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Hi. Hugs to those that AF has found.

Well, tomorrow will be 15dpo for me, and no signs of AF yet!
I do have a yeast infection and so far this is the longest luteal phase I have ever had. Still trying not to get my hopes up.
Trying to wait until Sat.(18dpo)morning to test. I want to see a BFP!!
Good Luck to those still in the wait and to those trying next go round.
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Boy Waldohood. Are we in sinc. or what. AF really came to the fore front today for me too. She was a much uninvited guest though. I have decided to purchase and Ovulite Ovulation predictor. I hear they are very reliable. Maybe I can get a handle on exactly when I am ovulating. I am lousy at taking temps. And I hear they are hard to understand for a couple of cycles. : Hopefully that will help. It would be awesome to have a Christmas or New years baby...

Good luck to everyone else! Technically I should be back here in the 2ww the end of this month. So... I will see you all again soon.
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weird symptoms

Okay, still have about a week before i can test, but i've had weird, lowlevel heartburn almost every meal this week. Just weird. That and my balance at yoga class has been decidedly off the last week. Has anyone had heartburn as a pregnancy symptom? I've had some things that could also be PMS - swollen breasts, acne, moodswings, but the Heartburn and offbalance is really not normal for me.

If AF doesn't come on the full moon (Saturday I think) then I'll test probably Monday. I'm trying really hard to not get too excited until i actually get a postivie hpt, but i feel slightly different (maybe its wishful thinking....). My energy healer told me last week that offhand he'd say i was pregnant (he's been wrong before....)

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STILL WAITING!!! : It's disconcerting to see that the other "tested too early and regretted it" ladies are all out now. Ovulens is giving me major ferns again, but I just don't know what to make of that, since it seems that didn't mean O before.

I've pretty much decided to test on Friday. This has gone on long enough. I talked to my midwife last week and decided that if I had one more negative test we'd do some bloodwork and then (if it doesn't show that I just recently O'd) induce a period with progesterone, because it's been >3 months since my last one and I probably need a "reset". Midwife says a long spell of not ovulating can lead to high estrogen, so that may be the cause of the ferning.

OTOH, prolonged ferning can mean pregnancy! I'm so hoping to find out on Valentine's Day that we're going to have somebody new to love!

No real symptoms. Breasts are a little sore, but nothing like PMS usually is for me, and a little tingly. Otherwise I feel completely normal, aside from being impatient!
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HI ladies!!
8dpo here!
five more days until af - or not!
Say the OB/GYN today about my irregular cycles. Got to see my ovaries and uterus on TV! That was kinda fun. He said that my ovaries looked good - so probably not PCOS. Said my uterine lining was nice and thick.
Took blood to check for Prolactin, testoterone and DHEA-S. If those come back fine then I am on to clomid next month if af shows. If not then on to more tests....including glucose, liver and kidney tests. Hopefully everything will come back normal.
**** to all.
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Finally joining you all in the 2ww. I am 2dpo and on cd21.
I got ready to 0 around day 15, then got the flu and didn't 0 until about 5 days later!
And of course, when I finally did o, dh was on a trip. I am hoping that there were some swimmers left over from before he left.
I wish there was some way we could just throw a few in the freezer!!
I am TRYING not to obsess this cycle. I purposely didn't buy the usual lot of 15 tests online. I will have to go to the store and pay $10 a piece for them, so it will be harder to compulsively test.
EnviroBecca- have you tried any natural progesterone? If you want, pm me and I can give you a list of some natural, less harsh things you can do to bring on a period.
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Still here, and trying very hard not to obsess about every little twinge. : I had very bad heartburn in the night last night and spend an hour trying to get back to sleep wondering if it was the pizza (most likely) or a pregnancy symptom! I'm now at 8 dpo, but have a very short lunal phase, usually 11 dpo...so not much longer to wait! Does anyone know if a pregnancy test would be accurate when if I take it when af is late (hopefully) at 11 dpo, or will have have to wait a bit longer?

thebabycatcher - welcome to the wait! Hope this is your cycle!

AdinaL - our cycles are pretty close this time...when are you planning on testing if no af?

EnviroBecca - sorry that af is keeping you guessing. I hope you find an answer!
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If af doesn't show up - I will test Wednesday.
That would be 15dpo. I have never gone that long. So hopefully.....I will!

Good luck to all!
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Sounds like y'all need some good news!

I have some to share!!!!!

I got a BFP and a beta of 159 on Tuesday!!

I was totally convinced after the blood draw Tues am that I was not pg... AGAIN... partially because my RE and I were talking about the procedures i would need to go through for proper diagnosis and treatment of a suspected polyp. So I let my sadness start early... Tuesday was a rough day... then for some reason I took another HPT that night and another line showed up!!!! Bloodwork confirmed a blood hCG level of 159. I'm waiting for my second results this afternoon.

I'm pretty new to this community, but not to TTC. We've been at it for a year and a half with a m/c last summer.

I am cautiously optimistic sprinkled with fear and joy.

Time to change my sig!
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Nothing here yet. AF is expected on 2/15. If nothing I'll test on 2/20(Kailey's Birthday)

Good Luck everyone!!!
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Congrats Donna! Leave some of that baby dust for us!!!
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Originally posted by Sizzkid
I'm now at 8 dpo, but have a very short lunal phase, usually 11 dpo...so not much longer to wait! Does anyone know if a pregnancy test would be accurate when if I take it when af is late (hopefully) at 11 dpo, or will have have to wait a bit longer?
I have the same question. My lp was 11 days last cycle and I was wondering how soon I could reasonably test. I would like to test on 11dpo or 12dpo, but don't want to jump the gun. Anyone know?
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That is so awesome.

Nothing new to report here, 16dpo and still no AF.
Oh the waiting.

Here's to a sticky sticky pregnancy for you, and a good luck to everyone out there still waiting!!!
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Congrats Donna!
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Congratulations Donna! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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Whit and Sizzkid, this is what I've found from TCOYF. 11 days is not really short, on the short side, but not problematic.

Also, positive or negative tests don't depend on your usual luteal phase but the amount of hcg an implanted egg causes to be pumped out. If you're going to test +++ at 11 dpo, you will. But you may not produce enough hcg to get a + until later than that, say 17 dpo. Which, for you guys, would be when AF is 6 days late, so I would be mighty suspicious.

Please anyone, correct me if I'm wrong, I wouldn't want to be spouting incorrect information.
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CD 23. Not sure if/when (?) I Oed. I think I may have to start temping next month. I am still lactating, but the cycle seems normal. Anyhow, I guess I am going to join you all in the 2WW. If Af is going to show, she'll be here sometime between 2/18 and 2/22.

Congratulations ma donna!
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still waiting...

Hello! Congrats Donna!!! Hugs to all that had AF show up this month.

We are TCC baby #1...had a m/c over Christmas. I'm currently 10 dpo and going crazy. I'm thinking of testing tomorrow on Valentine's day. I feel a little "crampy" and felt a little "nausea" this morning...but it could be all in my head!

I can't stop thinking about anything else right now! I bought a 3 pack of Clear Blue (test 4 days before pd...). Last time in Nov I tested early and was disappointed....I couldn't help it.

Who else is testing this weekend? Abylite
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10dpo here and soooooooooooooooo tired.

and dust to all!!!!
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Aby~ Have you tested yet???????
C'mon!!!!! Must know!

Tara~ AF is expected for me around the same time(2/15) I am nervous and don't know what to think/feel.

If I am pregnant it will definitely settle the decision about the upcoming job!

Still sending ++++ thoughts to those who desire them!
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