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mirena iud?

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I have noticed thay a couple of you have said in post that you are geting the mirena iud. I have been considering doing this MW said it will not effect BF but I am lerry. what info do you have on this that made you decide it was safe? please let me know what you think of it. I am not quite 3 weeks pp so I still have time to decided any info you can share will be veary aprecated.
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I think I'll probably go with the paraguard IUD. It is the copper one that doesn't have any chemicals. You can also keep it in longer than Mirena...for up to 10 yrs. I know the Mirena isn't supposed to have a very high dose, but I'm worried about it effecting BF too, and any other side effects of hormones.
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I'm pondering one as well, and have yet to decide. Please note, though, that the copper IUD is embryo-toxic, and the Mirena is not, though it does make your lining thinner. I'm personally not down with using something that would terminate an otherwise viable pregnancy, even if it was accidental.
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