning sickness has hit me this morning.... the waves of nausea are not too bad yet but sure it will get worse.
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Sleepy and occasionally queasy in the very early morning hours. Not much else though.
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sadly, the queasiness has already hit me. it's my fault though. i've been lazy about fixing breakfast.

also, my nipples are ridiculously tingly. it's almost a prickly sensation, the same feeling i used to get with letdown when i first started nursing my son. very strange!
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I think that queasiness is on the way for me as well (crossing my fingers hoping that it's not though!!). I gagged this morning pretty badly while trying to choke down some liquid calcium/magnesium as I've been having horrible cramps for the last 2 1/2 weeks. My nipples have become extraordinarily sore as well.

I've also been having jabs of pain kind of all over around my pubic bone as well. Growing pains I'm assuming. I'm probably be unlucky and have horrendous ligament pain the whole time.

I'm starving as well. Can't.stop.eating.
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Just a +++ test.
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Yep, yep. Nausea beginning. Am up fighting it tonight after eating some salmon (usually one of my favorite things) - I don't want to look at that again for a LONG time!
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I am pretty queasy. It is like I am on a boat all day or a merry go round. At least I am not :vomit
I also get pretty tired around mid afternoon. Very Tired!
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Nope! Feels just like with DS -- no symptoms, no nausea. Well, maybe slightly tender breasts. I hope it stays this way.
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Really tired and moody.
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feeling slightly quezy (sp?) off and on
very sore breasts
moody as he**
I haven't thrown up yet and I actually wish that I would so I wouldn't worry so much.
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I am soooooo tired and super hungry! I can't remember being this tired with my other babies.
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Slightly nauseous (I'm having a hard time convincing myself it's actually related - i didn't have any m/s for another few weeks last time around). Minor little twinges and cramps. I feel like I turned into a pee machine overnight Maybe a bit more tired than normal.

Really, if I wasn't looking for symptoms, I doubt I'd notice any of these.
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Oh, and pregnancy brain. I've been so forgetful today that it's ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by ocelotmom
Oh, and pregnancy brain. I've been so forgetful today that it's ridiculous.

definitely! Boobs sore with that letdown feeling in the morning, some uterine stretching & pulling going on. Slight nausea, but didn't get that too much last time either. really sleepy later in the day, insomnia at night.
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I'm five weeks pregnant, and aside from extreme tiredness, asymptomatic. I has a lot of morning sickness during my first pregnancy, but that didn't start until week 6/7. My two year old daughter still nurses, and my breasts don't hurt at all. I didn't really have any sore nipples when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I thought that since I was nursing now, I would feel something. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to relax, but I really want this pregnancy!
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