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Oh Ann. I'm sorry for your loss.
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So sorry Ann
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Still waiting...

Another BFN this morning (sigh). AF is four days late. I'm feeling kind of low today. Last month AF was right on time and as disappointed as I was, I quickly started getting psyched up for another month of trying.

This not knowing is really tough.

I'm not charting yet. Bought TCOYF and was planning to start temping on Saturday (which I was sure would be CD1). Now I just have to wait and see what is happening with this cycle.

DiaperDiva/SummerLover ~ Anything new on your end?
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Sorry for your loss, Ann. That must have been so sad to see.

Mama-wanna-be, 4 days late! I'm wishing you pregnant. Do you have another test day planned?

I'm having a hard time waiting and AF isn't due here for 2-3 more days. If she doesn't show, FF suggests Saturday as an earliest test day. I'll be out of town though, so I may wait until I get back.

For those of you who chart, does it mean anything if your post-o temps go higher and higher? FF is telling me I may have a triphasic pattern, but that it doesn't necessarily mean pregnancy. I don't have any unusual feelings or signs, at 11 dpo.

If this isn't our month, we may prevent for 2 or 3 months. I have an overseas trip planned for the end of April (yeah!) and would rather not be in the 1st trimester. And I've never pictured myself having a baby in the middle of winter. We'll see, though, I hate to put it off.

Babydust and calming, peaceful thoughts to everyone.
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Ann- I'm so sorry.

Well, I'm only 9 dpo, so I don't know what's going on yet. I am having some pregnancy symptoms, however these symptoms can all be caused by the pregesterone supplement I'm taking. I did have some breast soreness just a couple dpo, before taking the prog., but that went away in about 24 hours.

I'm going to wait and test on Monday if no AF.
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Ann- I'm so sorry!

AF showed her ugly, ugly face today. So I'm out.
She showed up a day late, and AFTER I tested in the morning. I was SO good about not testing until after I was late. I guess I have to wait even longer to test next month!
On to cycle #9.
Good luck to those still in the wait!

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Nothing here yet. AF is 12 days past due....HELLO???!!!!

I have one test left....I think I'll wait. I have no PG symptoms at all!

Keep on truckin ladies!
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I'm out. (BIG sigh)

AF showed up this morning. Had a good with much comfort from DH. And now it's on to a new cycle!

Sending lots of warm, loving thoughts to everyone who is still in, and those who AF found!!!

Thanks for being here.

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So sorry Erin

I was hoping to see a bunch of BFP's this time around.

I am still in the "running". (cd19) I have been having alot of dreams about miscarriages, spotting, etc. I guess they are more like nightmares. I am trying to be optimistic that I will, someday, carry a healthy baby to term. I wish these dreams would stop! :
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I'm sorry Erin...I guess we can be together next month

NatureGirl...I'm in the same boat as you...had a recent m/c with lots of days of crying, losing confidence that I will have a healthy baby...

Hugs to all those who had af show up...
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Can I join you all late? We took some time off from trying, and just kind of threw in the towel at the last minute 11 days ago. So, I'm 10 dpo, and doing the unbearable wait.

DD, Hi Do you know when you O'd? Just wondering if you may have O'd late and that's why things seem a little screwy?

panda, I have had a gradual temp rise when I wasn't pregnant, and also a really obvious triphasic pattern when I was PG with DS. My temps jumped from 98.3 to 98.6 and stayed there. But, I hear lots of women don't ever get the triphasic pattern :

Hoping to see ya'll on the pregnancy forum
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Thanks for everyone's warm thoughts. This has been a very heavy AF so not having a good week but these boards always help cheer me up.
See you in March!
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I'm out as of today, but until today held out hope. Humph. Onto March... A Sag baby next month to share a b-day in December with DH would be great!
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