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Swollen feet/legs

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For the past few weeks my legs end up being swollen in the evening. Today, however, in the morning I could barely fit into my boots and it is even hard to walk. (I am 37 weeks today)

I do know that my blood pressure is perfectly fine and I don't have any other 'risk' factors.

So, how are you ladies dealing with such problems? Any suggestions?
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I complain alot. Actually if I down about 30 oz of water first thing in the am I pee a lot of the excess out. I have to keep drinking a lot water and peeing alot. The last couple of days my feet and legs are pretty much always swollen, elevating and laying on my left side seems to help too.
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sometimes, there's not much you can do. Be grateful its not summer. then the heat makes the swelling waaaay worse.
I'm just swelling a bit but with dd, born in August, I had 25 lbs of water weight and was painfully fred flinstone like swollen from 28 weeks.

put your feet up.
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looking down and seeing fred flintstones feet on my body is not good!!!! ahhhh. and it hurts! putting them up helps but as soon as i have to do something i can practically feel the fluid gushing back down!

soon, this too, shall end!

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Ditto for drinking lots of water.

My midwife also suggested I start taking a B-complex supplement (it's the B-6 that actually helps reduce the swelling, but you take the B-complex so you don't throw the other B-vitamins out of balance). I take a B-Complex 50 one-two times per day, depending on how much time I'm spending on my feet.

Has worked really well for me.
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I have the swelling too. I just try to keep my feet up a lot. For some women, particularly those with other children, or who are still working, this could be difficult. I am lucky I have plenty of time to do it right now. My feet and ankles look like alien feet almost every night!
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Mine are swollen, too, it sucks. Luckily all my shoes are loose and slip on (birks etc). Also, the skin at the bottom of my legs is pink/red in color, which my midwife said is normal. I don't have any pitting, BP is good, so it's just "normal" swelling. It feels very good to have my feet up, and the other day I begged DH for a foot massage...I think it's about time to do that again!

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With DS, they swelled like elephant feet - after he was born. Go figure. In any case, keeping your feet elevated, moving, rotating the ankles can help. I've heard parsley helps. Do not limit salt, and drink lots of water. Our blood volume increases by 50% - it's gotta go somewhere. =) Good luck!
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