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DH's command has told him that they won't even give him vacation time to be with me before the baby is born.They keep saying we'll fly you home when she calls, but with my last being 2 hrs. that does me no good( he'll be way out of state and Red Cross isn't reliable when it comes to getting messages through from my experience).Why doesn't anyone understand?I need someone here before I go into labor, there are oodles of people lined up to help after the baby is here thats the easy part.Grrr! Yet again I am faced with no one believing that this baby is coming soon, last time everyone focused on the danged due date and I was left to have the baby alone because of course no one got there in time, this sucks!
Now my only choice is to be dramatic and come up with some fake problem that will get me admitted to L&D so that they would be complete jerks if they told him he had to leave but not so bad that I actually get induced earlier than is good for Little Bit unless I actually do go into labor.So far my fluid levels have been going down every appt.( which ups the chances of being induced by next week) and my contractions are getting worse and Little Bit is so low I feel like I am carrying a balloon between my legs.I also have sicatic pains so bad that I fell down the stairs in front of my house when it came during a contraction, lovely.
well off to come up with somethingt hat will keep DH home at an inconvenient time for the Navy. :
Thanks for reading my vent, if you have any convincing ideas let me know.
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No convincing ideas. Just wanted to offer (((hugs))). I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all this just to try and get dh to be there with you for the birth. It should not have to be so hard!
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Nothing but *hugs* to you mama. I'm getting so frustrated reading how well the military treats familes. : Best of luck on tricking them!!
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