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Jessica's Newborn Diapers *UPDATED WITH PICS*

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*Sorry it's taken so long to get pictures posted. First all the problems with the cord, then my DS was pretty sick yesterday and now they're taking FOREVER to load into Photobucket. Anyway, I have some of them ready to post so check them out, here and here
and here and here!
I hope these links work!!
Thanks for looking!*

I have stacks and stacks of newborn/small diapers in my sewing room, more cut out and stacks of fabric to work with. I think I have 40 newborn and small diapers already completed (mostly flannel fitteds, sherpa fittes and PUL/suedecloth pocket dipes) and probably another 30 cut out.
Right now I have a close friend that is due in April, my cousin due early July, DH's cousin due in August and I'm making diapers for all of them! For DH's cousin I'm just making some to give as a gift but for the other 2 I'm making their entire stash! On top of that both me and my sister are TTC and I'm working on diapers for both of us!
I can't wait to post pictures!
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i can't wait to see pictures!
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Wow! You really are super Mom!

I can't imagine making all of those diapers. Congrats on overyone getting pregnant, hopefully you get some baby dust thrown your way.
Can't wait to see pics of all your diapers!
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I have to either wait for my sister to come over so I can borrow her digital camera, or I have to use up a roll of fill and get it developed! Do ya think I need a digital camera!
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Wow! Gotta see those pics!!!!

My brother hasn't yet told me whether he's CD'ing or not. He's ALOT more crunchy than I am, so I think he probably will. If he does, I might have alot of newborn diapers to make by the end of March. Eek! I need to make a few for my friend due in May - she wants to use sposies for the newborn period and then switch to cloth when the sizes even out and you don't have to buy more diapers. Although she will test some newborn diapers for me and that might convince her to switch earlier (can we say "poop leaks" with sposies on a newborn?!?!?). And then I'm TTC right now (two negative tests down - I should *really* wait until the day of my expected period ), so I'm hoping to need to make newborn diapers for myself this year! We'll see.

Maybe if I start sewing newborn diapers now, it will get those eggs and sperms doing the happy dance quicker...
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Originally Posted by boscopup

Maybe if I start sewing newborn diapers now, it will get those eggs and sperms doing the happy dance quicker...
That's what I've been hoping for!
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I want to see them too. I love itty bitty dipes! I may have to go make some now.
It takes me forever to sew....40 dipes would take me at least 80 hours!
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I'd love to see your sewing room. Diapermania going on for sure.
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Now that I have decided to go for it with one of my designs,I am too getting into soending the next week or two cutting out ,so it will be just a case of sitting down and razzing them through the machine!!!
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I've been doing them assembly-line style. I spent a few days cutting out the flannel, and then I just left them stacked next to my sewing machine. If I had some time to sew I'd sit down and sew the elastic in or sew the soaker in. I have little piles and baskets of each step.
I'll figure out someway to take some pictures and I'll get some of my sewing room too!
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I can't wait to see pictures - inspire me.. I need a good push in that direction! You are such a good sister and friend to help so many!
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You're so sweet Jenn! I've got something to inspire you, but it's a secret. You'll find out later.
I'll get those pictures posted as soon as I can get my sister down to my house! She's in college so she's pretty busy...I'll probably have to wait until the weekend.
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I'm due in 6 weeks and I'm afraid that I just don't have enough of a NB stash!

I would love to see your pics! You go, Super Mama!!
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Give us something, woman! Need...to....see...pictures...
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My sister will come over Friday so I can use her digital camera...so I'll post pictures sometime Friday.
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So....my sister brought me her camera but forgot the cord, so I can't transfer them to the computer! She's supposed to bring it over tomorrow, so I will put them up as soon as I can!
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Pictures added to the first post!!
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Those are adorable! What pattern did you use?

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Cute cute cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need to get started on NB diapers... Maybe that will cause those pregnancy tests to actually show a positive, since I'm pretty sure I am!
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WOW! They look GREAT!!!!

What pattern are you using?

My babe is due on March 17th and I LOVE the clover leaf dipes!!
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