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Katiesmom - where in IL are you? My sister delivered in Rockford with a midwife in a hospital and my mom delivered at home in Rockford with a midwife. Obviously insurance is important, but maybe the practice or a certain doctor might be covered under your insurance, but you can see a CNM.
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I'm in Naperville. I know there are a few midwives in the area, but my insurance doesn't cover any. I'm still asking around, though before I make any appts!
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Not to highjack the thread, but . . . Katiesmom, here's what I have encountered . . . Our insurance doesn't list any midwives or CNM's when you do a search. BUT I went on one of the OB's websites and found that they have 6 CNM's on staff so they should be covered by insurance. Also, the CNM that I am going to is not listed anywhere for my current insurance (she was listed on my old insurance's website - I think that's how I found her?). Insurance pays for her because they cover the OB whose practice it is and as long as they bill under the OB's name they cover the CNM. It's definitely worth a call to the OB's listed under your insurance - maybe they, too have CMN's working there. Hope that helps
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Thanks, Jule924 I'll start investigating!
Now back to the regularly scheduled roll call!
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This pg didn't stick.
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My name is Andrea from NJ. I'm due October 20th!!!
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Hi there!

I'm Anna Banana
This is my second pregnancy
We are due October 6th
I am 28
My daughter Mielle is 18 months old
We live in Wisconsin
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I'm expecting #3 Oct 22. Just found out today.. what a wonderful Valentines Day present!!!!
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Another sweet Valentine's Day present here...
I'm Shannon, 31, and seem to be due around the 26th of October.
This is my fourth pregnancy, will be 2nd child.
I am quite cautiously excited as my last two pregnancies have ended in early miscarriage.
Happy healthy pregnancies to everyone!
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I just found out yesterday!

Name - Larissa
Age - 32
Due date - 10/23/06 (wild guess!)
Other children - Martin(5/02/02) and Aaron(12/11/04)
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Hello IM Michele we are pregnant with our 2nd due date around oct 16th having a homebirth. we have a DS Kai 28 months old .

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We just found out a few days ago!

Name: Tanya
Age: 35
Due Date: 10/24/06
Other children: Kira (11/03)
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We're having a Chinese New Year baby!!! Made in China and everything!

Name: I'll just be CMTB
Age: 27 (But I'll be 28 in October! It's a good month to be born!)
Due date: Late October. I'm going with the 22nd for now.
Other children: This is our first baby!
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Coming in a little late...

Hi everyone!

We're expecting #3 (BIG surprise, as we weren't planning to have any more) somewhere around October 11th. I am *SO* excited! We found out 1.5wks ago, when I tested just to show myself that I was late for reasons other than pregnancy

Nice to be here!
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Name Ann
Age 29
Due date mid-October
Other children 3 other kiddos, ages 2-6

I am absolutely shocked to be here!
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Riversong--I'm sorry for your loss
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Name: Lena
Age: 24
Due Date: not sure (screwy cycle)
Other Children: Eric is 3.5 and Sara is 18 mos.
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Sorry - I didn't see this and made a new thread. Anyway, my name is Mandi. I'm 28, have one DS age 18 months, and am expecting a pumpkin on 10/23/06. I live in Seattle.
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I just found out this morning!

Name: Debi
Age: 29
Due date: sometime around Oct. 25?
Other children: DS - age 3.5

My son was a birth center waterbirth, with a moderate shoulder dystocia. I'm hoping for a homebirth waterbirth this time!
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Name: Alison
Age: 26
Due Date: late October
Other Children: this is our first!
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