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Aidan Joseph is here!

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I delivered a healthy 6lb 13oz baby boy on 1/29/06 at 1:32pm. He's 20 in long and his name is Aidan Joseph.

I'm doing okay. I had a really bad labor, and I'm in a lot of pain, so I'm just resting.
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Congratulations! Sorry to hear your labor was so hard. I hope you have a wonderful babymoon!
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Congratulations! Welcome Aidan! Keep resting lots, it will help to speed your recovery. Happy Babymoon!
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Congratulations on your little boy Rest up mama, heal quickly
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Congrats mama! Hope you get rested up quickly
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Congrats!! I hope your pain passes quickly.
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Congratulations Dani! and welcome Aidan!!
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happy birthday, aidan!
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Congratulations, hope your recovery goes smoothly!
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Congrats! enjoy resting with your new babe!
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