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good snacks

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I am changing our eating habits from all the yucky stuff i grew up on to better whole foods. I was wondering what are some of your kids favorite stuff to eat.

also anyone know a good cook book for healthy eating snacks etc
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A few good cookbooks are : Feeding the Whole Family- has lots of healthy kid friendly tips & packed lunch ideas.....................
and all of the Moosewood cookbooks- and The New Laurel's Kitchen are good places to start-- you can probably buy used for good price. Good luck!!

AS for snacks-- cooked beans- noodles- tofu- pretzels- rice cakes- carrot sticks- snow peas- apple or celery w/ peanut butter, corn bread........I found that for this to work - you have to have ONLY healthy stuff at hand- if there is junk food- they'll want that--
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Off Topic!

Hi Chevy974--Have you checked your pm's in the past month or so? I thought maybe you weren't online anymore--good to see ya! Anyhoo, I wanted to connect with you about that water sling you made me, could you pm or email me? Thanks mama!

Healthy snack wise my dd loves loves loves brown rice cakes, especially the "seaweed" flavor--and I love to give them to her because they're so non-messy! Also, popcorn, yogurt, dried mango, dry health food store type cereals liked puffed kammut and Millet-Rice flakes. Oh, and our entire family is nuts about anything wrapped in nori--which is loaded with protein and minerals (peanut butte and honey spread and wrapped in a nori sheet. optional bananas and raisens, is a strange fav around here). Happy Snacking!
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I am having trouble with my PM"S and puter trouble on and off dont know hwats up with htis stupid computer please email me directly thanks
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Alrighty Mama--I just emailed you about the sling--I'm the one with "Hi From Mothering" in the Subject.

You know what's helped our family more than anything with the food? Bowls of oatmeal (with raiseins, chopped fruit, soy milk, nut butters, etc.....) in the morning every day rain or shine. I think our bodies thrive on even just one really healthy constant routine.
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I have a lot of healthy snacks in my cookbook. Check out my website www.simplynaturalbooks.com and click on recipes. I have posted my "Raisin Bars" recipe. No sugar, eggs, they're made with whole grains.
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