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Oh, I *do* need to visit Elsanne... I can't *believe* you're at 20 weeks already. Boy, time flies (except in our *own* pregnancies)...

Z has a weight check appt. tomorrow (which has been scheduled for over a month and which his dr. wants us to keep). I'm a little nervous about finding out where he's at now (his thighs and face are a lot thinner... I assume he lost at least a pound, possibly 2). But the diarrhea is slowly, slowly fading away. Honestly, he's doing much better with the rotavirus than T did, which is some solace.

I think ice cream and a cheesy movie sounds divine!

I love cute nekkid babies saying cute things! MM, watch out, I think the pg thing *is* contagious around here.

Renae, I feel for your dh (I'm a medical wimp, too--Jstar, the only reason I survive childbirth is because I want the baby so darned bad). I hope the rescheduled V Day goes well. Hey--is it rescheduled for V Day???? ha ha ha

Go Mia!! Megan, it sounds like she wore herself out playing...

Lisa, it sounds like your dad is doing pretty well? I hope so. I hope Allsion gets pg soon, too. (She should hang out more with the May Mamas )

Okay, now I'm going to go clean the bathrooms, like I said I would.
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The vegan nuns would be shocked and appalled: I am eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut!! Yeah, I'm kicked out of the crunchy club for sure! :
And darn it; I was going to settle in for an actual update but le bebe just woke up and is a'fussin'.
So let me just say, Wow, I am going to write down the info Elsanne gave for where to fly, because, I REALLY want to go visit you and Sol! And not to mention, get in touch with my waaaaay too faded Mexican roots! I am always ahsamed that I don't speak Spanish, especially since, to most people who speak Spanish, I *look* like I *should* (ie., I am very much a Hispanic-lookin' chica! )...and whenever I admit that I don't, I get disappointed looks and shaking of heads. I really need to take a class or something.

KK, thinking of you and Z today! Hope his checkup is a good one, and glad to hear the rotavirus is going away slowly but surely! Poor bebe.

Lisa, so glad to see you around every so often! We miss you! Good to hear all is pretty well out your way.

Okay, okay, I gotta go, he was chatting up in his room for a bit, but now it's *complaining* Talk to you later, mamas!
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: good mornin' everymama! :
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i'm doing the same thing. cup o joe. i need to shower and get ready

just catchin up on the news
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How're we all doing?

I've been reading along but I don't remember the last time I posted, so just wanted to say Hi!

Renae, I was at your poor hubby. I can imagine why you were a little : though. Once, my dh got strep throat when katie was only 2 weeks old. I was sooooo mad at him, as if he could help it. I'll be thinking of him tomorrow, getting the V on V day.

Claudia! How exciting! A HUGE congratulations to you. Marek's gonna be a big bro! I hope you are finding time to rest in between chasing after a toddler, and hope you are feeling OK. This pregnancy stuff sure does seem contagious.

Els, so now I'm all mentally planning a trip to Mexico. I can use the limited Spanish I learned from three years of Spanish class in high school. Although I suck at conjugating the verbs. Hablamos! Vamanos!

Renae, did you get much snow yesterday? We spent te weekend in Portland, and left about an hour and a half after the snow started. They got about a foot there, but here where I live, only an hour or so away, we got maybe two inches. Anyway, on the way home, I had the scare of a lifetime. Dh and I drove down separately, so he was on the road two cars in front of me. A car then merged onto the highway and almost sideswiped the car right behind dh, well, the driver realized what he was doing at the last second, and yanked the steering wheel to the right, but totally lost control of his car due to the thin layer of snow. I had gotten in the passing lane to allow him to merge, so I was in the passing lane as he was trying to correct. He was all over the road, he just kept oversteering, and I slowed down to allow him to get a grip on the road, but then he came sailing right in front of my bumper. I had been riding my brake, but then slammed on it, because I was about to T-bone him, and my ABS were grinding so loud. Finally, when he was about three feet in front of my bumper, something happened, and he started over into the other lane. I thought about swerving to avoid him, but knew that if I did, I'd start spinning out, too, because of the road condtions, and I didn't have time to check my mirrors, so I didn't know what other cars were aroudn me. It was so surreal. At the time it felt like time was moving so slowly, but it all happened in the blink of an eye. I was so scared because the girls were in the car with me. I knew that we'd be OK, because we were only travelling about 40mph, but I could have killed the other driver, because I drive and SUV (Shh, don't tell the vegan nuns) and I sit higher than the car. Thinking about i still shakes me up, but somehow, we all made it through OK.
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Sherri--how scary!!! I am so glad everything was okay. Phew! I am sooo glad no one got hurt.

Do come down here! Youguys would love it. Especially when it's sooo cold up there.

Renae! Get your hispanic butt down here too. I know what you mean about not speaking spanish and feeling bad about it, I have other friends in that sitch. Especially this super-latino dude who is dating a blondehaired blue eyed french girl who speaks fluent spanish...they always talk to him first and she has to answer for him!! hahaha!!!
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Still here, mamas! Reading along and replying in my head.

Sherri--so glad you are all safe--can't imagine how scary that was!

Els--we'll be down to visit one of these days too! Checked air fares this morning and not much more than our trips to AZ!

Okay...off to enjoy some quiet during C's late nap!
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Aak! I can't keep up.

Found out about our newest preggo when I saw her in PERSON. That's how out of the loop I am.

I am paying a nanny $22 to watch Luke so I can pay bills that are over a month late now. And what am I doing? Trying to catch up with my May mamas.

Well, at least I have my priorities straight.

Love to all, I've finally read, but no time to post- gotta pick up the babe- oops, I mean toddler.

Hugs hugs hugs

The fiddler in the PDX rain
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HF! Still here!?!? How are you doing, Mama? I'm thinking about you and your crew all the time... and sending all my good easy happy birthing vibes your way!

Argh, and here comes DH to hand off Ben. Ah well - updates another time.

Happy Monday everymama!

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Z was 25 lbs even... My guess is that he would have been 26 1/2 if he hadn't been sick... The dr. was very supportive, pointed out that at least he was up since his last weight check 3 mos. ago (not very darned much, just a few ounces, but he's been doing so well with stuff till he got sick that I had figured that he was actually going to move up in his weight curve rather than down). And of course he pointed out that he had hospitalized other kids with rotavirus last week (and that T had been hospitalized for it 3 years ago), so he's doing well. He woke up at 4:30 this morning saying, "EAT!", so hopefully, he'll regain quickly. (But only if Renae shares her donut. )

And I start PT on Wed. I didn't really catch what the dr. said was wrong... some kind of bursitis of some joint down there in my pelvis or whatnot. I figure half of what PT is going to be about is being told to stop doing what I've been trying to do to feel better. : (Like the heating pad and the massages dh does which seem to make it worse )

Anyway... Heather, I have *finally* started having BH contrax... I figure they're sympathy contrax for you to cheer you on. :
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KK-- LOL at the sympathy contrax! Just before C was a year she had abx for an ear infection and she lost about a pound in the course of a week. Glad though that the doc is taking all that into consideration. Relieved that he seems to be bouncing back from it pretty well though.

FF--you crack me up mama! Paying bills is so --I much rather enjoyed what you shared on the group instead! How is Luke doing these days??

MM--still here! Whatcha knitting these days?? I finally conquered my sweater phobia and made the new babe two cotton boat neck sweaters from a Debbie Bliss book and then fudged the pattern to make a wool one for C.

Sherri--how much snow did you guys wind up getting? I think we can patch our Spanish together and do okay! I would love to be somewhere warm right now! I'm waiting on getting our confirmation for our rental in August--can't wait!

Renae--All the KK places around here disappeared w/ the bankruptcy--major bummer! Are you buried in snow?

Okay....my little Valentine has 9 hours and 10 minutes to make an appearance! Though I'd take an almost valentine's babe too!
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Okay, Z is eating like crazy (for him, anyway), so I'm not worried anymore about the weight... I think he'll make up for lost time. He feels heavier already.

I feel like the PT was a bust... I'm more sore than when I went in, and I don't feel like the therapist understood what/where the problem was--she spent ~45 min poking around and never hitting the problem area--dude, my butt is *not that big* (whereas my dr. was able to pinpoint the pain *instantly*). I guess that's what I get for going with an in network PT rather than the ones the dr. recommended, sigh. I think I'll give it one more session and then look into my other options (like the local chiropractor who specializes in pg women but who is of course very $$$ and takes forever to get in to see).

Didn't realize my initials spelled Krispy Kreme.

I'm moody because it's overcast and cold here... :
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Hey May mamas, I am crazy tired today because I took Alison out to see Cheryl Wheeler in Berkeley last night (her song, When Fall Comes to New England, is on my summer may mamas cd) as her V Day present. Totally too much activity for us old folks.

KK - so sorry you are still in pain! : I'd be mad and moody too! Healing vibes to you and super about power-food-eating-Z!

Hi to everyone - I must get back to work - but I send
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Check the YG for babyfeather news!!!!
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WOOOOT! babyfeather!!! Feb. 15th birthday? Wahooo!


KK-krispykrememama--bummer about the bum PT. Hope you get some relief soon, and soooo glad to hear Z is eatin like a champ. Maybe he'll have one of those developmental/growth spurts people talk about kids having after a bad illness.

Lisa--fun to go see Cheryl Wheeler!! I love that song, and the whole album you sent. I still listen to it. I actually often wonder if you like some of the bluegrassy or folk songs on the mix I sent, since I see them as the same genre....
Nice that you did that for your honey bun, I think things like that are awesome. Anybody else's podners outdo themselves yesterday?

Viet is the anti-holiday dude. I had no expectations yesterday, and I was not disappointed. I gave some valentines to my coworkers and had sent some to my family up yonder and that was that...just another day, and a nice one.

Love to all my maymamas. Cannot wait to hear about Heather & feather's birth and her name and all that...
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Hooray for the birth of Babyfeather!!! :

Well, I got those bills paid finally. Luke started a puking spree Monday night. He's doing better tonight- back on lil bits of breastmilk, and hasn't puked much today. I guess on the bright side, he's getting a break from the tube (puked it up first thing, dr.'s said just to keep it out). And also, we know he'll be able to gain the weight back quickly once the tube goes in tomorrow night. I've got a friend who's gonna give me some breastmilk to put down the tube tomorrow for a more gentle transition back to the supplement.

KK- glad to hear your Z is recovered from his pukies, and eating up a storm. I hope your pain in the butt gets better soon (tee hee- I know it's not funny to YOU- sorry).

Renae- hooray for recovering hubby, and I hope your babe gets over his cold quickly. The winter sickies suck.

Hi Lisa!
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: : :

Okay, smilies can't express the joy - Happy Day to Baby Girl Feather and Family - we love you!
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Yeah--what Lisa said!

Oh, mama, congratulations! And oh, baby, WELCOME!

Nothing really to report, DH went back to work this afternoon, after pretty much NO pain and a super-speedy recovery, yay! The form they sent him home with on Tuesday says that he can (and should) have...ahem...relations (!! ) on the third day. DH was hilarious, he said he COUNTED and that it's Friday! I told him the doc that wrote that was probably male and added the "should" to console all the men who have the procedure!
Not sure how relations will happen *anyway*, seeing as his mom is coming over for the weekend!

In other news, DH found out that Rowan knows some LETTERS! He was running around with a plastic letter "B" and saying "B! Baby!" and then DH showed him the letter A and asked him what it was, and he said "A!" Whoah!!
He only knows the two letters, though.
He is just advancing by leaps and bounds, in language and motor skills! It's so amazing to see! I my bebe!

Okay, my teakettle is whistling and the napping babe just coughed. (stay asleep! stay asleep!!) Get well wishes for the sick ones and "grouphug for everyone!

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Good day to you all!

Welcome welcome girlbabyfeather! Words cannot express my excitement that shes here!

Renae, glad your dh is doing so well. Hope the *ahem* relations work out OK. It'll be soooo sneaky with MIL in the house! You'll feel like teenagers again!

KK, so sorry you're dealing with t he pain again. I was just wondering the other day, and meant to ask, if your cysts were rearing their ugly heads again. Glad to hear Z is on the mend after the nasty rotovirus...

So sorry mr. pukeylukeypants was sick. Not great timing, considering he was doing so well gaining weight and all. What a great friend to pump some extra breastmilk for you!

Lisa-What a great V-day surprise for Alison! I bet she was thrilled, and the night out was awesome. Glad to see you every now and then.

Our Valentine's day was nice. I went to great lengths to find a special recipe to make for dh, and spent lots of precious naptime getting everything ready in advance. Then I set the table with our linen tablecloth, and we ate in our formal dining room. then after the kids went to bed I broke out some wine and chocolate covered strawberries while we sat in front of the fireplace watching the olympics. 'twas a nice night. Dh got me my all time fave chocolate (Lindt truffles). It was a good valentines day.

Then I could have kissed my dh last night! I told him yesterday morning that I was jonesing for some adult conversation, since we've been laying low with two snotty-nosed kids lately. So when he got to work, he called my friend and asked her if she'd take me out for a drink. So my friend calls me later in the day, nd says "I'll pick you up at 8" and I was like And then I deduced that my dh had called her. So we went out, and had a great time. I was so relaxed because I was in need of some ME time, yk? And to top it off, I got the call about heather's new baby, so it was a great night indeed!

OK, got some stuff to do before I run out of time...

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How great about the night out, Sherri. Your DH is a champ for hearing you and acting on it! Gotta love that man!
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