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Originally Posted by kxsiven
From her webpage notes;

"January 31, 2006 - A lot of strangers (people we don't know) have emailed us regarding their disapproval of OUR choice to circumcise OUR son. These people are of course entitled to their opinions, however we didn't ask for their opinions and we are definitely not interested. We could care less that 80% of the men in the world are intact. Good for them. OUR son will happily be in the 20%. If we don't know you personally please do not email us. All correspondence of that nature will be reported and forwarded as unsolicited spam/junk mail. Have a nice day!"
That is such a poor attitude that she has!! She "owns" his body and thus can do with it whatever she wants???? ARGHHHHHHHH!! And really, how does she know if her son will be "happily in the 20%"? Perhaps he will be one of those that suffers severe sexual dysfunction due to circumcision, or maybe they will botch the circumcision....I mean there are so many problems, why would she put her son in this situation? Leave him intact, if he's unhappy being in the 80%, let him get it chopped off when he's old enough to make the decision. If he's unhappy in the 20%, how exactly is she going to fix it? cover his penis with his baby sized "circumcised courtesy of" t-shirt?
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Wow, that is deplorably disgusting. She might as well wave a big red flag that says, HEY CIRCUMFETHISISTS, HERE IS SOME MEAT! Poor little boy
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You know, as if the whole "sale" wasn't bad enough, she actually was going to take pictures of her newborn son's PENIS and send them to a stranger?!?

Haven't ppl been arrested for child porn charges for less then that?
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i really think- who is it, the fbi? who handles internet child porn?- someone ought to send the authorities a note. she's selling her child's nude pictures to someone who can only be a fetishist (completely discounting the torture angle, of course.)

cling to your 'support' letters, you &%$# &^%$#. not us meanies actually trying to protect your child from sale & mutilation. keep a nice long list so the feds can get a handle on the child molesters willing to come out from under their rocks for such a special treat. &^%$#@ &^%$# (i know you guys can count the symbols & extrapolate what i am saying here, lol.) i'm sorry puppyfluff, but a person can only take so much!
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I was thinking...

At first I thought "How can this woman not realize that the only people who would respond to her ebay listing would be sicko circumfetishists."

But then I realized, she sounds like a circumfetishist herself! I mean, who else would react so extremely to a foreskin? Or even if it's not true, who would claim to have done so?

(OK, I don't understand the phenominon enough to know if a woman can be a circ-fetishist, but you get my drift...)

My other thought on this was that she sounds like exactly the kind of person who would do a kitchen knife circ if she runs into a dead-end in financing it. Makes me shudder. But perhaps a preempive call is not so out of line...

About the "happily in the 20%"... I'm sure she means that she will be happy that he is in the 20%. I can't imagine that she thought for one moment about whether he would be happy in that category. It sounds like it's outside her scope of thinking...

<more shudders>
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Originally Posted by Raynbow
she actually was going to take pictures of her newborn son's PENIS and send them to a stranger?!?
But she doesn't want emails from strangers!!
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Ok I'm "bright siding" this horrible awful story, but MAYBE her family will read that strangers are trying to help her son and maybe they will get involved?

Ok it's a major stretch but I'm eating cheetos and drinking a diet Pepsi so I'm thinking her family might not be as twisted as she is.

Oh and isn't she in Canada? Is there an equivelant of the FBI or child porn laws or something?
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom
Oh and isn't she in Canada? Is there an equivelant of the FBI or child porn laws or something?
Our RCMP deal with child pornography, but since her EBay auction was removed and she doesn't mention getting a circumcision sponsor on her personal web site, there might not be anything to report at this point. But if Canadians do see something related to child pornography via the internet or email (not pointing to this situation, just saying anything you might find), it can be reported here http://www.cybertip.ca/

We also have CSIS, but they deal more in national security.
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I really hope that her ultrasounds were all wrong and her son ends up being a girl. It's really the only solution.
Some people do not deserve to be blessed with children.
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So, she's basically saying "it's our business," but she MADE it the business of others the moment she posted it on ebay!! Idiot. Twice over.
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Originally Posted by aira
How 'bout, don't publish your email address?!

Maybe, don't auction your son's body parts to strangers (people you don't know)?!

Funny, isn't it, that a stanger's (person they don't know) email is crossing the line, but a stranger (person they don't know) buying their son's mutilation is cozy... WTF?

So glad they cleared up that bit about what a stranger is...


(You said it better than I did.)
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maybe she herself should get circumcised

What a freak, if boys were suppose to get it done they would be born with out foreskin. Let's see her get it done(which in some countrys they do, do it to girls)and see if she still wanted to do her ds, poor kid. With a mother like that I wish I could have her baby, what other wackey things is she going to teach that poor boy. She need alot of help. Made me feel sick when i read that.
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She seriously needs to be investigated by the authorities. PPs are right. Offering to send photos of her son's genitals to the highest bidder? That's disgusting.
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ebay must have some record of the posting even if it has been pulled. I'd vote for reporting it to the Canadian internet porn authorities and CPS with the info on her website as well as what was on ebay. They should be able to verify the validity of the claim with ebay.
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I was thinking the same.

Did anyone happen to get a screen shot of the ebay listing?
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This whole situation makes me sick! :Puke I feel so sorry for this baby no matter what happens to him. He'll either be circ'ed and possibly suffer the horrible side effects that could last a lifetime OR he could not be circ'ed and have a mother who will most likely retract his foreskin from day one (you know, so it doesn't look so gross - and there's no telling how she will care for his penis or diaper him) and will taunt him his entire life about how nasty his penis is. Either way this kid is in for a life of h**l with this woman as his mother.
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What a piece of work...poor little guy.
And she's of Asian descent, you'd think she'd know better!
7 ultrasounds and what sounds like an elective c-section, genital mutilation...should we invite her over?!

Her husband found out she was pregnant 3 weeks after she and "a select few that were special enough to find out a little bit before".
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I'm doing something, but if she checks her referrer logs, she's going to see a lot of hits from here and might come to visit, so I'm not talking about it publicly, in fact I'm wondering if this thread shouldn't be deleted.
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