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i so didnt finish this challenge, lol

i'll try harder on the march challenge, cuz my hubby should be home for r&r in april, yay!
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where i got to...

nak. well, i ended up getting rid of 505 things, that's something. as for my three areas:
1) Study table -- filled with all the developed pictures we have, still in their original envelopes, a wire basket of catalogues and magazines, and random other crap. i'd like to sort and eliminate. and my dh got me a power sort box for christmas and i want to get all our pictures sorted and in there before we move, so this is good motivation for that.

well, i got all of my pictures sorted until dh brought up a box from the basement that was filled with high school pictures... : but i'm counting those as "sorted" since they are all from one time period. maybe after i finish our wedding scrapbook i'll move all the high school pictures into the power sort box with the rest. we'll see. there is still a lot on the table, but at least you can see large portions of it now!

2) get all my www.paperbackswap.com (an awesome site, pm me with questions and if you decide to join, tell them bufomander sent you and i get free credits -- a good way to get rid of books!) books organized in the order that i posted them, on a shelf, and maybe get them down to 25 (there are only like 34 or so).

well, they are all in the order i posted them in. unfortunately, i've now got 49 books instead of 34 (we keep culling our collection in an attempt to get rid of them.) but i'm committed to taking some to the used bookstore next time we go, and only keeping what fits on the space we've alotted for it -- which means taking about seven books, unless some get requested between now and then.

3) my dh's addition to this list -- the basement -- i never even go down there, it's dark and dank and very low (and we've only lived here a year). there's a bunch of boxes down there that have been there since we moved -- some of them haven't been looked at in three years or more. we want to sort through them, reduce and better organize. dh has said he'll be more responsible for working together with me on this one!

got about 7-10 boxes sorted, now have a few empty boxes for packing.

iit's not where i wanted to be, but it''s something
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Hooray everyone for all our February accomplishments!

Well, I dont think I got everything done, but I took a couple days off of work to try and get a few things done.

1. we did manage to clear out a pathway in the garage! we restacked the bins and took out a bunch of garbage, made a yard sale pile, put a bunch of dh's stuff in his band room for him to deal with.

we also took out the screen door we have been meaning to attach to the front door for a couple years and put it on the front porch. a hopeful(less?) motivator.

and i took all of dd's baby clothes, etc, went through everything, decided what to keep and what to sell/donate and organized it all into 4 bins.

total tossed/donated/sold=about 50 items

and dh finally let me recycle a box full of old business window envelopes from a company he used to work for. hooray! i have been trying to get him to let go of those ever since we moved in together!

total recycled=1000 envelopes

2. heard about the huge local clothing swap that i love going to and cleaned out my closet in preparation.

total items=2 shopping bags full approx 45 items

3. dh worked on his desk area and managed to recycle about 5 piles a foot high of newspapers, catalogs, old papers, etc. he also managed to organize several piles of stuff and sweep and dust in the area. there is still more work to do, but a lot was accomplished!

total items recycled=about 5000+ pages

hooray for spring cleaning!
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Well, we're not exactly where we wanted to be at this point, but overall a lot of progress was made. The last weekend ended up being more of a "just move stuff" than a real de-cluttering but we needed to make way for the carpet measuring . Our three areas were supposed to be:
  1. dd future bedroom - otherwise known as the catroom/craft room/pantry
  2. laundry room
  3. garage

The progress we made:

Garage - completely done!!! : This included taking everything that we don't want out of the rafters (except for the grape arbor, which we will try and free cycle closer to planting season) that we didn't want. Opening and sorting through every box, being brutal about what got kept and what didn't, and being organized in what got put where (we actually know where everything is now). And the garage can be safely navigated by pregnant women and beginning walkers.

Laundry Room - Not as declutered as we would have liked but, dh's childhood bedframe (which was broken) is gone. The area under the window was cleared and filled with the cat boxes, the shelves were reorganized to allow Oscar to perch on the top shelf well out of the reach of the dog and ds, and their food/water is on top of the dryer. Plus all of the old paint/wallpaper left from the previous owners was moved out which gave us a place to store our touch up paint.

DD Future Room - Mostly done. Cats have been relocated, we did leave the loveseat for them to hang out on until we absolutely have to move it to the media room. All the books, sorted and thinned, boxed (except for the trail guides and cookbooks) and located in the garage until we can afford to get more bookshelves (the ones that we had ended up storing dh's music collection), the china hutch was emptied until the carpet is installed and relocated to the media/craft room, coffee table relocated to media room, queen matress and boxsprings to my sister, all out of season clothes that were stored in the closet are in the closet of the media room, scrapbook stuff in the closet relocated to media room. The closet isn't totally empty, there's still some of my craft stuff and a christmas present that we decided not the give dd but haven't figured out how to return without her in tow.

Our bonus - Grandma's Room now known as the boys' future room/media/craft room - We hadn't really planned on decluttering this room yet, more of just a stash and hide to get the carpet installed. But we really had to do this room for two reasons. The valve on the watermain broke and the plumber had to be able to get to it and to clear dd's future room we had to create space in this room. Out of all the rooms that should of had before/after pictures taken, this was it. There was something resembling a path before, if you were careful about where you stepped. We were horrible about just opening the door and tossing stuff because it was just too intimidating to try and put stuff away. Just some of the things that we did. Sorted and packed all of the kids outgrown clothes, when dc#3 arrives in May we'll sell which ever set we don't need. All of my childbirth ed stuff is in the appropriate bins and this current class series is even on top. The desk/craft table is clear (well, that's more of a was, right now the box of trail guides, which will need a permanent home, and the box of china from the hutch are sitting on it) which means that I have room to scrapbook/sew depending on which I'm working on. The bed was free cycled, we have a futon in the playroom for overnight guests. All my extra fabric is in the closet and the mending is confined to one basket in the corner. We have a clear area for the stereo to be moved into, all of dh's music is appropriately filed. Not only can we walk through the room, the entire family could lay down on the floor and not touch anything. Granted we have to pack all of those cd's and records before they can lay the carpet but it's not intimidating like it was before.

Great job everyone and for all of the support.
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