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Planning a UBAC for baby #3. Due late Sept/Early Oct., but I seriously doubt I'll go early so I better join both DDC's.
I don't have an official due date, 1/ because I don't believe in them and 2/ because I honestly don't know when I'm due exactly.

Baby #1, DD Tempest at 30 months, was born naturally with midwife.
Baby #2 was a UP, and originally planned UC. I went into labour early (34 weeks) and felt compelled to go to the hospital, so I did. Unnecessary emergency c-section due to being breech. Jericho died 15 minutes after birth in his father's arms.
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Hiya mama's!

I am due with baby number 4 pregnancy #9. I think my due date is 10/13/06. I can't wait to meet this lil one. I have 3 children now, Madison is 6, Caeden is 3 and Dyllon is 19mths. We live on Okinawa,Japan. My DH is active duty Marine. I look forward to getting to know you all.
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Hi all,
Due Oct 6, 2006
Beautiful Sophia, who will be 2 on Feb 25.
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Newbie Introducing myself

My name: Anita
Age: 42
Due date: October 4th, 2006
Other children: One 16yo daughter that is my pride & joy.

Hi everyone, I am brand new to this board. I M/C in November '05 at 6 1/2 weeks, it was very sad and painful. I am newly married, my DH & I waited a little and then kind of tried last month, but I didn't really think I was pregnant till I was 3 days late for AF. I have my 1st appointment with my midwife on Saturday and am very excited for this. She is an *Angel* who truly helped me get through the M/C...I am so grateful to begin prenatal care with her.

Glad to be here with everyone...
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Name: Cristina
Age: : 37
Other kiddos: 14yob, 10yob, 9yog, 2yog (VBA3C!!!!) and two in heaven.
Due date: October 9th (if I'm calculating correctly)

I'm planning another vaginal delivery not sure where yet-perhaps a homebirth. Having trouble finding caregivers who are compatable with me since I moved to Central VA a couple of months ago.
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Hi October momma-to-be! Im new!!

Name: Sophie
Age: 22
Due date: Self due date - October 19th (Im going to the doctor on the 17th)
Other children- this is our first baby!

Hello everyone! Im Sophie, 22, Dh is Jaime, 24.5... we were married last July and are expecting #1 around October 19th! I had a M/C in November, so Im a little nervous but I really feel like this is gonna stick!! I currently work as a Nanny and I plan on Cloth Diapering my baby! Cant wait to get to know everyone better!
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Hello ladies

Name: Carla
Age: 26
Due Date: 10-13-06
Other children: 17 month old boy

I had an unmedicated hospital birth last time and and will shoot for that again. I would love to do a homebirth but hubby says no.
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hello! i just found out today!

my name is tabitha, i am 25
i am due around october 16th
with my third child. my first, Tristan is 3.5 and my second, Kassiopeia, is 19 months.

this will be our first time unassisted, and our first time not learning the sex.

so happy!
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Age 31 (still think I am 18)
Babe coming sometime September- November
Mama to Ariah Ray born through my abdomen 1/29/02
Angel baby born UC 10/20/04

Elated and trying to let plans for birth unfold with time...
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Name: Chrissy
Age: 31
Due date: October 23
Other children: Noah who's 4 and Lilah who's 16 months

We're planning to have this babe at home with the same midwife who assisted at Lilah's birth.

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Name: deliarose - Delia
Due Date: I am guessing October 23 because according to the due date calculator, there is no way we conceived when it said we did. I now know that I ovulate quite late. Cycle beads don't help in that situation. LOL!
Other children: Miriam- 16 months

I will be seeing a midwife for this pregnancy! I am so excited. We are also looking into a home birth.
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Oct. 10, 2006
Miles, born 4/2/04

Looking forward to my big belly this summer . . .
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Hi ladies! So glad to join you all!

My name is Candace - buddhasmomma

Due date October 23

I have one son , Will, born 8/15/04, by csection for cpd

Planning a homebirth vbac! Can't wait!
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Name: Gillian
Age: 37
Due date: 10/12/06
Other children: Elijah 4 and Ava 2
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My name is Erika - erikaa
Due Date: October 16th
Other children: Isabel- age 17mo

very nice to meet you ladies!
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Name Tabby
Age 28
Due date October 13, 2006
Other children nope
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Sorry, I didn't read this post before posting a new thread!
Name: Heather
Other Kids: Katie 4
Due Date: Oct 23

Sadly, we moved to IL last year, and there are VERY limited birth choices here. I'm horrified that I have to go to an OB again (Last experience was not good). Unfortunately, insurance dictates quite a bit.
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Very excited!

October 14th
Will be my first
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