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So, it's February....

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It's our month, mamas!

So exciting - I can't believe we're finally here!

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: :
How exciting. I know I had hoped I would give birth by now. But I have to come to the conclusion one January babe is enough. We need an aquarious in our home. Two caps is enough. So now we will see who is first this month.
Our baby's are almost here.
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Can I throw my cap in the ring for figuring that this is NOT my month and that my babe will be born in March?
I want this to be my month too. Really I do. But I already had a due in July Baby born in August and a February baby who was also late.
Now that I'm due so close to the end of the month, I want to know who's going to be kicking around with me come March?
Come on now my fellow 'due late in the month' mamas, anyone thinking they might be here in March too?
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Well, Andi, I might just want to join your club! I'm due on the 21st, but I have no feeling that labor is imminent. YKWIM?
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Well I am due the 19th so am still holding that this will be a feb. baby, but I know in my head March is still a possibility. I can't believe that it is Feb already! It seems like not that long ago that I found out I was pg!
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Oh, I hope this is my month! More than two weeks over and I'll scream!!! At least I can count on the fact that this baby will not be an Aries like dh and me. That would be too many short tempers in one house.
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I'm also due on the 21st, and could easily go into March. March 4th is my estimation... 1 1/2 weeks over. Seems like I would be good and sick of being pregnant by then, so I think that's when he'll arrive.

Today my boyfriend informed me he thinks it's going to be tomorrow. Because it's groundhog day.

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i was soooo excited to flip the page on my calendar today! i am due the 18th, but i'm praying to go a little early! (not holding my breath!). i have been insanely uncomfortable for weeks now, with no end in site. i feel as if i'm going to pee myself at any moment during the day and as if someone has kicked me between the legs (a lot). now she seems to be jamming on my cervix~ hoping this is a sign of earliness...ha ha!

i'm soooooo excited girls!!!

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Well I just knew I would have a February baby, although I'd hoped to have the baby by now

Any day now would be great
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Originally Posted by NikiJeanne
Well, Andi, I might just want to join your club! I'm due on the 21st, but I have no feeling that labor is imminent. YKWIM?

Well looks like we have the same due date, and we both live in Pa!!!!
So funny that I was taken off medication for pre-term labor, and now my baby girl is basking in my womb, torturing me with latent pregnancy issues. I really am happy I made it to full term, but at this point I am so uncomfortable I am very anxious to see her, and have my post-baby back to myself.
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Ok, so there are lots of us due late in the month as well then.... DD was due July 24th, born August 1st. DS was due Feb 18th, born Feb 21st.

So, I feel a certain kinship with those of you due on the 18th as well...

Hopefully NONE of us run into March.
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I am also due the 21st, but MY edd is the 18th, so who knows when she will come. Right now, I feel fine, and except for pelvic discomfort, it seems like she is totally happy staying in there. Everyone assumes she will be here this month, but I try to remind them that it could be early March. I am really hoping for her to come on time or a few days early, but who knows?!
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I'm due the 9th, so I'm DEFINITELY not having a March baby. My EDD is only a week away now, and I still feel fine. Good, even. Please please don't tell me that means labor is a long way off...couldn't I just be the one weirdo who doesn't get sick of pregnancy before it's over? I want to meet this baby!
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My baby may be a March baby. I'm due 2/28 and even though everyone talks about how big I am (I do have a big belly), I was big with ds, and he was a week past the due date.
I am so uncomfortable but I am trying to use the time productively (household organization stuff).
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My due date was yesterday . I know that you really shouldn't focus on these dates, after all they really don't mean much, but I can't help thinking that now my baby is "overdue" : . Ds was 9 days late. I really hope I don't have to wait another week and a half. I've been having some good contractions the last two days but they never get stronger or closer together and go away around bedtime and I haven't shown any sign of loosing my plug (but I didn't with ds either). I'm just hoping the end is near .
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