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i finally got my courage up and faced my bedroom... i think i'll need an allergy pill to keep me from sneezing as much dust as i dug up today. I was able to throw out/give away/sell 190 items and i stored away from rumage 49 items. I also was able to take down the play pen/ changing talbe that i only used about 4 months when allison was first born... and since then it has just been a catch all and clutter holder... it's now down and stored under my bed. i cleaned everything out from under my bed and now the only thing under there is the play pen, the leaf to my table and a roll of brown shiping paper. so with the play pen out of there i was able to move my computer and desk out of my livingroom and into my bedroom. so i made more room in the livingroom too! now i'm trying to hold off on the mater bathroom till dh is off work and can help me do it~ LOL
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Not impressive, but here's what I've thrown out:
1 bottle nipple
1 broken lamp part
1 messed-up computer mouse wrist support

That brings my total to 3.

I've almost finished cleaning out my & dh's closet. I'd started on it in January and there wasn't much to get rid of, but I've stacked everything neatly and wiped down all the shelves. I just have one suitcase in the bottom of the closet that I keep my socks and underware in that I need to go through. I took 3 pairs of old shoes out and plan to donate them, but I can't count them till they're actually out! Maybe this weekend...
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I did the kitchen junk drawer. It only took about 20 minutes, but that's a long time for one drawer! I sure did have a lot of pens that did not work I would guess I threw away/relocated about half the junk in the drawer. The only thing I have left on my list is the desk... *shudder*
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Another slow stretch for me. I"m going to talk to a woman tonight (or at least leave her a note) to see if she would be willing to help me reinforce my belly cast. we'll be in canada all weekend, so i don't expect to get much done until tuesday, sadly..... you guys are a great inspiration for me! i'm being much more brutal than i would be if i hadn't joined this thread! thank you!
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It's been really slow going for me - it's very frustrating. It's nearly impossible to find the time to devote to this. I delved into the closet area last night. I found a few things to throw out and a few things that needed a new home. I can't be too loud when I'm working, because the closet is next to DD's room, and she is not a really sound sleeper.

I'm praying for maybe a half hour tonight before she's asleep.
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Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah
I am going to make for myself a 100 item challenge.


I hope to clean out:

1) Our room (master bedroom)
2) Clean out kitchen cabinets and wash walls
3) Clean out laundry room cabinet
Well, I've finished my master bedroom. Really there wasn't much to do there, and I'd started it in January, but it is finished. I cleaned out my underwear/socks suitcase and swept out our closet. Then I swept out the entire room and mopped in there.

I also got rid of two pieces of paper clutter. My "paper drawer" is pretty organized, but I did find those two things we didn't need. I also got rid of some magazines and other paper things lying around, but didn't could those because it was just the normal tidying I always do. So my total is *5* now.
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Like I said, we're in Canada this weekend. i knew our friends live right by a thrift shop, so i brought some old movies and cds to drop there. 24 more items! i think that brings me up to 108?
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I got rid of:

1 old phone book
1 empty perfume bottle from medicine cabinet
1 nearly empty container of foot cream
1 really old thing of loose powder

So that's 9 items.

Hopefully I can lose more stuff today. I have two small bags of clothes and shoes to donate. I also want to clandestinely put this vase with porcelain roses in it back in my Grandmother-in-law's house. She likes to just pick things off her shelves and give them to us. It's nice and all, but it's not my style. I don't think she'll notice.
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Well, I did it. I donated the stuff and put the vase on my MIL's shelf (she lives in the same building as GIL).

That adds 11 items. So I have a total of 20. Yeah!
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I'm talking to myself here, people. Hello?

I finished the second of my three goal areas: the laundry room closet. There really wasn't a lot of stuff in there, but it one of those places that always seems nasty and dirty no matter how much one cleans. It has little bits of the particle-board shelves coming off all over, cobwebs, and dirt that comes back within days of a wipe-down. YUCK! Anyway, I did clean and check it for Pesach. I also found 4 items of ramdom junk in there that I got rid of. That brings me up to *24* items decluttered. Since I'm the only one here, I'll cheer me on. Go me, go me, go me!
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We had a super productive weekend. The garage has been holding a bunch of packed boxes from our aborted move and dh has just been throwing odd n ends out on top of the pile. Well all of the boxes have been gone through and unpacked (or at least opened so we know what's in there and the pile has been cleared). So in addition to, having tossed 30 items, 141 items that will be picked up for donation on Thurs, and 28 items to list on freecycle, things are organized DH even organized his tools. And I can actually walk through the garage without worrying that I'm going to get hurt.

DH started on dd's future room tonight and cleared all of our books. I did a quick hit in the laundry room yesterday and cleared the clothes rod and took a bunch of old paint for the chemical drop off.

I don't know if we will actually make our goal but overall I'm very pleased with our progress.
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i forgot i intentionally left a book that i don't like at my sil's last week! so that brings me up to 109! (as long as she doesn't notice and make me take it back!)
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Whoo hoo

DH cleaned out his office! We recycled about 20 inches of stacked paper and magazines, a few inches of financial stuff to be burned in the woodstove and filed other bunches. DH is buckling down to finish a Masters degree and needed to get things in order.

The guest/baby's room is not going so well.
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I made some progress this weekend, but not particularly in my areas! I'm getting rid of a broken foodsaver. And I went through a little more of the closet area, but didn't find much to throw out.

DH found some more clothes for the 'rag bag' - of course we have enough for the rag bag, but maybe I'll just freecycle those too.

I don't know if it counts as decluttering, but I wiped down the walls of the bathroom where we should. The LINT was incredible.
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Ok...finally chiming in my progress from last week. Mostly, I've eliminated a whole lot of little stuff. My earlier total was 10 frozen mystery items, so I'm adding:

10 more mystery freezer items--unfortunately, lots still to go there...
12 pieces from dumping my sock and underwear drawer...lone socks, bras
4 other items to the tp--shoes, radio, magnetic poetry, dress
8 miscellaneous clothing items to the goodwill and trashed if beyond repair
25 cosmetics, expired meds, lotions, etc. out of the catchall/linen closet basket-- being conservative with the number, but it was a ton of little stuff.
12 another bunch of hotel shampoo/samples that are going to a good cause.

That's it so far, I think...bringing my grand total to 81--not too bad, but I don't know about 500 by the 28th

Gotta work on my desk/armoire this week to get the taxes started!
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Didn't work in my "areas" but did do a bit of organizing in the linen closet and put some handtowels in the bag for charity. They are too nice to use as rags, but we have a ton of them and never really use them so hopefully someone can use them. Still working on the closets and desk area.
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i haven't joined the challenge yet, but have been working on decluttering. considering we have a 6 week old, we're doing pretty good. my areas are:

living/dining room

last week i worked on the bathroom, so that's done. got rid of unnatural cleaning products that we never use but dh insists on keeping. but he doesn't do the cleaning anyhow, so he's got no say in the matter LOL.

this weekend i did 90% of the kitchen (just have to finish the pantry). i tossed out all of our seldom-used herbs and will just buy small amounts from the bulk section as we need them. got rid of some serving utensils and chopsticks (kept 4 pair, but i had like 30 pairs from when i lived in china)

this week is the dining/living room. so far we're at 147 items (multiples f he same thing like the chopsticks were counted as 1, so it's actually a ot more than that).

after i'm done with this i'm moving on to the entryway. then up to the bedrooms. then finally, the office, which is our catch-all room. oh, and i can't forget our storage shed outside. i'm finding that doing one shelf/box/drawer at a time, and one room per week seems to be manageable.

dh has even pitched in and helped, which is nice!
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Originally Posted by Bufomander
i forgot i intentionally left a book that i don't like at my sil's last week! so that brings me up to 109! (as long as she doesn't notice and make me take it back!)
Oooh! Good strategy! I'm hoping my GIL doesn't notice the vase either. If she doesn't I might try planting some other stuff at her house, too. She loves to give my 3 yo dd little breakable things from her shelves. Why I don't know! She would probably get upset if they got broken, too (things like little flowers made of wire with glass petals and leaves).
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Before I forget, I got rid of two other things: a nearly empty lotion bottle and a old cookie tin.

Total: 26.
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Gah, I can't believe I still haven't gotten to that closet! We went away for the weekend and now I am so sick... As soon as I'm well I'm starting on the shoes. Just thinking about the whole closet seems so overwhelming. If I can just drag out that box of shoes and rationalise it, that will be a valuable thing to do all on it's own, even if I don't get to the rest of it anytime soon. I don't know why, but there is a huge box taking up lot of floor space in my closet. It's not full of shoes at all (maybe not even half full), although they can certainly be decluttered a bit, so it's just a box in the way for no reason and of course little things find their way in there.
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