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Practical advice for second-time mom?

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Ok mamas, I'm due with number two.

My dh and I live in a modest 3-bedroom house. One bedroom is ours, one is our office (both working from home), and one is basically a storage space for our dd's stuff (she sleeps with us).

I don't want to move from this house, basically, ever. But what do you need to make it work with *two* children? I guess we need another sling, but we have enough diapers...we don't use a crib...

How long can we co-sleep in one bedroom? Is there a point at which we would move dd into "her own" room - could dd and the new baby share a room?

I'm having some difficulty getting my mind around the practicalities of bringing another baby into this house, and I want to do so frugally and consistent with our family committment to living a modest lifestyle.

Can anyone help me out by sharing their experiences?
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I still sleep with dd#2 and dd# 3. DD#1, age 16, sometimes joins us or not. (I have no dp). Our house is VERY small. DD#1 has a very small room-all hers. Off limits to the younger kids. DD#2 and dd#3 have "their" room for toys and games but sleep with me. DD#2 is 8. She shows no need to sleep alone yet. Someday my king size bed may feel large!! We just moved over and made room. Best wishes and when are you due?
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Yup, gotta edit my sig line I guess! I've been feeling pregnant and took a test...I became pregnant about 2 weeks ago...so I'm due in October!
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Well I have a family of six

in a 900 sq ft house and have for four years.
My 15 yr old ds shares a room with his 5 and sometimes 4 yr old brothers
dd has her own room
I think probably later on you might want to make one room for "their " room where their clothes and toys etc can be
And a chance to go hide out from each other when they need space from each other..
Congratulations on your new impending arrival
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I just posted on your other thread (2 under 2). My boys are still co-sleeping. Ds#1 will be three in April (just ask him, he'll tell you:LOL ) and ds#1 is 13 months. We have a twin and a king pushed together. That way ds#1 has his own bed, but he rolls right into the big bed when he wants to, which is almost every night.

The only purchase that I made was a double stroller, because I needed somewhere to hold the kids (or packages, slings, and diaper bag) if I was out for extended periods of time alone with them or if *I* wanted to get exercise. I haven't used it in months, but it was helpful in the beginning.

Congratulations BTW!
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When dd#2 was born we lived in a 2 bedroom 450 sq. ft house (wihth a great yard ) lily camped out in our room until she was about 18 months. When she was about 5 months we moved to a bigger house but it was still a 2 bedroom and we just prepped dd frm the beginning that her and Lily would share a room. Before Lily mopverd out of our bed we moved again to a three bedroom where Lily actually movced in to madelines room. She hates it but in our house people just sleep together. That is just the way it goes. EVen though they whine about sharing a rooom by the timne they fall asleep at night they are always ion the same bed. It is just understood that when Ava is ready for her own bed she will be moving into thier room too. For now her stuff shares the office with me.

there is always room for one more Especially if you aren't bringing any more stuff in. With #2 we bought a swing and pack and play and managed to find room for them in a house that we thought couldn't hold one more ounce of stuff. No we are running out of room. but what we really need is more closets and without major renovation that just isn't going to happemn.
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p.s. I love the name Lark. It was on the top five list for dd#3. sweet....
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We're lucky in that we have a slightly bigger house, but we still had to do a little bit of re-configuring when we had dd#2.

We have three bedrooms on our second floor--one belongs to my sd, age 17, who is rarely in residence, but would have objected to having her room given over to the baby. dd#1 has a room with her bed and toys and clothes, etc., in it. For now, dd#2 is with us--eventually, she will go in with dd#1, until such time as my architect dh decides that our OWN house deserves a renovation, and we can expand.

One thing that worked well for me was setting up a newborn changing station in the master bath--not sure if your set up allows for that, or not. That way, we don't have to wake up the older one with nighttime diaper changes.

We also have a den/family room where we can stash a lot of the toys, and where our tv lives, which gets much of that stuff out of the living room (that kind of clutter drives dh crazy, and since he's so understanding in other ways, I try to indulge his idiosyncracies...).

But yes, closets are the way to go--also room dividers, if your layout supports them.

Good luck, and congratulations.

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