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I have been doing very good! I have stuck to my grocery list, although today's spending at the commissary was higher than expected because we needed cat litter and toilet paper. We did buy 40 lbs of grassfed beef from a farmer for $110, but I don't consider that frivolous. That will last us a very long time. So far, I have spent $261 on groceries this month (including the beef) and I won't have to buy anything else other than maybe eggs, milk, and some fresh fruit.
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I'm out!

I bought some seeds and pots and soil for dd's garden. And then our oven broke, an electrical problem, so we need to shop for a new one. So we thought maybe by April we would be out of cc debt. Now it's going to be May.
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well, I spent $12 today on a project that I committed to in January before I committed to no spending, but I found the best deal I could, so I'm hoping this doesn't mean I'm a failure! So far, that's the only thing I've spent on other than groceries and bills....so I feel pretty good about that
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I suspect that I have one of the easier trials of no spending. We don't have credit cards, so no backup. My husband has been ill, and we just paid a huge hospital bill. This left us with $100 cash for all expenses for two and a half weeks. Much easier not to spend it when we know that the kids literally won't eat if we do...

So...I've been:

Making all bread products from scratch. Luckily we have large bags of flour and a jar of quick rise yeast, etc. This is the fourth week of no bread from the store. YUM!

Eating soup once a week for dinner, and everyday for lunch. Beans, beans, beans. Who knew how many ways a family could turn beans into soup!

Using a lot of freezer food. I bought lots o meat/roasts on sale beforehand (just 'cause they were good prices), and so we have a roast, and live off of it for several days, in many ways!

Breakfast for dinner at least once a week. Almost free, as we have all the stuff to make it, but milk and eggs cost a little. My girlfriend's mom has laying hens that are going crazy laying. So they gave us a dozen eggs a couple of days ago. Really free breakfast for dinner this week!

My daughter turns four tomorrow morning. We've had an extended "party" for her the last few days. I had four of her friends over for a low key "tea party" the other day. We made home made cookies and cake (had all the stuff for them in the pantry), and had herbal tea (four tea bags from my pantry) in my china tea set. They loved it. Sent them home with goody bags containing homemade muffin and cookie (also had the stuff in the pantry). Free. This weekend, we invited ourselves over HIS parent's and then MY dad's houses for "birthday dinners" for the four year old. Not only did we not have to entertain, but we didn't pay for dinner, either. They live nearby, so even using gas to get there, it was a cost savings! Gave her my old "My Friend Mandy dolls" for Christmas. So, as they are all naked (lost their clothes in a flood...trunk w/clothes was separate from dolls), I made them clothes from fabric scraps in my stash for her birthday gift.

Basically don't drive anywhere. I don't mind, though. I hate going out in the winter. I'm not made to handle cold. Funny. I live in Michigan... In the end, it's a good thing. Saves on gas.

That's it for now.
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so I haven't done as well this month as last...there have been a lot of unforseen expenditures. I quit my job and moved to a different one (I work PT, but use a lot of files) and the back of my vehicle was stuffed full of files. I won't have a convenient place to store them at the new place. So, I had to get some file boxes. I was able to do so for $14.00. Which is a bargain, but still an expenditure.

Since I moved my jobs though I have not had to spend nearly as much on gas! I work 3x a week and before I was driving 150 miles a week for that. Now I drive ~60 miles a week. So more than half that mileage.

I continue to make all our bread products - bagels, loaf bread, and tortillas. I also made pumpkin muffins to put in my lunches.

Dh has had to have some expenditures that were unplanned too. I think I total our unplanned items at $170 total. Leotard for dd for her gymnastics. She was just too big for her last one and despite my best efforts to get one free...they were all too big. I went over $14 at trader joe's. Dh had to buy some thingy for his class (something computer related ). Pizza to celebrate leaving said awful job! $14 (inexpensive in the realm of bought pizza - and super healthy compared to most).

But I continue to do well with groceries and keeping our food budget as low as possible.
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I am going to hop on board, although I can not truly start until next month! This month I have already bought diapers and am waiting on more. I also joined the UTN co-op and EcolandINC co-op. Maybe I should cancel my order with EcolandINC, that one hasn't closed yet! I am going to think about that one! DH and I just got into a rental situation that hopefully works out. We are renting a bigger house that needs a little work. In exchange for doing the work, we get a deal on rent. I hope it works out okay! With the move, our gasoline consumption will go down, DH has been filling up 6 times a month :
I spend too much on little things and we eat out occasionally, I want to not eat out at all! Unless of course, family is paying
So although I have a few spendatures this month, I am not going to add anything to that list!!! I am commited... Sometimes it is just hard when we get the big student loan check or tax refund. Hard to see that if I blow through all that we will really be broke when it is gone because DH only works 25 hours a week!!!!
So, here I am. Ready to commit. No more non-essential items other than the fore-mentioned already commited to things. This makes me wish I hadn't commited to going out to Indian buffet lunch w/ a friend tomorow! I want to start not spending already! Part of me wants to call and cancel, I don't even want to go outside because it is so cold! I better just go...
Does anyone know how efficient hot water heat is? This house we are moving into has radiators in every room and I have never used this kind of heat before, oh I hope it is fairly efficient!
Well, here goes to my half-month of no spending. I like to challenge myself like this, looking extra forward to March when I can go the whole month.
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Well, on Sat. I treated DH to this taco stand I've been wanting to take him to. Then DD talked us into pizza. So, I'm done for, LOL! You'd think you could make it but granted I'm thinking okay this was the first time I've tried this so not too bad. I'm avoiding Target like the plague right now! Trying really hard to do good on the $65 grocery spending but just went over today for the week. I know I got a pie for tonight . I totally suck at making fruit pies and dh loves them. minus that I would have only spent $53 so only going over $3! DD wanted her odawella.

So, I'll keep looking and keep trying really! I'm doing so much better than I ever thought I could
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