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I had 2nd prenatal today. DH, dd and ds came too. DS was so excited to hear the heartbeat. My uetrus is right where it should be but I'm down 2 pounds. MW said not to worry about it though just keep trying to eat a good variety of foods.
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I dreamt about the birth last night

Not labor/delivery, really, but meeting the baby. I distinctly remember asking the date - the 22nd. I'm actually due the 18th.

It didn't really seem like a "real time and place", and I'm not the type to put too much stock in dreams anyway, so I usually wouldn't think more of this except as a point of curiosity.

Except I dreamt the baby was kind of small, and had problems nursing because of it. Now I'm wondering if I dreamt of July 22nd, instead of August.

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ugg, I had my first dream about birth two nights ago. I distinctly remember feeling defeated, like "I'm never going to get this thing out of me.." And then the baby came out and I woke up before I got to see it.
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We have a doula!

: : :

We had our interview Friday night, lasted about an hour. I had a couple of questions for her, but it was mostly a chance for DH to get to know her a bit and see if he could stand her.

At the end of an evening, he concluded that he *still* doesn't know why I want a doula present, doesn't really even like the idea of having one there, but that if we have to have one, I found a good one. She "goes from joking to serious quickly when appropriate, and she can put up with my sense of humor. That's about all I can ask."

So, I've got to call her to let her know our conclusion today, and fill out her paperwork to mail with the 50% payment this week.

I've got to start practicing her name. I keep calling her "the doula", and at this rate, I'm sure I'm going to forget her name during labor!

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Braxton-Hicks, anyone?

I almost forgot to ask - has anyone else started getting BH contrax?

I had *very* few of them with DD, and not until the third tri, I'm sure. But there's no doubt I've two fairly strong ones this weekend.

I think I read somewhere that "you might feel your belly tightening with a contraction this month" - can anyone else confirm this to be normal?

I can't really think one contrax a day (one Sat and one Sun) is anything to worry about. What do you think?

Oh, I did warn DH that I'd had them. Along the lines of "not to worry or anything, but I've had a couple of BH contrax. The books say it's normal, so if I comment on having one, you don't have to panic." Without the forewarning, I can just see him rushing me off to the ER the moment he heard the word "contraction"!

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appt. update

Had an appt. today. I am up 6 pounds, wowza I don't know how that happened I barely have an appetite! Measuring 20 weeks now so about 5 weeks ahead. I thought my BP was a little high, 130 over 70. And usually I am 100, but they didn't say anything so I guess it isn't a big deal?

Other than that I am still not thrilled with my OB but haven't decided if I wanted to switch yet...

Oh and we heard heartbeats, one in the 140's and one in the 150's.
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Well, I guess i'm officially in the second trimester now -- I have energy, feel like myself again and feel the need to clean all the spots and dust bunnies i've been apathetically eyeing for the past two months. And no more nausea! I'm actually wanting to eat fruits and veggies again, so i'm just thrilled and had a fabulous time at the grocery store this weekend.

I also went on a little maternity shopping spree-- all on sale-- and got stretchy, swishy skirts and work-friendly tanks and a pair of Target khakis so comfy that i was afraid my boss would send me home for wearing pajamas to work. And I got a pedicure today, so sandals will be coming back into rotation. Yay for spring!

Of course, hideous indigestion has replaced constipation as the daily hurdle, and the sneeze'n'pee is also posing new problems. Pregnancy is so fun!

I only wish I knew more "live" pregnant women in my area. I don't know a single one. All my friends are over 50. And i'm shy as heck. Ugh.

Edit / Forgot the funniest part. Went to Macy's to have a professional bra fitting... and i'm apparently at 36DD (!!!) right now. I've spent most of my life wearing 36B, so I feel extremely.... ebullient. Woohoo!
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I've been having BH contractions since about 9 weeks! Not often but for sure every day. It's no biggie unless they are coming often. Sometimes you get more if you have a full bladder or are dehydrated.
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magpiedee, yep I feel exactly the same! 17 weeks & I've finally stop puking & have SO MUCH more energy!

Has anyone else noticed the joy of "pregnant sex" kicking in? Right up until last week or so, the thought of any pressure against my body was very unpleasant & it has been quite a drought. But I'm back in the game! Something has definitely changed & I have a feeling there will be no rest for DH for quite some time!!!

It's just amazing how you can go from feeling so bad to so good over the course of a couple of weeks.
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Hey Autumnfaery & Malaya- I am taking one class this semester, but am planning on BEGINNING a 2 year RN program in late Aug/early Sept right AFTER birthin our August baby (same thing, I can't take a semester off or anything). I think the time away & work load will be doable (2 eves & Sta & Sun morning each week), will DH will be w/ baby. But I'm really worried about starting it so soon after the birth.

I wonder if I might be able to bring baby w/ me to the evening classes (not to the weekend clinicals)?
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