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February De-clutter Challenge?

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Any ideas for a special decluttering or general task for the month of February?

I need help in every part of my home, so HELP! LOL
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I was gonna start this thread tomorrow, but you did it for me. Whatever it is, I'm IN....waaaaay in. We must get to the bottom of this mess at our house. It's beyond reasonable. Maybe if we can eliminate some stuff, we will be able to get our act together and make some rooms presentable and not feel uncomfortable when people come over. It would make me happy if I could have a dinner party without feeling like the clutter queen.

Sign me up!
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Me! Me! It's my closet and my basement that need the most help. Shudder. I need to take several trunkfuls of stuff to Goodwill - but first I need to figure out which stuff that is!
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i think i need some more motivation as well... anyone have any ideas for some new challenges???
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This sounds good. It would be my first clutter-challenge, but I am up for it! We have way too much junk and I want it out! I just get so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start.

Looking forward to this
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carrie, congrats on 2000 posts! WOOHOO!
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I'm in!
I'll try to think of a good challenge...
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How about we pick three areas and work on those? Mine would be (1) bedroom closet, (2) basement junk piles, and (3) dining room table. Really, if I could get this clean and keep them that way for the month that would be MAJOR progress.

Although I liked the 500-item challenge too!

I'm game for whatever we decide to do!
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yeah, I like the 500 thing too. seemed like a high number until you read some of those posts and see how many things some people got rid of...I think I saw one that was over 800! WOW! WTG!

3 area idea sounds good too. Mine would be the master bedroom, garage and prob my youngest sons rooms. SOOO many toys. ARGH! plus my closet is in their room right now..and that would be there for me to work on too.
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Me too! I really could use a de-cluttering of the bedroom closet. I need to come to terms with what clothes actually fit, what I actually use and how to be able to use that space peacefully again. It seems to be where I put everything that is in transition. We have a garage issue too.
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I like bedroom closet decluttering. Definetly need to do that.
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I'd love to take part -- it'd be my first challenge. Everything needs help! Closets, bathrooms, closets, kitchen, closets and ... oh ... the closets.
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This is exactly the motivation I've been needing. I have a craft room that my dh not so lovingly refers to as my crap room!!
Unfortunately his description is way more accurate! I bet I could easily find 500 items in just that room. Then think of the possibilities! I may reunite with my sewing machine!
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I'm in. My bedroom closet is brutal and soon it will be dd's closet so I need to clean it out and then move it somewhere. dh doesn't want to share his so I am not sure where I am going to put my clothes I guess I could take over the closet in dds old room until the baby is big enough to need space.
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I'm in

I started in January and I'm gearing up for a spring time yard sale. Even if stuff doesn't leave my house it is getting put in a neat pile in preparation for the yard sale. I just have to talk DH into cleaning out his office.
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ok, let's toss out opinions here....

my idea would be this...

February we could do all closets? Tear it all out, go through it all, toss what we don't love, don't fit, don't wear and then put the rest back NEATLY? Any thoughts?
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I'm so in for this! like others my whole house is in dire need of a massive purge. though I'm afraid I don't even know where to begin the closet sounds like a good idea. I have at least 4 closets that need re-organizing desperatley. I actually started on one earlier this week but lost momentum. :

my big problem is using the spare room/computer room/DS room for storage and wherever else I can cram things. I just need to get rid of stuff and am a bit of a packrat.
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Originally Posted by JefsJen
carrie, congrats on 2000 posts! WOOHOO!
Thanks Jen...I was wondering if anybody would notice. That's a lot of isn't it?

On the closets...dd's closet is on my list of top projects, but aside from that, we don't have any closets to speak of, and the ones we have are actually in better order than the rest of the house, so I can't do closets, really.

I like the '3 areas' idea. For me it's my desk (inside an armoire, so technically that's a closet, now that I think of it), dd's closet which is full of painting supplies that need to be relocated, and hmmmmmmm general decluttering would have to be my 3rd, with an emphasis on removing and straightening out paperwork so I can do the taxes early in March without all the hassle at once.

So, what's the challenge gonna be? 500 items by Feb 28? Let the games begin!!
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I like the "3 area" challenge. We need to re-purpose the entire garden level of our house before dd can move downstairs. So the garage, laundry room and dd's future room would be our main focus. I'd also jump at an electronic/paper de-clutter to prepare for taxes.
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So we're doing the Three Area Challenge?

My three areas are ...
1) Our 2 Bedroom Closets
2) The Computer Area
3) The Kitchen

The closets are a nightmare--old clothes, half-finished crafts, gardening supplies. The computer area is not much better--tons of USBs and misc cords, empty CD cases, paper paper paper. The kitchen won't be too bad -- it doesn't need to be decluttered so much as organized.
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