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Any other bfing pregnant Moms?

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I am having such a hard time finding other Mom's who are nursing and pregnant.

If any of you are out there (and I am sure you are!) can you tell me if you have/had shard pains through your breast? I had some just before I found out I was pregnant, but haven't had any since.

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Hi. I just found out for sure that I'm pregnant, although I've had a suspicion for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I'm nursing my 20-month-old and haven't experienced the sharp pains you are describing. I'm glad I haven't had the nipple sensitivity that I've heard some other moms describe. I feel like ds has been nursing TONS lately, many times so long that he seems to nurse me dry. A few times I asked him if he was getting any milk, and he said no. LOL
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Hi. I'm still nursing my DD. I had terrible nipple and breast pain in the beginning of my pg! I was very surprised by it. The book "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" is a great resource for moms who are nursing through pregnancy and planning on tandem nursing.
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I'm pg. with #3 and still nursing my 2.5yr.old. I haven't had any sorness, but I am so done with nursing him. it seems like he wants to nurse all the time and that he changes sides a lot more than he use to. I nursed #1 while pg with #2 and no problems there either. I ended up tandem nursing for 7 months with them.
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I'm nursing my 16 m-o. No sharp pains, but nipple soreness sometimes when he latches. It usually goes away in 10 seconds or so. My main concern is night-weaning before September. Yikes!
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Currently on pg #3 while nursing an older child. I haven't have sharp pains, but I have had ocassional pain. Honestly, I think nursing through a pg is a pain in the butt, but it's so worth it to the little ones that I'll grit my teeth and bare it! GabeMom - I totally understand the need for night weaning! This one is night weaned, but ds was only 14 months when I got pg and was not even close to night weaning!
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I am pregnant with #2, and still nursing my 2 1/2 year old. Once in a while I have also been experiencing a stabbing pain in my breasts (very brief) but mostly I have a sharp pain when he starts to nurse.. which actually is what clued me in to the fact I might be pregnant. DS still nurses at night 3-4 times and I think its getting worse... I think this pregnancy will be my impetus to nightwean as well!
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I am I am! My DD is 17 months

I havent noticed any nipple pain or breast pain yet...I hope I dont either...I am NOT ready for my dd to wean yet (if she decides thats ok though! ) Anyways, I am happy I havent had any issues yet and I would like to some day tandem nurse them....but we will see what happens before now and then...

I agree....SHE NEEDS to night wean....cause I cant be up with 2 babies at night!!!! (currently she wakes about twice a night)
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I haven't had milk in about 8 months, but my now 24 mo old ds still nurses. Mostly in the morning or at night for comfort. The nipple tenderness was one of my clues to take a HPT.
When I talked with dh about weaning sometime during the pg, he wasn't exactly negative, but he certainly wasn't supportive of the idea. I think he doesn't see any reason why a toddler shouldn't just keep nursing until he's decided to be done himself.
So I'll keep at it and the nipple pain (so far) is fleeting, just a moment when he first latches on.
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We're still nursing over here, too. I'm 20 weeks pg. Ds is down to about 3-5 times a day (used to be at least 8-12), and he nightweaned on his own a month or two ago (which was great, since it hurts to nurse and I couldn't sleep through it the way I could before getting pg). I'm hoping he'll continue and tandem with the new baby, because I think having the association of "little brother/sister brought the milk back in full force" would be a terrific one for him to make. He tells me, "Isaac have side. Baby have other side."

ETA: I don't remember sharp pains, but my nipples are very sensitive (slightly better since 2nd trimester started). One of the hardest parts for me is the agitation that nursing is frequently provoking in me. That, and I have to keep ds's hands totally off my body while he's nursing, or I feel like I'm going to have to go jump out the window!
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Still nursing our 27 month old DS and due with #2 in April. I've had occasional sharp pains which have been pretty manageable. The nipple soreness however has increased during my pregnancy and nursing has become quite painful for me. I think it's increased as my milk has disappeared, DS says my "nurse is empty." We've been talking about it and he really doesn't want nursing to hurt mama, so nursing is really minimal right now. I've assured him that there will be much more milk when the baby comes and he can try nursing again when she comes, so we'll see what happens!
Good luck to you!! Marian
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I'm also due in April with #2 and still nursing my 26 month-old.

I've had *moments* of it being tough, and my milk supply certainly dropped for a while. It seems to have bounced back a bit, that may be because my colustrum has come in?

The one thing I would say you have to watch during pregnancy is your dc's latch... I think the discomfort I have had was partially related to her latch getting a bit off... I'm not sure if it is a toddler thing or a nursing with not much milk thing, but I have had to work with her on that. I usually unlatch her and let her "try again", and it can take 2-3 times before she really latches well... if I don't watch that then my patience for nursing goes down a lot.

Oh, to address the OP, I *have* had occassional sharp pains, but those are different than the latch issues we have had... I'm actually not sure what they were caused by at all!
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I am nursing a 21 month old and am 3 months pregnant. I had the sharp shooting pains through my breast. Now that I think of it I haven't had it in a few days. It comes and goes and is totally bearable for me it only last a few seconds and is gone. The horrible nipple soreness has been gone for a month and a half too (knocking on wood) yeah!!! that sucked. I hear it comes back when the milk leaves I second tandem nursing. People look at me like I am from another planet when they find out I am nursing while pregnant. Then for the shock value I tell them I will nurse both of them when the baby is born ( i do plan to) they really go nuts lol....I kinda get a kick out of the looks and comments they give me. I love to debate. good luck to everyone.
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Still nursing my 2 year old, and I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I nursed through my last pregnancy too (with an infant that time), then tandem nursed until this November when I got pregnant and at around the same time my older son self-weaned (don't know which actually happened first!).
I haven't ever had any pain, but I know I lot of women do, though it often lessens after the first trimester, but doesn't always go away. Good luck to you though!!

- krista
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34+ weeks & still nursing Dd2 who is 3 yrs old. I LOVE it , she loves it, it's wonderful!! I had a couple of short periods of nipple pain, both times it lasted for a couple of weeks but went away after that.

She is night weaned for the most part, once in a while she'll wake up & ask (we all co-sleep.) She treasures her morning nurse, that is definitely her favorite. I have noticed that she has had more interest in the past few months & I was curious, so I expressed a little of the bm/colostrum mixture & tasted it & it is SO sweet, now wonder she's all about nursing!

I'm also looking forward to "using" Dd2 for engorgement relief after the babe comes, having suffered a couple bouts of mastitis before, I'd really love to avoid it again!

Be prepared for your milk to dry up, you can take specific herbal teas to stimulate milk production if you really want to keep your milk during pg. Mine *almost* dried up, but not fully & then came back in right away.
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What herbal teas are mamas drinking to keep up milk supply? I was told by a LC that Mother's Milk teas weren't safe for pregnancy.

I'm 17 weeks and nursing a 13 month old. I have had those sharp pains, maybe three or four weeks ago, but haven't had them in the past week or so. Now I just have nipple soreness during latch on. We still have milk here, too. dd comes off with a milky mouth pretty consistently.
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I'm concerned about taking herbs while pg, too.
Anyone know of a good website that talks about what herbs are safe and which contraindicated during pregnancy?
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I just found this article here at Mothering.
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I have some nipple pain during nursing and sometimes when it rubs my shirt. Also sharp pains in a certain area of my areola. I though maybe it got bruised but it's not getting better! Oh, DS is almost 26mo.
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i'm 17 weeks pregnant and i'm nursing 3 children. my older nursling (boys) are soon to be 6(mid April), and just about 4 1/2. My dd is 22 mos and a constant nurser, day and night. She keeps my supply going.
I had the shard pain in my left breast a few days ago that lasted for a day and a half. And it hurts when anyone attaches to the left nipple (has for the last few weeks), but it only hurts on latching and goes away. I can't nurse my boys together anymore, been like that since Christmas. Wierd, but i can nurse them seperate or with their sister.
I've been staying hydrated for the most part, but i can dehydrate rather quickly and that's when the soreness starts.
Other than that can't complain as i still have a supply. Looking forward to the new baby and an abundant supply again
Off to drink a tall glass of water while i'm thinking about it....

Way to go pregnant and nursing mama's
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