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Captain....had that baby yet??

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So have you gone into labor yet? I'm really hoping SOMEONE, ANYONE, will have a baby today. I need a really good birth story to help get me motivated again--getting a little depressed here. Lots and lots of love, blessings and birthing vibes all coming your way

Chellemarie, how is your little one today? Is she feeling any better. Yesterday my boys started sounding cruddy So I hope to get them well, FAST!
Nothing here to report. I can't believe I'm having a Feb. baby. I really thought she'd be here by now. I even told my mom, "deffinantly by the weekend".
Hope everyone has a nice weekend and maybe some birth stories to tell.
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gaiamom...I haven't seen captain logged in since her last post yesterday and I haven't gotten a pm or anything. I don't think she'll log on too soon. She said she hoped I'd be reading her birth story AFTER my little one had arrived. Since I'm thinking I'll be pregnant until MARCH, it could be a while.

DD is a trooper. Her fever is really hanging on, though. I tried giving her cough medicine at 4am and she started coughing so hard, she threw up. Poor kid. So dh had her in the tub for about 45 minutes and got the temp down to 99 but it shot back up to 102 as soon as she was out and dressed. UGH! She's still sleeping and not feeling overly hot, so I'm letting the fever run a while...maybe it'll cook out the germs.

For a while last night, I thought I was getting sick. I'm now thinking it was just the dry air in here.

As for you, sweetie. I'm so sorry it's taking a toll on you. But just think, once baby's here, time will speed up to a neck-breaking speed and we'll wonder why we were ever in a hurry. We watched the video of our hospital stay with DD...her "big" brother was still such a baby then! He was so sweet and he hadn't grown into his giant blue eyes yet. I MISS that toddler. Reminding myself of that has really helped me find some strength to wait.

Good luck!
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