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NEW baby stats...

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just b/c it's fun to keep up on....
lets do:
born weight/ht:
2 month wt/ht:
4 month wt/ht:

born: 7lbs 9oz 21 3/4"
2 month: ? forgot..i'll add later...24"
4 month: 17lbs 7 oz 26"
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I like this too!!

born-8lbs 12.5oz 19.5 inches
2months ~ I'll have to look later
4months ~ 13lbs 8oz 24 1/2 inches
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Coren's stats:

Birth: 10lbs 14 oz 22.25in

1 month: 14lbs 23in

2.5 months: 15lbs 12oz 24.5in

4 months (approx): 18lbs 26in (I'll update on Monday after his well-baby checkup)
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Um... I am not sure.. Ds is ALOT heavier than a sack of potatoes? does that count?
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Ok...so I was a little off! Coren is indeed 26 inches, but is 19lbs, not 18!
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I didn't really keep track! Cora weighed 6.42 kilos a week and a half ago when we were at the hospital, which is about 14.5 lbs... so she is maybe 15 now? I don't know how long she is. I'll try to go to the baby drop in tomorrow and have her weighed and measured
So birth : 7lbs
now: 15lbs
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