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Allergy Related Cough

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I need help. My ds (age 6) has a dry cough. Its brought on by animal dander, mold, and who knows what else. So the cough comes and goes depending on where he is.
This is dejavu because ds (age 9) went through the same thing 5 years ago. But then I was ignorant about how to help him and allowed doctors to treat him with steriods for "allergy triggered asthma". I don't want to go that route again. So I am looking for other remedies. By the way, ds (age9) out grow the coughing. Its just hard to watch ds (age 6) go through the same thing.
I appreciate all mommy wisdom
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I had the same but did outgrow it, if that makes you feel better...I only get it now when I have some sort of respiratory infection...so i don't have to use drugs except once every few years. Keep an eye on it though...becasue I didn't wheeze I was often really not breathing well before anyone paid attention. How about acupuncture?
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