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February 2ww

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Another month come and gone. Thought it was time to look ahead and into February. Anyone else in the 2ww for February? I have about one more week of anticipation...
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I have been waiting for this!!!!!! The last few times we were doing the 2ww, I was still a lurker here-- but now I am officially in. And I have about one week to go too. Sticky vibes to us all!!!!!!!!!
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baby dust, baby dust, baby dust

Still waiting...

Any "symptoms" yet Waldohood?
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Does IRRITABLE as hell count???????? IF so, then YES! (but that can be PMS, too-- but this seems a little more than usual-- of course, I want it to be)

How about you?:
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Yea!!! Finally into another 2ww(5 DPO). I am taking herbs to balance my cycle and it seems I O'd on CD10. Usually I am a late ovulator. : Fertility friend has given me a cover line, I'm so excited and ready to be pregnant!
Has anyone ovulated as early as day 10 or know someone who has?
((((((((((( ))))))))))
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cd12 and no rise yet, and the weekend's not over yet!!

NotAMamaYet, I have a friend who O'd on cd8!! I know this because sure enough, they got caught and a beautiful baby girl is the result! Freaky, but it happens.
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Me! I'm on CD23. 10dpo (I think, still new to charting). My temps are still up. I know TCOYF says that 18 days of high temps means a pregnancy, but cd28 happens 3 days earlier. I don't think I can wait till that 18th day to test, if I don't get my period on day 28! So, I guess, if no AF by Friday I will test, because I'm impatient!

Did that make any sense?

I hate waiting. I'm not very good at it.: Less than a week to go till I know either way.

Lots of luck and baby-dust to everyone!
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Help me decide when to test!

Never mind what CD it is, because it's been so long I just consider my body to have taken a break between cycles. LMP started Nov. 4! No bleeding at all since then.

Thought I might have O'd around New Year's, so I tested Jan. 15 and got a very faint +. Then I tested again Jan. 19 and got a BFN. On that same day I began seeing ferns in my saliva (a sign of O).

Ferns lasted 12 days, from Jan. 19 to Jan. 30. Everything I've read about saliva ferning says it lasts 3-5 days w/O right in the middle. : EWCM from Jan. 21 to Jan. 30 and still a bit moister than average now. Mild PMS-like symptoms for the last few days.

I've been fighting off a UTI, so that is the reason for my frequent peeing. But didn't somebody post a while back that UTI was always her first sign of pregnancy? or was that yeast infection?:

I had told myself that yesterday (14 days after ferns started) was the first day I was allowed to even consider testing. Then I woke up yesterday and prayed about it and felt a very strong sense that it wasn't time, so I didn't. But of course I don't know whether that sense came from God or from my unconscious knowledge of what my body's up to or from sheer pessimism!

So, when do you wise women think I should test?
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EnviroBecca, are you charting your temps?
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cd 23 for me today! Keeping my fingers crossed for all you ladies. If no af by Sunday that will be test day for me!

EnviroBecca, I don't know what to tell you. I have never had a situation like yours. I say trust your instincts. And heck, if you test too early its only a few bucks right?

Good luck!
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please forgive my ignorance, but what is "2ww"?
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No worries, I still don't know all the abbreviations!

2ww is two week wait. Time from ovulation to end of cycle or af.

Has anyone tried the pg test from 2weekwait.com? I ordered some and don't know how early I should test. What is the earliest time you can get a positive test with these tests? Is the EPT more sensitive?

I am getting impatient and want to test now, cd 23. I probably should wait...
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No temp charting. It did not work out for me due to my tendency to wake during the night (at odd times, and never able to remember to take temp until I had started moving around) and using an alarm clock to get up in the morning.
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naturegirl-- it looks like there will be at least two of us testing on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

Baby dust baby dust baby dust!

I just picked out a topaz ring-- apparently topaz goes with the second Chakra (sp?) and is a "fertile stone." I'll try anything!

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Silly me I received my pg test from 2weekwait and decidedI would "try"one. Of course I got a BFN but heck, I am only cd23. I am trying not to get bummed out yet. Why did I do that?:
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Because you want to be a mom that badly-- and nowhere in the job description does it say that we are 100% rational 100% of the time (quite the opposite, actually!)

I almost took one, too(-:
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And heck, if you test too early its only a few bucks right?
And it crushes my spirit for the next several days.
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Me too EnviroBecca. Sorry. Maybe it's just too early?:
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Naturegirl We both should give it at least a week.

I stopped the incipient tears this morning by getting mad at everything. It wasn't a conscious strategy, more like a combination of PMS (or pregnancy hormones?) and reacting to the change in barometric pressure (which often affects my mood for some reason). What got me over being mad was realizing that what I was thinking was, "I hate this stupid planet! I wish I'd never come here!" :
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Jumping into 2ww

Well, I finally had a period in Jan (first one since July) and we're fairly sure I O'd over this last weekend... so I'm in the 2ww with everyone... Please send baby dust thoughts....
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