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Wow, nugget, that's awesome. Congratulations! I would love to see some of your work sometime. Perhaps post some pics to the YG?

Renae - you are hilarious. Give your DH a hug for me, eh. Hope the weekend is okay for you all!

It's quiet here right now. Lily is still asleep at 6 pm (!!!) and DH and MIL are both at work still. I came home at 5 and the nanny was like, "um, should I wake her up?" And I was like, "NO WAY!!" I have only woken Lily up on purpose once in her whole life, when we needed to catch a plane early in the morning. Is that weird that I never have??? I really believe in letting her sleep when she can. And it's not like she won't sleep tonight. Late naps really don't matter to her.

Ugh, I have had a hard time in my clinicals this week. It's hard being an AP-minded, natural-birth-minded midwifery student at a huge baby factory hospital whose epidural rate is 90% and cesarean rate is over 60% every month! Ack!

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She's having it. I'm convinced. Heather is having her baby!!! She hasn't been online today (or yesterday? must check). Can't wait to hear. Okay, her last post was yesterday, talking about what a good sleep she got and she hoped the baby would come while she is so well rested today. (yesterday). Could it be???? Great to start labor feeling rested.

Soooo tired today. Sarah, I am wishing hoping you could get some time for yourself. It is sooo hard not having any time for you...today I got all irate because during Sol's nap Viet wanted to hang out and I just wanted to be alone. I am a most demanding unwife. That is wild about being a crunchy chick in the midst of a babyfactory hospital. Wow. Very intense. Hats off to you, doing important!! work.

Weeks just rolling by...can you believe how time just GOES? Tomorrow's already tgi-friday...

Renae your idea about the snipmix is just waaaay too cute and creative. You rock!

Sherri--I am a total confrontation wuss myself. Cannot deal.

Jacqueline, indeed I agree that it sounds like you did a great job with an awkward situation (the kids & mom). And RAWWWK ON about the paintings being selected for the exhibit! That is really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Elsanne--silly mama....didn't you get the memo...I am never having this baby (or it just feels that way!) Though I did sleep well again last night so perhaps a weekend wee one? I crave time to myself too...hope you can recharge soon!

Sarah--I can't imagine how hard it is to be in such an enviroment. I have a hard enough time biting my tongue about SIL's choices re: bf'ing/sleep/etc I hate having to wake C as well when we have to be somewhere---though not lucky enough to have late naps that don't interfere with sleep!

J---yes do share some pics of your work if you can. Very, very excited for you! I know what a great outlet your painting is for you.

Okay...off to the mw's in a bit!
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not to draw attention away from waiting for the Baby Feather, but...

i'm pregnant. (see siggy)

due in late sept
still in stun mode here
thankfully not feeling nearly as crappy as i did when pregnant with marek, but d*mn, it's hard feeling not quite right and caring for a toddler at the same time. at least i'm better about eating more often this time around.
oh, and our midwife is pregnant and due 3 weeks after me, so we're not sure quite how we're feeling about that yet. excited for her, definitely, and a little concerned for us, especially considering where marek was born (under the bed) and the contorted body position she was in when i finally pushed him out (on her back with her legs up on our dresser). but she's working with another midwife and she has an apprentice and we're her only clients for the month of sept and she's not taking clients on again until at least january or beyond.
haven't told our families yet, but we finally starting telling friends and stuff earlier this week and we had our first appointment with our midwife last night, so i think we're just going to tell them this weekend. hopefully, i won't get anxiety over it like i have the past two times i tried to tell them already over the phone in the past week. sheesh.

okay, enough from me.

commence the congratulations and yippees and celebrations and such.
(if you want to, that is. )

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Claudia!!! OMG!!!

YAY!!!!!! Wow wow wow wow!!!

SO happy for you, mama! That is so awesome as to be....SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Yay!!! Did I mention YAY?!?!? YAY!

More later but my little bebe just woke up.
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Heather, you won't hear a peep out of me, because I'm the Queen of Going Late. But I think of you every day, and I know pretty soon, I'll have a pleasant surprise (reading about your baby!) when I log in. Yes, I really am curious to hear about your tandeming experiences. I hope Z will actually nurse, because it will be less of a hassle, but I'm not that optimistic that he will remember how.

Claudia, I've been thinking of you. Glad you're out of the closet. I really hope you are feeling better soon.

Beth, I've been thinking of you, and life has been really chaotic, or I would have answered your pm by now. I think about Luke every day, too.

And Renae, I'm *so* glad Rowan is feeling better. And boy howdy, I'm thinking about you guys today, the big V day.

It was so nice to see Maggie Mae and Lisa again.

Jacqueline, your school situation reminds me so much of that unhealthy interaction I had with the dad of one's T's preschool friends... Some parents are *not* capable of seeing things in an unbiased way, and frankly, I don't think they're up for coop preschools (remember we're in one, too). I think of you as the UberParent, and I'm sure you handled it exactly appropriately. And YEA!! on the show.

I've been trying not to whine, but here I go...

I don't know if y'all remember when T pulled the chair out from under me in my last pregnancy and I hurt my hip/lower back. Well, that's back with a vengeance... some days I can barely walk. I'm seeing my dr. on Monday, and I assume I'll be getting a referral for PT. And the stupid ovarian cysts are hurting... Oh well.

Z has what I assume is rotavirus. He's on the downhill side of it now, just diarrhea to contend with, but ug, it sucks. I feel really thankful he didn't have as severe a case as T did at this age (T had to be hospitalized), but it's hard to deal with weight loss in a kid whose weight you're already watching. We have a weight check on Monday which has been scheduled for over a month, and I assume that all the progress we've made (weight-wise) will be gone. Oh well. At least I'm sure that when he feels better, he'll put it back on.

I had a dream that Elsanne was already halfway through her pregnancy (I'm not sure why I have so many dreams about you, this is at least the 3rd so far)... *and* I also dreamt that I was in a mountain bike race, at 30 weeks pg, in a driving snowstorm, and I wasn't wearing a helmet. I came in first, but part of the reason was that I was riding *so* recklessly and so many other racers had dropped out because of the bad road conditions.

I appreciate all the naming help... I've basically decided that I'm not going to think about it for a week, and then I'm just going to pick a name (by myself). If he doesn't like it, then it's up to him to come up with something better. (I hope that doesn't sound snarky--not trying to be snarky, just pragmatic.)
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Hip hip hooray and baby on the way!

I am celebrating with you, Claudia!
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Not a lot of time, but they DIDN'T do the procedure. : Seems DH PASSED OUT during the injection and when the scalpel barely touched his skin!!(He claims he didn't feel either though, so I don't get it!)
He has this weird condition where he faints when stressed about medical stuff.
Anyway...he's OK, they have to do it at the hospital on Tuesday. He's feeling pretty let-down and sheepish, and is on his way home right now.
I feel kind of let down too, and...ack, I hate to admit this, but I'm kinda *mad*...at him! I didn't let him know this, of course. I understand, but dude. *sigh*

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be...!

More in a bit! Rowan stole my pear.

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Originally Posted by Mama Faery
Not a lot of time, but they DIDN'T do the procedure. : Seems DH PASSED OUT during the injection

...but I'm kinda *mad*...at him!

Wow chica, that's terrible (although I admit I laughed at you irkedness too) Poor you and poor papa faery!


I am going to try little responses from now on rather than totally lurking and then feeling weighed down with guilt that I don't post.

So, els, I'm sorry about Viet but I am cheering for your new place.
Sherri, I am so happy that your procedure went well.
I am that Z and Luke are doing better and gaining and I totally send to thier moms for awesomeness. Rotavirus or no - I love progress!
Jacqueline, I am so about the show. PM me where and I will come up and see your stuff!
mcsarah, I love hearing about your studies and I send you all sorts of support during the clinicals. I imagine your energy rocks for the moms!
Heather - I am not stalking
MM, jstar, emmalola, everymama - I just want to say

My update is that we're fine. I am still stressing about the career change/not changing fast enough process. Alison is not pregnant. My dad is holding on okay against the cancer. My cat is very sick, most likely also with cancer, so that's been rough. We're keeping him comfortable but I am not doing chemo (just too much to bear). Eleanor is beyond cute in giving hugs and kisses to everyone and everything. She can finally say yes or nod for things which has really opened up the communication posibilites.

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awww. poor mr faery. i ALSO pass out when stressed about anything medical. or i did when i was younger. now i manage it by telling them i will pass out so they always lay me down first and sometimes give me oxygen. i just about passed out when they were TALKING to me on the consultation appointment for getting my wisdom teeth out. that's how bad it is.

so i feel for him! i have no idea how i survived childbirth. i just know my body was overtaken and was not my own. which was a good thing

i dread the day isaac really hurts himself and i am the one who has to respond and manage not to faint myself. everything just goes splotchy.

any way you can go with him and hold his hand renae???? is there anyone who could watch rowan? not that you'd want to watch that but maybe he'll need someone to drive him home.

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AAAAAAAAAH CLAUDIA!!!!! Wooo hooo!!!! How very very exciting, you are the fourth friend I have due in september. I heard that september and april are the biggest birth months...people are busy in december and july, I guess! I am sooo happy for you and Bill and Marek! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!! Glad to have another amongst our ranks. Watch out mamas, pregnancy is contagious. Marek was born under the bed? Now, there's an interesting visual...

OMG Renae I have to admit I giggled uncontrollably at the fainting would-be vasectomy patient. Wouldn't YOU faint if a scalpel were going at your ovaries? I sure would. I had a vision of you somehow getting knocked up right before he went in for the V. Goddess forbid, or allow, depending on fate and karma and the best thing for everybody...

KKMama, I've no idea why I would be the lucky one you dream about at night but you're right--I'm 20 weeks! Maybe we're psychically connected and you need to come visit me.

YOU ALL DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING DOWN HERE!! It is a gorgeous place. ONE OF YOU needs to come--think it needs to be Jacquie & Gabe because tix from Houston are cheap, cheap cheap.
ps KK sure hope Z feels better soon. Sucks to have sick child.

Lisa, good to hear from you. Remember you don't have to do anything, so as to not feel guilt--you can just get on here and say Hi, or talk all about you with no responses to others, etc...some days that's the only way I will post. When it's all about me!!!

I just adore y'all. Amigas!!!!

Sarah--I talked about you today to an aspiring mw student and started my phrase with, "I have a friend in Portland who...." and thought...wow, I guess I can refer to these girls as my friends, even though you're my forum buds, anyway kind of a neat thing. :
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Ya, I totally think of you all as friends, not just "online" friends.

Renae, that is, I'm sorry, hilarious. Give Papa Faery a hug and a poke in the ribs for me. I forget that people are squeamish when I see some pretty gory stuff all day long...aaah, the life of a nurse.

Lisa - howdy! Please don't feel guilty. I am the saaaaame way. I don't post for oh, two weeks at a time, but I read when I can and think of everyone.

Elsanne - I would love to come down and visit. So, speaking of, are there lots of birthy-type places around? How about short-term Spanish immersion programs? I'm seriously thinking of doing a midwifery internship and/or Spanish classes somewhere down there next-next summer (2007).

Claudia - you naughty mama. How could you keep this from us?! Ha ha, just kidding. How long have you known??

KK - Mega-, mama. You are dealing with a lot. I really hope Z feels better pronto, and you too! Augh, you need some pampering, sounds like.

DH and I just went out for a quick dinner and dessert while MIL watch Lily. I had the best hamburger I've had in about 5 years. Yummers! Smoked gouda, my oh my!

OK, DH has started to read over my shoulder and smirk, so I'd better be going. Later 'gators!

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Oh boy,

we are getting all sorts of Maybaby siblings and it is so exciting.

Renae, I was cracking up that your DH passed out. Poor guy, but I can totally relate to feeling irked. I mean, you were ready, you planned, and here he passes out on you.

KK- sorry to hear about your back. Like you need that on top of everything! And I hope Z feels better soon.

Hi Lisa, glad you are lurking and that everything is fine.

I saw a painting of hte sunshine in san Miguel and it was captivating. I would come, but we are planning our vacation to the snow right now. And I want to go to the Magic Kingdom

We had a long day full of outings playdates and missd naps, so I am going to clena up and go to bed.
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Holy Moly... today is a big day of "firsts" for us.

Mia climbed up the play ladder portion of the play structure at the park today during playgroup. She was SO excited and was telling anyone who would listen (or not ) "I DID IT!"

And if that wasn't enough for one day, she just went to bed for me the same way she goes to bed for DH (who usually puts her to bed, but is getting home late tonight) - I put her down in the crib awake, covered her up, and GET THIS, she just went to sleep within about 15 minutes (with my lying on the bed in her room). Usually it takes about 30+ minutes of me rocking her until she is basically asleep and then I can put her down. I am totally amazed. Wow.

TC - I posted on the YG, but here's another big ol' congrats on the pregnancy!

Okay well... the microwave is beeping so that means my frozen cheese enchiladas are ready for me to scarf down. Hey... at least they're organic. And quite tasty, I might add.
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Renae, I'm sorry your husband almost passed out before the procedure. I'm also sorry I laughed out loud at your post. It just was funny, you know? Hopefully V-day 2.0 goes a little better.

Yay Mia! you did it!

mcsarahb- I know of a midwife in Nicaragua who takes american midwifery students for internships- maybe we can get you hooked up with her- and then you could take a side trip to see Elsanne. Of course, you'd have to take the lentil and I along with you for support.

Claudia, congrats again. That is such good news. I'm a little jealous, you know. Our time will come, once we decide to start trying again...

KK- sorry to hear about the rotavirus. poor boy. boo.

We're good here- the lentil just went down for his nap in record time (8 minutes!). It was so fast, I almost couldn't believe it. I sat in his room for an extra few minutes just to be sure I wasn't imagining things.

Now, on to playing with my good friend, the internet!
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Saraaaaah, have I not told you this before? That the only midwifery school in all of Mexico is RIGHT HERE in my little town, and that people come from all over the WORLD to intern here? And there are a bazillion jillion and three spanish immersion schools/classes?

so yes, on both requirements. Get thy boo-tay down here.
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E - Yes, I vaguely remember you mentioning something about that. I just forgot who/what/when/where had told me. I am researching all pasta-bilities, but having a friend there is a big draw!

I'd love to get the info of your midwife contact, emmalola. Thanks!

Hi, Megan! I've been thinking of you. How are you feeling? Sounds like Mia is, sob, growing up. Isn't it crazy how they do that?! I can't believe how fast it happens.

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Ohmyohmyohmyohmy oh BABIES!!!!!!! and all other dancing produce to you, TC! How exciting! There certainally are lots of you preggo May Mamas now, aren't there? Gosh... I sure do hope its not contagious - India with a newborn is *NOT* my cup of tea!

And ITA with whoever it was that said HF must be having her baby right now! Hmmmm.... How long do you think it'll take for us to find out???

I'm doing a birth class for my doula training right now and all the moms in it are due anywhere from tomorrow til April so its quite literally wall to wall pregnant ladies in my life sometimes!

Cute Ben Thing: I knit him a scarf which he proudly wears around while otherwise naked, and announces to anyone who will listen: "Mama kninned (knitted) me a scarf! Wearin' it on my chin!"

Els- are you near Queretaro? My dad is often there on business... we may have to tag along one day! You know, HS does make for Fleeeeexible schedules!

Oops, kiddos are home!
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Sorry I haven't posted in so long....dh was out of town last week and I was so tired at the end of the day, I only had energy to read our may mama posts and none to write. But, I was there with ya, I hope you know.

Elsanne-I ought to look in to flights down there....to San Miguel directly? I've not been to that part of Mexico and would like it, me thinks. No habla mucho espanol, but un poco. (I minored in French, can ya tell?) Anyway, I'd love to partake in your vegan-nun-approved lifestyle, so I'll have to look into it further...hmmmmmm.

Renae-sorry the "v" didn't happen. I'd be a little irked, too, but would feel for him. Sometimes these things do happen for a reason....but sometimes a delay is just a delay.

claudia-my congrats again!!! and

Jacqueline-congrats on your show. That is very cool. I'd love to see your work, too!

Yay, Mia, on the ladder! what a big girl. Gabriel is really getting into steps when we go places with them (as our home has none). Fun to watch them master these new skills. He would never say "i did it," though, that's a major sentence. He'd just grin and say "dis" which is "this" we think and he says for everything!

KK-hugs to you and your sore back. I'm sorry you hurt. I hope Z's weight wasn't too compromised by his sickies. Hang in there. I didn't chime in on your naming worries cause I really had no better ones....you got some great suggestions. And, with the requirements your dh imposes, I don't know how any name would work, to be honest. Our process wasn't nearly as tedious, so I feel for your sitch.

Okay, dh is back after five days being gone, so we're gonna have ice cream and watch a cheesy movie (Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore & Jimmy Fallon).

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Jacqueline--you would fly into LEON (BJX is the airport code). It's about an hour and a half from san miguel. OMG, you would absolutely love it. Vegan nuns have been looking askance at me lately due to some red-meat-eatin I've been doing (first time in 12 years! whoa dude!). Enjoy the movie and DH, how did you DEAL with him gone five days????

Maggie Mae-- Um, like Queretaro is around the virtual corner! It's the nearest big city where I do big city shopping (tips hat to nafta with a very wry grin) like costco, home depot, etc...about an hour away. VERY close. That would be waaay exciting if you could come. That cute Ben thing is indeed, very very cute. I can't believe he can say all that (plus his cute nekkidness in a handmade by mommy scarf, awwww).

No one needs to speak any spanish to visit me here, disgracefully but quite comfortably, there are soooo many gringos and people who speak english it's quite unnecessary but very helpful.

We went to the hot springs today and due to a deceptively overcast day both Sol & I are sporting sunburns. Gotta remember to put the sunblock on despite clouds!!! Anyway we spent around 5 hours in the water (with a nice lunch break) and had a blast! LOOOOVE the hot springs. They have pools of all different temps, none of them cold however. Sol still hates getting her face wet but loves jumping into my arms from the edge. She wore her water wings for a leeetle bit but would rarely float in them alone, she'd get panicky and start bobbing up and down, getting water in her mouth and panicking more. We hung out monkey-style a long time and it was good to be in such close physical contact with her for such a long stretch. Doesn't happen much these days except at bedtime. She is a total snugglepoo as she is falling asleep (but not while asleep). She gives me the best kisses and hugs, I totally melt.

*yawn* must do one or two things before sleep.

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