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3 areas

1) My closet
2) computer area
3) dd's closet

Wow that seems like a lot. I hope I can get it all done
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Originally Posted by Oceanone
I really could use a de-cluttering of the bedroom closet. I need to come to terms with what clothes actually fit, what I actually use and how to be able to use that space peacefully again.
I hear that! Just had a baby 3 months ago and wow is my body changing. It's kinda fun to walk into the closet and see what fits today! But, there are a lot of clothes around that just should not ever fit me, again. Wouldn't be healthy for me to be that small, kwim? I will work on the closet and pack up some stuff to donate and some stuff for the TP here. woo hoo
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OH OH OH can I join in too:)

Cna I join you ladies? Thsi willbe my first DeCluttering challenge but I'd love to get motivated!! We were tryign to sell our house but we weer told by 3 prospective buyers "it's too cluttered" So while it was SPOTLESS And clena it was too cluttered and they couldnt' get a good picture of teh house as a whole. So we took it off teh market and are going to remodel, so de clutter is key!
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Ok, because my craft room is such a mess my 3 areas will be
the craft room floor
craft room cabinets
kitchen drawers
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Okay, so teh challenge is to pick 3 areas? Mine will be:

1) All infant wear/accessories/stuff/extra dipes/clothes ANYTHING baby related (except crib and the swing, I just can't part w/ those yet)
2) Kitchen
3) My closet (it's scary, all of the Christmas stuff is in there, hard to reach, and just a mess!

So, that's my 3!

BTW, I'd LOVE to do a March Spring Cleaning CHallenge, where each window was worth say, 25 pts, each wall washed 25 pts, porch swept and cleaned up 50 pts, room full of pictures dusteda nd cleaned, 30pts, ect. Does that sound like fun?
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I'm in! My three areas will be:

1)Living room...I really need to get some adequate storage in there.
2)Master bedroom, it's mostly DH's stuff, so i hope I can motivate him to get rid of a lot.
3)Kitchen...can we say junk drawers?
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Ok here's my 3 areas...

1) master bedroom
2) master bathroom (right now know as dog room and storage GROSS)
3) master closet
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Originally Posted by Free Thinker
BTW, I'd LOVE to do a March Spring Cleaning CHallenge, where each window was worth say, 25 pts, each wall washed 25 pts, porch swept and cleaned up 50 pts, room full of pictures dusteda nd cleaned, 30pts, ect. Does that sound like fun?

That shoulds AWSOME!!! LMK if you would like any help figuring up points and what not, i'd love to help ya out if need be PM me!
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my 3 areas are going to be our 3 bedrooms. I am going to start with DS closet. (who even knows what's in there! )
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I'll right. I will be doing

1. My closet
2. Dh's closet
3. Children's bedroom...need to prepare it for their toddler beds so they can have their "space"
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I'm doing...

Baby's room (he's only in there for naps)

DH's office (it'll be tough)

Kitchen cabinets (I started last month)
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I'm going to go for:

1. My closet & dresser in the spare bedroom
2. Dining Room table and nearby computer desk
3. Basement

I know I'm not going to get the basement completely cleaned, but I'm going to start from the washer/dryer and work my way out.
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Ok, can I be 'in'? Im so sick of my house, I clean the downsatirs eveyday and then again the next and I NEVER make it upstairs!

my three places are

1. Upstairs hallway (edited to add) inc. crap-room- which means CLOTHES
2. Kitchen Drawers and cabinets
3. My Bedroom

I also have a 'crap room' that has mostly piles of stuff we hide when company comes over. It holds alot of 1 shoe of a pair, and jackets that the cats lay on. Im going to replace upstairs hall with craproom if I get through the kitchen drawers and my room.
My goals are to get rid of stuff, just throw it away, get rid of it!

good luck!

edited to also add:
can I say how much I'd rather read about de-cluttering on MDC than actually doing it!

Im done with the junk drawer which I've been putting off for a year at least, and the tool drawer, which are huge for me. I also separated the regular silverware from the mixing spoons and stuff, also big on helping find stuff quicker.

before I clear the kitchen counters Im going to hit the upstairs hall and consolidate it all to go through in another location.
but first im going to sit here and read how much better you all are at this than me. Im going to go over the Jan. de-clutter thread and gets some ideas.
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becca, I'll PM you when I get a chance to start! I'm trying to think of all of those tasks,a nd start a list!
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Ok, well my 3 are all master bedroom related

1) Closet
2) Dresser drawers
3) Filing/ papers - shredding etc. This task always get put aside because the huge shredder is just not safe around the kids and if I ever actually get a moment to myself with no little ones banging on the door for me the last thing I think of doing is shredding.

I'll start with #1 and if that's all I actually get done I will still be VERY pleased.
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I'm in...

1. our closet
2. dd's closet
3. linen closet

Notice a theme?
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This is a great thing for us right now! We are hoping to move in the next 2-6 months (my husband has applied to grad schools. we've gotten two rejection letters this week, but we have three more schools to hear from...) so here are my three areas:

1) Study table -- filled with all the developed pictures we have, still in their original envelopes, a wire basket of catalogues and magazines, and random other crap. i'd like to sort and eliminate. and my dh got me a power sort box for christmas and i want to get all our pictures sorted and in there before we move, so this is good motivation for that.

2) get all my www.paperbackswap.com (an awesome site, pm me with questions and if you decide to join, tell them bufomander sent you and i get free credits -- a good way to get rid of books!) books organized in the order that i posted them, on a shelf, and maybe get them down to 25 (there are only like 34 or so).

3) my dh's addition to this list -- the basement -- i never even go down there, it's dark and dank and very low (and we've only lived here a year). there's a bunch of boxes down there that have been there since we moved -- some of them haven't been looked at in three years or more. we want to sort through them, reduce and better organize. dh has said he'll be more responsible for working together with me on this one!

woo hoo!
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So are we still trying to do a set number of items, or just the 3 areas? I think I have to do the count to feel satisifed that stuff is getting done.

I threw out 10 mystery items from my freezer last night. Not part of my 3 areas, but it felt good!
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my update for the day is this:
I packed up:
6 pots and pans
10 jars and tpperware unmatching
count 3 items junk from 3 drawers

I also put up 3 sheves inside my cabinets
gutted and cleaned every single cabinet and drawer in the kitchen

now im just putting my counter space back together
I also did 4 loads of laundry out of my 'crap room' so Im started on xone 2 already - productive day!
thanks for the imspiration girls!
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Regarding counting items, I would say that if it helps you, please do it. I started out counting items, and then I forgot to report them, and so the 500 item thing just didn't work out for me.

But I love reading how much everyone else is getting rid of! So please, post your numbers!

I may start out with numbers, but my personal goal is my three areas.
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