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The unassisted xmas baby!

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Hey, I haven't been around because I've been busy showing my newborn with love. I'll attempt to tell my story as best as I can, but before I do, I want to give a hearthfelt thanks to everyone on this forum who are so strong, caring and intelligent. I asked so many questions and got so many good answers, and most of all encouragement! i believe it really helped with my birth.

The Story!!!
On Dec 24th, I was having a very emotional night and ended up having a conversation with DP about how I need him to be more supportive, and to show me more affection, love and to support me in new ways. I was telling him how important it was because I felt like I would go into labor that night, and I can't have any doubts in him etc. So we hugged talked some more and I went to sleep that night feeling better that I'd felt in a while. That night at around 3am, I woke up to contractions and use the bathroom and felt like it was time. So I went back to sleep and woke up a few more times to contractions, and I knew for sure it was time.

DP woke me in the morning to ask how I was, and I told him I was tired. And I guess he could just tell I was acting different and he asked me if I was in labor, and I told him yea. So I tried to rest some more, but by 9:30, I got out of bed and called my mother to tell her it was time. She then told everyone else in the family chain...
By 10, i'd setup a blanket and plastic on the living room floor so i could labor there. Brouht out the birth ball as well. DP brought me some toast and tea, I ate one piece of toast and drank tons of tea. After about an hour and a half in the living room I decided to go back into the bedroom. By now I was having to breath through my contractions, and asking DP to hold my hand during contractions. Not so I could squeeze his hand, but because I wanted to feel his presence.

So I labored in the bedroom for a few more hours, and my mom Showed up at about 4:30pm, to check on me. And my brother stopped by at 5 before he was to catch a plane to London. My mom asked me if I thought I would deliver today, and I told her I was pretty sure, so she decided to stick around, but she stayed in the living room most of the time and i labored in the bedroom with DP there. At 6pm, I decided I would like to get in the tub to help me relax.My contracts had been about 3 and a half minutes apart since noon. The water in the tub felt great and I napped a little bit. Dunno how long I stayed in there, but when I got out, the contractions had changed... I don't know how to explain it, but it seemed as if the pressure moved to a different place so that I could not lay down comfortably anymore. So I walked around, squatted, sat on my knees, leaned on the birth ball, leaned on DP and leaned on the bed. I was asking DP to say some relaxing things to keep my mind off the contractions but and he tried and it helped for a while. My mom brought me some soup and I ate a little, but I was getting very tired and frustrated at not being able to lay down. I leaned on the birthball some more and by this time DP's relaxation techniques were really starting to suck for lack of a better term. It was not helping and I was tired. My mom brought me here walkman that had some gospel music on it and that helped me to focus for about 10-15 minutes. Then I decided to get back into the tub to relax more. After I got out of the tub my contractions stepped up a lot. 1 and a half minutes apart with several strong peaks. I told DP I was in transition. Time seemed to stretch on a lot and I was worried that the baby hadn't dropped yet. In the previous weeks and days, when people would look at me they kept telling me the baby hadn't dropped yet (even though I thought it had). The thought that the baby hadn't dropped lingered and I felt like maybe something was wrong. so I talked to the baby and told the baby to come down whenever it wanted and that I would be patient, but that I was ready for it to come.

The transition got harder and I was probably just too tired to keep up the proper breathing effort and my breathing was bad. DP kept telling me inhale deeply, and sometimes I could, other times I didn't. My mom heard my labored breathing and came into the room to coach my breathing, she breathed with me which REALLY helped. She also chanted prayers and spoke some words of wisdom and it brought me right out of my body. I was very relaxed and breathing great. She saw things were fine and walked out of the room and I asked her to come back and stay with us, and she did.

I think I got so relaxed at that point I may have napped a little! During transition! Relaxation is a wonderful thing.

Eventually I woke out of my zone and realized my contractions had stopped completly. And I felt great! I got up and stretched, and went to the bathroom to pee, drank some more water and starting conversing with my mom and DP. It was about 9pm. I felt like something was holding the baby up, so I tried to pee again, and felt like I had to poop a little, and tried with no luck. Walked around, shook my hips, squatted, stretched, danced, had DP press on my hips, cause I could feel them moving and it felt better with pressure(later on I realized that was the feeling of the baby moving through the canal).

I walked more, and walked out in to the living room talking to DP, and then suddenly I felt like I was gonna poop then and there, so I ran (if you can call what I did running), and when I got to the bathroom... nothing. Not even the urge. Then my mom told me to be careful, and that when she was having me she thought she had to poop, but it was my head instead. So I was watchful. I would push when I got the urge... after 5 minutes, I decided to touch my perinium to check for bulging and I felt nothing. I went back to the bedroom, and got the urge again, and went back to the bathroom to push, and felt like I was finally making progress on the huge turd holding up my labor. I felt my perinium again just in case and felt a bulge and a huge smile spread across my face!

I got up and told my mom it was the baby coming!

My body kept doing it's work and my mom checked to see what was down there, and she could see the bag of waters. It was about 9:45 or so.
I sat on the floor, on my knees, with my legs spread, and pulled up on all fours when my body would push. after 5 or 10 minutes my water broke, and 10 minutes or so later, I got up onto the bed in a standing squat, with DP supporting me by holding me under my pits, and with the next push, the babies head came all the way out, and with the next push, out came the body!

My mom caught her into a towel, and put her right on me and I was elated and amazed. The baby was born at 10:10. She was perfect and beautiful and we named her Trinity =).

The birth was the most amazing wonderful thing I'd experienced! The labor was 21 hours total, and nothing like the nightmares my female co-workers told me I would endure. It was actually painless and the thought of needing drugs never came to my mind. Our bodies are so beautiful and powerful, we should never put more faith in hospitals than we have in ourselves.
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What an amazing story.
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congratulations on your new little one and your great birth experience!

thank you for sharing.
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YAAAAAAY! Congrats mama!
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I was just thinkg about you last night! wondering...when's that baby going to come???
Your story brought me to tears It really hit home and was kind of closer to what I had hoped for in my birth.
Your mom sounds like a kind woman. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, and I love her name!
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Thanks! you were right about needing a lot of towels btw lol. We covered most of the floor in tarp, as well but the wierd thing was... I didn't actually need it cause when my water broke, it was like 2 table spoons of liquid, and when the baby came out, she was actually ALL that came, no more water or blood even. When the placenta came, the rest of the amniotic fluid came with it, which I'd never heard of happenning! Has anyone else heard of that? It was like my body was being as neat as possible so that it didn't get in trouble with me! LOL.
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What a beautiful birth story! And so wonderful how intuitive and supporting your mother was...you must have a special relationship!
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Originally Posted by Jster
What a beautiful birth story! And so wonderful how intuitive and supporting your mother was...you must have a special relationship!
Yeah, we often have our differences, but I always know I can count on her. She had 3 unassisted births, I was one. =)
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Originally Posted by InnieTurnedOuttie
Yeah, we often have our differences, but I always know I can count on her. She had 3 unassisted births, I was one. =)
makes a lot more sense now...
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What a positive story! I'm making DH read all of these to convince him of a HB!
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beautiful. I hope my UB is that amazing, but I know it will be!
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Awesome story! Congratulations!
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